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Double Fun

I guess I always knew that my son would bring up the subject of him bringing a friend into our sex life. We were watching a porn he had gotten from a friend ( 17 years old ) how these things happen sometimes is beyond me. I was lovingly and slowly licking and sucking his cock and balls when he said he had a friend who never had any pussy yet and it might be fun to let him join us. I quickly reminded Richard between licks and sucking his cock that what we did is extremely taboo. The young are so innocent in their views of the world as he told me he’d invite his friend but of course he knew we had to be careful and very secretive of the fact he fucks me. I didn’t need rumors going around the neighborhood that I let Richard fuck me. So I told him we’d see as I went back down on him, and listened to his manly grunts and groans. Whenever I give a man a blow job it goes straight to my pussy, it’s such a feeling of power and erotic control.I love knowing I’m pleasing them and their cocks. I was holding Richards hard beautiful cock in my hand and flicking my tongue out and tapping it against my lips then I’d take him into my mouth and slowly swirl my tongue in long slow circles as I pumped his cock with my hand and fondled his balls. I was being very selfish as I greedily sucked him in and out of my pursed lips and down my throat. Richard was talking about how it would be to watch me getting fucked like a porn queen while he watched and joined in fucking me. He asked me if I could take two cocks in my pussy at once like the woman in the video, I nodded my head then took him out of my mouth and said oh I think your mother could handle that just fine. I could see the excitement in how big his eyes got and the smile on his face. I got down off the sofa and got on my knees between his legs and looked up and watched his face as I took his cock in my mouth. I was looking straight into his eyes as I pumped my hand up and down his hard wet saliva coated cock. I was taking him into my mouth and letting my lips make wet popping sucking noises as it came out of my mouth. Richard asked me does that make you hot mom? I took his cock out of my mouth and said yes Richard sucking your cock always makes me wet. He said no mom I mean like me and a friend fucking you? I nodded my head and said well we’ll see about that, but how about turning that off and taking your mom into her bedroom and giving her a good long fucking? He grinned and turned off the TV and we walked hand in hand to my bedroom. I lit some candles and turned on some nice soft tunes and laid on my tummy on the bed and wiggled my ass at Richard while looking over my shoulder. I quickly grabbed a pillow and put it under my hips pushing my ass up in the air. Richard crawled up on the bed and kissed and licked his way up to my now sopping wet cunt. I felt his warm wet tongue pushing into my pussy spreading my lips open as he licked and probed my hot dripping cunt. I pushed back onto his tongue and slowly rotated my pussy in slow circular motions against his tongue that was making quick flicking butterfly licks up and down my pussy lips and then pushing into my wet slick cunt . I was making long slow sighing moans of pleasure as Richard licked and sucked at my steamy wet pussy. I could feel his tongue gathering my juices as they flowed from my cunt. I could hear the squishy noises my pussy made as it responding to his soft warm sweeping tongue licking up and down between my glistening wet pussy lips and probing into my flowing cunt. My toes started to curl and I moaned out yes Richard don’t stop honey yes baby right there mommies going to cum baby yes oh god yes Richard don’t stop no my sweet boy never stop god yes I’m cumming baby. I grabbed the bed sheets and held on as a powerful orgasm rocked my whole body with wave after wave of blissful gratifying pleasure rocking my quivering spastic cunt. I felt the pressure of his weight as he moved over top of me his hard cock pressing against my ass cheeks. I felt his hot cock slipping along my soaking wet dripping pussy seeking out the entrance to my warm waiting cunt. I gasped out and sucked my breath in as it found it’s way inside me pushing open my cunt as it burrowed it’s way deep into my hot wet slippery pussy eliciting a long deep moan in my throat. My moans were increasing as he fucked my pussy with deep long penetrating strokes. Richard said we should invite Timmy mom, all he talks about his getting some pussy but he can’t get any. It would be hot and awesome to do like that girl did in the video. I pushed back and gyrated my gushing wet pussy around his cock and said you really want me to fuck someone while you watch Richard?, or are you thinking more about the video and you want to try that with me and a friend? Richard said yeah mom I really just want to try it you know, it just looks so hot. Mmmm I moaned out and said so you want to watch mommies cunt filled with two cocks? He said yeah I know you’re like hot enough to do it too I just know you could do it mom if you tried.
