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Birthday present

at the end of a boozed up birthday my partner and her friend headed back to my flat for a cpl more drinks but my partner had too much so ended up falling asl**p on the living room floor so her friend an i carried the party on we where up dancing n just enjoying things as they went along so i went too the toilet and came back too find her friend on the couch with her legs open and black lacey panties on show i knew myself she was teasing me and wanted me too react but my partner lying on the floor put me off incase she had woken up while at it but her friend then lay back and started too rub her self and saying she wanted me. my cock was throbbing in my jeans so i eventually gave in and went down on her she was moaning with pleasure though i tried to hold her mouth so not to wake my partner she just couldnt stop i got her over the couch lifted her skirt and ripped of her panties and sunk my throbbing cock deep inside her and started to fuck her tight wet pussy my partner shot up n shouted what the fuck i tried to pull away nothing else i could do or say but to my suprise my partner walked over and started to kiss me and said i can taste her pussy juice off youre lips have you been licking her out i know its what you wanted so i invited my friend over too join in we got over too the couch as my partner lay on the couch with her friend licking her pussy her friends arse was waving bout so i got out the lubricant and smeared it all over her friends arse before ramming my throbbing cock straight in to her ass i started off slowly fucking her before getting carried away i was banging her hard as possible till i shot my hot cum straight up her arse i then sat back and watch both my partner and her friend licking and fingering each others holes it was nt long before i was hard again so i stuck my cock in my partners mouth she was sucking so hard and moaning at the fact her friend was licking her out too my cock was ready to burst again so they both sat on the couch legs wide open rubbing each other waiting for me too blow my load i came on her friends pussy and then saved sum cum for my partner too i shot my hot wet cum all over her tits they where both rubbing my cum all over each others bodys then carried on with each other till they both fell asl**p naked on the couch i woke in the morning for a repeat performance but my partner was too hungover so ended up getting too fuck her friend again while my partner watched so all in all best fuckin birthday present ever soo far

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