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Summer of 63 Part 3

Well it’s Sunday and I wake up to the smell of bacon cooking. I love my summer so far it has been so full of pleasures I didn’t know I could feel. I take my morning piss and walk into the kitchen area where my aunt is cooking. I love looking at her it’s like having a live porn magazine. She notices me watching her and tells me to come here and give her a good morning kiss. I walk over and kiss her on the cheek and she looks at me and tells me that when a woman wants a kiss she doesn’t want it on the cheek. I put my hand behind her head and bring her lips to mine as I tenderly kiss her soft lips. She opens her mouth which I know is a sign for my tongue to do its thing. I find my tongue has learned a lot in the last couple days. My aunt pulls back and kisses me softly again and tells me that I am learning my lessons well. My cock is hard as I walk over to the table and watch her cook in her house dress. That dress is always unbuttoned from the bottom and top. I love her legs in her nylons and garter belt. She knows I like the view and she sticks her leg forward so that the thigh is visible and I can see the top of her nylon and her skin. This sight turns me on to this day. She looks over at me and tells me that the food will be ready soon. She smiles and tells me to take off my shorts she wants to see my hard cock. I do just what she tells me because I know it will always lead to pleasure. I sit there with this hard cock and don’t really know what to do next. She tells me that it’s alright for me to play with it. I grab hold of it and start stroking it up and down as I watch her at the stove. I like the feeling of my own cock and decide that I will do this more. She brings me my plate and sets it down on the table and she tells me that as I eat my food she is going to suck my cock. I think wow I am one lucky guy. But she says that I can’t cum until she tells me and if I do cum no fucking later. I look at her and can’t believe what I just heard. No fucking if I cum. How am I going to stop myself from Cumming? She gets down on her knees and spreads my legs apart and takes my cock into her mouth which is so nice and wet and warm, I close my eyes and forget about eating and enjoy the pleasure of having my cock sucked. She lets my cock come all the way out of her mouth and says remember no fucking if you cum without permission. I open my eyes and start eating and thinking of all kind of stuff that wasn’t sexual. I finish my breakfast and my aunt is still sucking my cock and going farther down to the base. I can’t help it it’s been about an hour and I can’t hold it anymore. Actually it’s been about 5 minutes. She stops sucking and says that I have to control myself to be able to cum when I want to when I am making love to a woman. She is jacking my cock off and sucking it now a different way. She squeezes my cock and pulls the skin to the top of my cock as she pulls my cock out of her mouth almost and then as she goes down with her hand she swallows it farther into her mouth. I am looking at her and want to grab her head and push it down on my cock and hold it there till I shoot my load when she grabs my hand and puts it there, I push her head down and she gags and I release it in fear of choking her to death. She doesn’t do a thing except suck me faster and deeper. I put my hand back on her head and push and pull her hair in rhythm with her sucking. She pulls all the way off and tells me that I can cum whenever I want. I push her head back down on my cock and move my hips back and forth because it feels like the thing to do. MY cock is swelling harder and harder and I can’t stand it anymore and shoot my load into my aunts welcome mouth and she swallows ever last drop of my cum. I marvel at the sight of her suck everything off my cock. She slides up my chest and kisses me on the mouth and I taste my own cum on her lips and mouth. I don’t really mind the taste; it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. She steps back and I feel that she did that on purpose. She stands up in front of me and says that throughout the day that she was going to make me cum but only when she says it’s alright. I look at her and ask if I will be able to cum more than once a day. She looks at me and says that the point, I should be able to cum at three times a day maybe more depending on me. I think that I would like to be able to cum at least every hour as long as she keeps dressed like she is and I can watch her walk around. Boy was I in for a surprise. She told me to take a shower and get dressed that we were going downtown. I liked downtown it was the place to be on the weekends. I get dressed and sat on the coach waiting for her to come out. She walks out and OH MY GOD does she look hot. I never saw her look so good. My cock is jumping I my pants as I notice her short dress and her bottom two buttons undone. She walks over to me and asks me if I like the way she’s dressed. What’s not to like, she was a picture of beauty. She offers me a hand and I take it and stand next to her. At 13 I am about 6’ 