I moaned out my answer with a whispering sigh as he started to pound away at my aching cunt. I said I’d try it but we have to be careful and see how things go ok Richard? He said yes mom that’s cool. I started picturing myself with two cocks stuffing my pussy with deep hard thrust as the room was filled with the sounds of wet slapping noises as Richard fucked my pussy harder and harder as he said yeah mom god I’m going to cum just from thinking about. I felt him grab my hips and pull me up more into doggy style as he buried his hot hard cock into me with jarring thrust as he fucked me with his steel hard cock. I felt him gripping me harder and I knew his cock would soon be spraying my cunt with his hot stringy sperm, and my pussy started squeezing down on his cock as it pounded in and out of my sloppy wet gripping cunt. I felt my own orgasm beginning as I cried out for Richard to fuck me to fuck me with his sweet hard beautiful cock to make his mommy cum. To shoot his hot gobs of sperm into his mommies hot wet cunt. He started to really pound his cock into me as his breath came in deep gasping gulps of air. His cock started pulsing and growing even harder as he pummeled my cunt with hip shattering thrust that had my mouth open gasping out in pleasure as I gripped the sheets and squeezed them hard as his cock began to erupt into me blasting my cervix with hot gooey gobs of his sperm. My pussy was gripping and grasping his cock as my orgasm began to engulf me with total blissful release causing me to moan out long deep moans and scream out yes baby that’s it Richard fuck mommy fuck your mommies hot cunt oh god yes Richard my love fuck mommy fuck her with your hard hot cock. I love to feel your cum splashing deep inside my cum filled cunt. I threw my head back and wailed out my orgasm as he filled my pussy with his hot steamy sperm. I shook in pleasure as his withering cock slid out of me and his sperm gushed out of my pussy in rivulets of overflowing creamy wet drops of cum. I slumped forward and Richard said now imagine two cocks fucking you at the same time mom. I sighed out oh yes Richard I already did while you fucked me. He said yeah we need to get Timmy over here so he can fuck you too. I laughed and said so you think your mom’s as hot as a porn star? He said heck no mom you’re way hotter than that! We lay there talking about the possibility of making Richards obsession come true. I lazily fondled his balls as I kissed his chest and nipped at his nipples, as I said mmm two cocks for your mom’s pussy huh?, well I have to admit Richard the thought is very appealing to me. It’s so dangerous though to invite an outsider into our very special relationship. Richard said yeah but mom he’d never tell anyone though once you give him some pussy because he’d want more you know? So he’d be cool and stuff. I looked up into Richards eyes searching to find my words of love for him. I told him you know I love you more than life itself, so we’d have to be very, very careful Richard because I couldn’t stand losing you. I could see by the look on his face he didn’t understand, so I told him if the state found out about what we do they would declare me an unfit mother and arrest me for c***d abuse. He hugged me close and said I’d never do that mom, you’re my whole world too I just never told you that, I felt warm teardrops running down my face at his words. He kissed away my tears and I smiled and I said ok bucko, let’s figure out how we’re going to get your mother fucked by Timmy. In the mean time…I rolled over and opened the nightstand drawer and got out my cyber cock. Richard stared at it and went dang that’s pretty real looking and I told him it’s very real feeling too. He said show me, so I turned around facing him and pulled my knees up and spread my legs. I started out sucking on the cyber cock and moaning and running it over my nipples as soft sighs escaped my lips at the thought of touching myself and masturbating for my own son. I slid the cyber cock up and down between my now wet glistening pussy lips and over my clit stopping to rub the head of it on my pleasure button which caused my hips to involuntarily make rotating motions as my pussy juices flowed out onto the sheets. Richard moved closer and I slid the cyber cock into my dripping wet pussy and started moaning out as it entered me. I pushed it into me as far as I could and then made circling grinding motions with my hand and feeling it pressing deep inside my pussy as I raised my hips and moaned out in ecstasy as my pussy was once again being fucked, not by a real cock, but close enough to start my pussy to begin to get dripping wet as I fucked myself with the fake cock. Thinking about Richard and his friend stuffing my cunt to the point of splitting me in two. Richard moved closer and laid down and started to suck on my clit and flick his tongue in fast orgasm inducing flicks of his warm wet tongue, I felt his hand over mine as he manipulated the cyber cock in and out of me. I yielded to him and