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my first was a 8 inch mature black bull i was only supposed to suck his cock but once i got to his house and he put me on my knees wright away and started feeding me his thick cock it was my first cock but he sure wasnt shy he made me lick his balls slapped my face with his big cock i i was sucking him like a slut i wanted him to cum in my mouth he said lets go to the bedroom once in there he made me strip down and told me to get on the bed on my hands and knees i said im not sure about this i have never taken a cock in my ass i was scared so bad i was shaking he pushed me down in the bed with my ass up he laid on me and kissed my kneck while his cock layed against my virgin ass he hunched up and down it was rubbing my cock and balls i was hot as hell he reached over and got some lube and before i could say no he was pushing against my tight ass it hurt like hell till he was inside once he got in he started fucking me hard i came all over his bed i never touched my cock and came three times and he kept pounding me this guy was 62 but he fucked me forever now i cant seem to stop thinking about that fat cock i still love women but dame that was good

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