3” tall and she is about 5” 6”. She leans up and kisses me on the lips so soft and tender and lingering. I thought that possible we were going to have sex right then and there. She pulls back and rubs my crotch and tells me not to waste the fact that I was getting hard. I thought that maybe I was going to fuck now since she got all dressed up when she takes my hand and say let’s go. We walk down to the street corner and head for downtown. People would pass us by and smile at us as we walked on this warm summer day. I didn’t understand the looks from some of the woman we passed, they seemed mad at her. The guys weren’t, they smiled and looked at her and would actually say hi and nice day. I was looking all around until I looked at my aunt did I notice what they were seeing. She was a thing of beauty and oh so sexy. Her tits were pushing out the top of her dress something I hadn’t noticed before. Now I understand why people were acting that way. I also didn’t realize that she was holding my hand. We went into a couple of clothing stores and every time we went to the lingerie section. He showed my all kinds of panties and the new bikini cut ones she said where the talk of all the girls down at the water works where she worked. I liked them and picked one up and felt the silkiness of them. The lady that was waiting on my aunt gave me a dirty look as I ran my hand thru them to the crotch. She grabs them from me and told me that they weren’t toys. My aunt smiled leaned into me and whisper in my ear that they really were play things, which made me laugh. We started heading towards the sleazy part of town and a couple blocks off the main street. I saw a bunch of woman dressed very sexy and there tits were all about ready to fall out of there tops. My aunt is looking for something and don’t know for sure what when we enter this building and go down the hall and knock on this door. It opens and the woman greets my aunt like old friends as we walk in. My eyes adjust to the surroundings and I notice all kinds of silky stuff. She talks to the woman as I walk around look at all this stuff. I turn the corner and there in front of me was this huge cock looking thing. I snap my head around and notice all this stuff that I had seen in magazines. I can’t believe that there really is a place like this and what are we doing here. My aunt walks over and picks up this cock on a jock strap thing. She smiles and says that I will like this. I say ok if you say so. She walks away and calls me to come over to her. I look and there is a silky jock strap I think. She asks me if I would wear this for her and I tell her that if she wanted me to wear that that I would. The sales lady smile and says that I will look good in it. My aunt agrees and tells me to try it on as the sales lady locks the door. I look around for a place to change when my aunt says very straight forward that I should do it right there. I do as I am told and drop my jeans down and take them off and my aunt tells me that I have to drop my underwear. I pull my shorts off and stand there with nothing on from the waist down. The woman walks up close and asks my aunt if it grows bigger as she gently touches my cock. My cock jumps and starts growing as she runs her finger nails down my cock to my balls which she scratches. I look at me aunt in shock as she tells me it’s alright. The woman is playing with my cock and it starts growing to the utter delight of the sales woman. It is now at full erection. She asks my aunt if she can that me. My aunt says I think he likes you. My god is I going to be able to have this woman today also. She takes my cock and rolls it in her hand and kisses the head and licks the shaft. I love this feeling and my cock grows a little more. She sucks my cock different then my aunt, but truly she knows how it is suppose to be done. My aunt walks up to me and asks if I am ok and I answer that I don’t mind if it’s ok with her. She kisses me and our mouths open and our tongues meet as this woman keeps sucking my cock. I feel my cock getting bigger as I just close my eyes and enjoy this scene. The woman gets up and to my surprise my aunt kisses her with her mouth open. Wow is that a turn on. I am between two woman and we are all three kissing each other. The woman tells my aunt that she has to have me and now. My aunt says ok and that she would help. Help what? I can do this myself whatever it is. The woman reaches up and pulls down her panties and sits on the counter. She pulls my hand and puts it on her pussy as she spreads her legs. I feel the wetness of her pussy and don’t know what to do but rub that stop like I did with my aunt. My aunt whispers in my ear to put my middle finger in her pussy and fuck her with it. I do as I am told and my aunt plays with my cock as she kisses this woman. I love this, two woman and me, something I will never forget. She is moving all over the place as I find that soft pillow place in her pussy and rub it with my finger. She pulls my finger out and my aunt guides my cock into her pussy area. I feel the wetness on the head of my cock as she pushes, my cock into this woman