dropped my hand and started playing with my breast as Richard plunged the cyber cock in and out of my sopping wet cunt . My orgasm exploded so quickly that it took me by surprise as I fantasized about Richard eating my pussy as Timmy fucked me. My legs were shaking and I was gasping out for breath as Richard continued to assault my sloppy wet cunt with the cyber cock. I had my eyes squeezed shut and my moans of pleasure were loud and long when I felt a shift in weight on the bed and I opened my eyes and Richard was over top of me looking down at me with a shit eating grin as he pressed his cock against my pussy entrance trying to wiggle his way inside of me with the cyber cock. I whispered oh yes oh shit yes omg Richard yes fuck me omg I want those cocks in my pussy. My pussy was so wet and slippery that with a few pushes and grunts soon his cock was sliding into my cunt with the cyber cock. I threw my head and arms back and spread my legs wider as Richards cock fucked my stuffed cunt spreading me open as both cocks worked in and out of my pussy. I was a screaming sweaty sexual mess as “ Timmy and Richard fucked me with their cocks “ I reached down and held “ Timmy “ inside me so Richard could hold himself up and really give me the hard deep double fucking my pussy so wanted. I looked at Richard and his eyes were sparkling and he had a look of extreme pleasure on his face as he lived out his dream of seeing my pussy full with two cocks. He pounded his hard cock into me with deep hard pussy splitting thrusts. He slowed down and I reached up and pulled him down to me and whispered in his ear how good it felt to have two cocks filling my cunt. Richard whispered back telling me this was so hot and we just had to get Timmy to fuck me somehow. I said oh yes my dear c***d we’re going to figure it out I said between moans and whimpers that escaped my parted lips. We settled into a slow gentle fuck as Richard began to fill my head with visions of two cocks fucking my wet hot cunt. He would whisper oh yeah mom you’ll love it I just know you will to have your pussy full of so much cock, I laughed and said you’re pretty sure of yourself between my moans he said not really mom I just know you when it comes to sex, I giggled and said fuck mommy and tell her about you and Timmy fucking your mom’s tight wet pussy. He told me he’d let Timmy go first because he remembered his first fuck and how he filled my cunt full of his sperm to quickly, I said yes but you got hard within minutes and gave me a good long fucking if you remember. Richard said oh yeah that’s why I’m gonna let Timmy have you all to himself then after he busts up inside you I’m going to fuck you real slow and sweet and I was thinking you could suck his cock and get him hard again so we could both fuck you, would you like that mom? I told him mmm Richard you know I would now give me the nice deep loving two cock cunt splitting fuck I want. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him close to me as we slowed down into a gentle love making pace as he told me how full I was going to be with hot young cocks the kind I love the best, I thought my son does really know me, as I do in fact prefer hot young cocks ( at least at that stage of my life ) as they would cum and sometimes not even go soft and after I licked and sucked the cock clean we’d fuck again ( I drove far out of town for those sessions though ) I told Richard I had an idea, and said how about I drink a few beers then fill the empty bottles with water and pretend to get pretty d***k and you put in the porn video you have of that woman taking two guys at once. I could either pretend to pass out into a d***ken stupor or we could play truth or dare or whatever and see if he wants to fuck me or not. Richard said mom, he already told me you’re like the way super hottest mom around. Richard said promise not to kill me? I said Richard what did you do?, he told me he took a few of my pics and showed Timmy, I asked him why he’d do that and he said I dunno it made me feel all grown up like and stuff I’m sorry mom. I reached down and took the cyber cock out of me and said Richard just make sweet love to me for now. Later we’ll discuss Timmy, right now I need you to make love to me. The room was filled with the soft wet squishy sucking noises of my pussy opening to my son’s cock fucking me in gentle slow strokes, along with my moans of oh and ah and yes uh huh uh huh oh yes fuck me baby fuck your mommy fuck her good and slow and deep just like that, uh huh uh huh oh yes mmm you feel so good inside me god Richard I love you and your sweet hard cock. Richard was pulling out of me so just the head of his cock was in me then he’d slowly sink back inside of me spreading the inner walls of my pussy open with his fat thick cock. His thick pussy splitting cock burrowed into me with unending pleasure as I softly whispered I love you my sweet, sweet boy god how mommy loves the feel of your cock in her oh god Richard I feel it I feel it baby it’s coming mommies going to cum around that hot sweet thick cock of yours. He fucked me now with hard fast deep penetrating strokes that hit the depths of my stretched out cunt. My pussy started to really flow with juices as I felt him pounding into me as my own orgasm was building up and then came crashing down on me that sent me into wild spastic movements as my hips rose and fell to meet his cock as it pounded into my quivering wet cunt. My nails began clawing and racking my sons back as an earth shattering orgasm threatened to shatter my very being. Richard fell on me and I could feel his cock spurting his hot sticky cum into the very bruised but happy lining of my slippery wet cum filled cunt . We lay there gathering our breath and said at the same time “ tonight “ we laughed over that and Richard kissed me with soft sweet tongue probing kisses and we lay there in each others arms he kissed my eyelids the tip of my nose my bottom lip and then slid his tongue into my warm open mouth as our tongues danced the dance that only true lovers can. We both knew we had to get out of bed and shower and make arrangements to invite Timmy over for dinner with the real plan being to get him to fuck me, which made me giggle to myself as I thought “ convince? “ he’s a man, or male lol, he won’t need much convincing. I took a nice long bubble bath with Johnson’s baby oil added to the water and shaved my underarms and legs and my pussy. I plucked my brows and put on a touch of make-up I don’t wear a lot when and if I do. I wanted to feel “ sexy “ though for a night that could turn out to be very special. I choose a sundress that was just at the mid point between my thighs and knees but it had a billowing skirt that made it very seductive and made me feel sexy and hot.I carefully dabbed my favorite perfume in all the strategic places. Then I got mad at myself because I knew I needed to cook dinner, but instead went to the phone book and ordered take-out Chinese. Which I transferred to a casserole pan and stuck it in the oven. I wasn’t going to be all sweaty from running around in the kitchen. Richard and Timmy showed up at 7:00 sharp, I sat through our meal wondering just what they had talked about, had Richard told Timmy he could fuck me tonight? I would get red in the face and feel flushed as I thought of the things my son may have told Timmy. My pussy started to twitch and began to go from moist and damp to pretty much soaking wet. I was sure they could smell the scent of my aroused pussy as my nipples hardened and became very visible through my dress. My mind was like a film strip as I watched them fuck me in endless positions. I came out of my dream like state with Richard calling my name. I turned beet red as I was sure they could read my mind. Richard helped me clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. He said you know mom you should like find a way to “ accidentally “ tease us with a little peek I told him go away and entertain his company and I’d be right out. When I re-joined them Richard told me he had a movie for us to watch. I sat sideways on the couch showing a lot of thigh. I looked at Richard and he winked at me. The movie started and I said Richard, what kind of movie is this? He said well it’s kinda like porn, and I sat up and said you take that out right now I mean it mister ( playing the upset mother ) . He said aww mom come on Timmy never saw a porn in his whole life. I told Richard well you’re not going to play that in my house. How do you know his parents wouldn’t get upset anyway? Timmy said my parents aren’t even home Mrs. X they’re on a mini week-end vacation besides my parents act like I don’t even exist at times. The mother in me took over and I went and sat by him and hugged him to my breast and said that’s awful Tim, he said I’m used to it. I told him well you shouldn’t be. As I kissed his cheek and held his face in my hands I saw him turning red and wiggling away from me. Richard said can we watch the movie mom? I said maybe if you two promise to never tell a single soul I let you watch porn and turned to walk away. Richard asked me where I was going I told him to make some pop-corn and get some colas for them to drink. In the kitchen I opened a bottle of beer and told myself I was asking for trouble and tipped the beer up and drank it in three big swallows. I put the popcorn in the micro-wave and popped another beer and drank it as well, then I opened the remaining beers and noticed my hands visibly shaking as I poured them into a few pitchers and put them in the back of the fridge. I smiled to myself and said that you’re such a little whore, and laughed at my words. I put the popcorn in two separate big bowls and carried them out and bent over to put them on the table knowing full well the boys could see my glistening pussy lips pouting between my legs. As I walked back to the kitchen to grab a few beers I could feel my pussy juices on the insides of my thighs. When I came back into the living room the movie was on and the room was