she lets go and tells me to push it in. I push my hips and my cock slides all the way in as she moans. Am I hurting her or what, when my aunt says softly that I need to pull out a little and then push back. She grabs my hips from behind as she shows me how. I start slowly doing this as this person moans and moans and moves around and all of a sudden she pees on me, I think its pee. Oh my god she says and she goes some more. My aunt says for me to keep doing this put start to do it faster and deeper. I start and now I am feeling like I have to cum when my aunt says not now. Hold it and keep fucking. I am fucking? If this is fucking I like it. My aunt is now kissing this woman with their mouths open and this woman has her hand up my aunt dress. I am starting to get tired. I feel my aunt’s hand on my chest as she squeezes my nipple. She asks the woman if she was ready for me to cum inside of her. She says oh yeah whenever he’s ready. My cock is so hard I feel that it is going to explode and I won’t be able to use it again for maybe days. She tells me that whenever I am ready that they were. I now keep my mind on the job at hand and increase the thrusts and fever pitch of the speed. I know understand that if I can control when I cum that the woman can have multiple organisms. I am pushing so hard that when I ram my cock home I hit bottom and she gasps. I fuck her a couple more stroke and explode inside of her wondering if she can hold all this sperm shooting out of me. I finish and am out of breath as my aunt kisses me and tells me that I was great at which the woman agrees. She looks at my aunt and says that she would like to have me spend that night sometime if it was ok with me. My aunt smiles and says that I am not ready yet it’s only been a couple of days. The woman tells her that I was the best that she has seen in a long time that can control myself.
We are walking back to the apartment my aunt ask me if I liked what just happened, oh I sure did. She asks if I minded that Carole was the one that I had sex with and not her. I told her not at all that it was different but enjoyable. She asked if I thought the way that her and Carole kissed and played with each other was wrong. I thought about that for a minute, and in that minute my cock moved around at the site of them kissing. I looked at her and answered no and that actually it was making my cock jump around in my pants. She says good and that I do know that anything that happens this summer is just between us. I told her that I wouldn’t tell a sole. Good was her reply and that I should walk about three steps behind her and watch her walk and see if anything happens to my crotch. I stopped as she kept walking and then followed her down the street. I did like the way her ass moved as she walked and I could see her naked ass in my mind. I was getting some good ideas about her ass when we reached her apartment. We walk up the stairs and I can almost see up her skirt. We enter the apartment and my aunt goes in to the bedroom and puts the stuff away and comes out with this silky jock strap and tells me to strip and put it on. I hurriedly start to undress when she tells me to slow down and come close to the couch as she sits down and hikes her dress up. I love this view of her spread like this, my favorite view. I start taking off my clothes as she puts her hand down her panties and plays with herself. I almost stop at this site but continue to strip when I pull my underwear off I have to adjust my throbbing hard cock, which is standing straight out. I can’t believe it 3 times so far today I have been hard. I bet this is a world record. I stand there playing with myself and watching her play with herself. I wish it was me playing with her and her playing with me. I take the jockstrap looking thing and put it on. I find that it has a strap that goes right between my ass cheeks. I pull them up and I don’t know for sure about this strap thing up my ass. My aunt tells me to come closer so that she can see me better as she turns me around and tells me to bend over to show her my ass. When I do the strap slides all the way against my ass hole. She takes a finger and runs it down the strap and stops at my ass hole and rubs. I close my eyes and find that I enjoyed what she just did. She tells me to sit next to her as she continues to play with herself and breath heavy. She asks me if I would pleasure her and my answer is always, whatever she wants I will get it for her. I didn’t know what that meant at that moment. She looks at me and realizes what I am thinking. She explains that when a woman tells a man that she wants him to pleasure her she means that she wants him to make her cum and fucking is allowed. I now have no idea what to do so as she takes my hand and places it in her panties I now know what to do. I play with her pussy and insert my finger in it. She is enjoying this but wants us to go into the bedroom to be in a better position. She tells me that she is going to guide me to her orgasm and teach what is right and what is wrong.

I will continue......

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