full of the sounds of people fucking. I sat down and said I doubt I’ll watch much of this and tipped the water ( beer ) up and drank it down pretty fast and said ah that tasted good I think I’ll have another. Richard said be careful mom you know what happens when you drink to much you pass out dead to the world. I smiled and said oh I’ll be fine I’m sure and I have you two boys to protect me. I opened another and drank it not as fast but still finished it and opened up another. I downed that one too and stumbled a little and sat back down. Richard said I’ll grab some more for you mom. I said you’re so sweet to your mom, that’s why I love you so much Richard slightly slurring my words. Richard brought back 4 beers and I laughed and said are you trying to get me d***k or what? He said no I’m lazy is all I laughed at him and said okay and took a big swallow of the fake beer. I let my head fall forward on purpose and Richard said mom hey wake up and drink your beer I smiled and slurred out sure thing my darling boy. I heard some whispering and saw them looking at me and I said okay what are you two up too? Richard said oh nothing mom we’re just talking about you know pussy I was telling Timmy how good it feels and it’s like nothing else in this whole world when you get to fuck one. I said Richard watch your language, he said sorry mom. I laughed and fell back on the couch and said I think I’m a little d***k. Richard ran and came back with a pillow and said here mom lay back and take a nap.I said I will after I finish one more beer and winked at him. I decided to play the d***k passed out mom so I looked at the TV and said omg what are they doing to that poor woman on TV? Richard said um I think they’re doing it to her at the same time, I said I see that and i went omg they're both in her vagina and finished the beer and laughed nervously and said she’s a lucky woman, but that stuff only happens in porn though anyway. As I lay my head on the pillow and laid flat on my back I said you two boys enjoy the movie I’m feeling sl**py. After a few minutes of feigning sl**p I brought up my leg and let it fall against the back of the couch I felt the air rushing over my exposed pussy and I felt a tiny trickle of pussy juice stirring inside my exposed cunt. I could hear the boys talking in low voices. I heard Richard say man dude I swear I wish I knew for sure she wouldn’t wake up and Timmy said why? Richard said you never wanted to fuck your mom dude? Timmy said something I couldn’t make out but I heard yeah but man your moms like the shit dude. He said yeah I know I wish I could fuck her because I would you know? Timmy said oh yeah I feel you dude. I felt a hand on the ankle of my other leg and I heard Richard calling mom, mom, hey mom. I felt him pulling my other leg and bending it at the knee so my knee was slightly hanging over the couch which opened my pussy up to their boyish feasting eyes. I heard Richard say go ahead dude touch her pussy I know you want to. Timmy said no dude if she wakes up I’d be like so fucking dead for real man. Richard said you can’t tell anyone I mean it dude or I’ll beat you down seriously. Richard said you promise and Timmy said yeah dude I promise but what’s up I heard Richard say I finger fucked her once when she was d***k like this she never woke up or nothing. Timmy said shit I would have fucked her if I was you. Richard said well that’s the other part, I did fuck her I heard Timmy say no fucking way dude you fucked your mom for real and shit? Richard so oh yeah and she’s got like this super hot wet pussy go ahead man touch it, he said you sure man you sure this is cool dude? Richard said watch and he ran his finger up my between my pussy lips and then he said look at this shit and he held me open as Timmy was saying oh dude fuck that’s some awesome looking pussy. Richard said it’s okay dude I know you ain’t never got no pussy and shit but dude we could fuck her now and she’d never know a thing. Timmy said man shit my dicks so hard it fucking hurts. Richard said fuck her then go ahead let me turn the light off if that makes you feel any better Timmy said fuck no leave it on I want to see this pussy for a minute more. Richard said you going to fuck her then right? I heard fuck dude man you sure this is kosher because I don’t want you all pissed off if I fuck your mom. Richard said no go ahead because when your done then I’ll fuck her too. Richard said wait let’s carry her upstairs and strip her naked plus we’ll be safer up there you know. Timmy said oh yeah I hear you. Richard picked me up and I played the part of a d***ken passed out woman so well I felt a tiny smile start to curl my lip but I caught it in time and lay limp in his arms. He laid me on the bed and I felt him pulling my dress up over my head and my nipples hardened to the cool air of the room. I heard the rustling of the boys stripping out of their clothes. Timmy wasted no time and placed his cock at my soaking wet vaginal opening and slowly pushed himself into me. Every fiber of my body wanted to scream out and encourage him to fuck me with his hot hard virgin cock. My lips parted and I could only allow myself little quiet moans as his cock pierced my pussy. Timmy was shaking and saying oh man oh shit this is way better than I ever thought it would feel like damn Rich you’re moms pussy is like burning hot and shit man oh shit oh no fuck I’m busting man all up in your moms pussy. I lay there feeling his sperm shooting out in powerful burst after burst of scorching hot cum filling my pussy and leaked out around his cock and down my ass crack. Then to my delight he started fucking me with slow steady deep strokes as his cock never softened it stayed erect as he fucked my cum filled cunt. I let out tiny little whimpering moans in my throat and long sighs out between my parted lips. My hips moved of their own violation pushing up and moving in slow sensual circles as Timmy’s young hard virgin cock began to increase in depth and speed as he fucked my d***ken pussy with youthful urgent fast penetrating thrust after thrust. My pussy was gripping and squeezing down and milking his cock each time it entered me. I wrapped my legs around him and was pushing his butt with my feet and he froze and I let out a slow long sigh and said oh Rico um yes fuck me give me that cock uh huh fuck me oh fuck my pussy yes do it to me uh huh fuck me so slow and gentle uh huh and then I went limp and silent again. Timmy started slow probing strokes and was laughing and said shit man she thinks I’m Rico. Richard said yeah she’s out dude and I got an idea. I’m not sure how to make it work though. Timmy said what’s up? And Richard said lets both fuck her pussy like in the movie. Timmy said oh man that’s like an awesome idea, but how man? Richard said fuck it’s easy just roll over on your back and that way I can fuck her to from the front. He tried but he kept sliding out of my pussy when Richard said wait let me trade places with you I felt him withdraw his cock from my pussy and I wanted to pout.Instead I let out a huge moaning sigh as Richard entered me with his thicker larger cock. He planted himself firmly inside me and then slowly rolled keeping himself in my cunt. I felt rather than saw Timmy getting on his knees between mine and Richards legs Richard reached over and put my legs on the outside of his and said there man now we both got room to fuck her. My heart was pounding in my chest as my bl**d raced through my veins as I waited for Timmy to slide his cock into me. I didn’t know if I could pretend to be the passed out d***k anymore though when they both entered me and my cunt was being stretched open by their penetrating cocks. I laid as still as possible while Timmy tried to enter me but as soon as his cock slid inside my pussy I opened my mouth and took in a gasping gulp of air and let out a long slow wailing moan that I couldn’t repress. I opened my eyes but purposely didn’t focus them on Timmy’s face instead I feigned a confused but pleasurable look on my face and moaned out oh god Rico what’s happening to me. Richard whispered loud enough for me and Timmy to hear as he said it’s ok Anna just enjoy yourself it’s all good. I moaned out oh yes mm yes Rico god you feel huge in me tonight and then quietly slipped back into a limp state, as the boys started to fuck me now with deep alternating strokes my pussy was filled so full of young hard cock that it exploded into a body shaking trembling deep long orgasm that shot through me in lightning bolts of pussy quivering spasm after spasm as my pussy clamped down hard on the two cocks fucking my slippery wet cunt with deep hard driving pounding strokes in and out of my squishy noisy pussy. I felt Richards body tighten up and I felt his cock jerking and pulsing inside of me as he drove his cock up into me in hard punishing strokes that had me moaning out in pleasure again in and endless string of fuck me’s and oh yeses I reached out and grabbed Timmy’s ass and pulled him tighter and deeper into my slippery wet cunt. I felt the boys’ cocks pounding into me as they neared their own orgasms and soon my pussy was being painted with coat after coat of hot creamy gobs of hot sperm. I had another orgasm just because of the volume of sperm spraying the inner walls of my pussy. I opened my unfocused eyes and looked up at Timmy and said omg Rico that was the best ever you’ve fucked me your cock feels so hard and thick in my tight little stretched out cunt and I let my head loll over and I laid there taking in great gasps of air as I moaned out in quiet deep long moans and I smiled and feigned once again my passed out d***ken stage. The boys scrambled off the bed and left with a chorus of holy shit fuck dude that was the most awesome thing ever in my life. We need to get your mom d***k some more. I heard Richard laugh and say na we need to get her just d***k enough to play truth or dare and dare her to let us both fuck her. Until next time…Mrs. X

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