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The Italian Job 19

The Italian Job 19
As I mentioned in 18 I was at this time booked to do a job in Croatia for a company on the Istra Peninsular, they were nice people and I am adding this to the Italy project because it fits in with my work in Italy, I flew from Bolognia to Trieste then they picked me up and drove me round to Umag where the factory was sited, they had an old machine that was controlled by a digital system and they wanted converted to a computer control with animated displays etc., I won’t bore you with too many details but the work had been planned to take place over a 4 week period, so the company had booked me into a hotel that was predominantly tourist, this hotel was part of a vast complex of hotels and leisure facility’s in a park, there were about 5 hotels all linked by tiny roads, little or no traffic was allowed In the park and the transport around was supplied by 6 tractors done up with steam engine faces etc. like “Thomas the tank engine” these vehicles pulled about 5 small carriages each and you could get on and off as you pleased, for a ticket that cost you the equivalent of 50p sterling the hotel was busy as I was e****ted into the reception by my interpreter I know, I know, another interpreter who of course just happened to be a woman, quite an attractive one at that, she had travelled with me from the airport in Trieste sat in the back of the car whilst I sat in the front with the driver, and whilst on the journey was asking me all the usual questions, did I have a house? Did I have a car? What sort of car? was I married etc. etc. I was a bit embarrassed during the journey because she had her legs up on the back seat tucked under her and whenever she moved I got a flash of camels toe, she caught me looking a couple of times but made no effort to correct her position as she interrogated me, I had to stop looking round to answer her questions in the finish because of my embarrassment, the reception was busy but as I approached I was greeted by the most lovely cleavage I have seen since Gretchen, Hans Wife, she was the receptionist and her name was Mariella, she was very tall, Croatian with enormous tits but they were different, she had on a dark green costume with a fastened jacket and a tight skirt, stockings and high heels but her tits were flattened on her chest as though she had no bra but the costume was squashing them almost flat, they looked like two inverted fruit bowls with cherry’s in the middle and as she bent forward as she had been as I approached they had dropped forward unrestrained into her jacket with a hint of what looked like a vest to stop her nipples rubbing against her coat, showing off as I said this fabulous cleavage as the twins stayed close together pushed in by sheer gravity, her figure was pencil thin and did not reflect the size of her attributes, she greeted me with a cheery smile as Katrina my interpreter introduced me, her face brightened, “are!! you are English!” she said cheerfully as she took my passport and made out the documents, it was not very often that they got English people and certainly not for 4 weeks but she spoke good English and again I think she enjoyed the opportunity to practice it.
I was shown to my room but as there was no lift I had to struggle up two flights of stairs with my bags to get to it, the room was functional with a double bed, a clean bathroom, a balcony that overlooked a road at the back of the hotel, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe, as I was not intending to spend the rest of my life there it was ok and I realised that they were saving the pool view for the tourists, Katrina said she would pick me up around 7.00pm to have dinner with the plant managers and several other people that wanted to meet me.
At dinner I met up with the manager of the plant who I had already met at a meeting in Italy when we met at a hotel in Trieste, which was about half way for both of us, Katrina was there, she was dressed in a jumper and skirt as well as what looked like stockings, she did not have a lot in her bra, I would say about a 36 A, but she was nice and cheerful and enjoyed my attempts at humour, I have a theory that if you can keep them laughing you are half way there, the discussion was fairly long as we had to organise that the machine was going to be out of action for almost all of the full 4 weeks while I did the modifications, there was some discussion about payment which they tried to skirt around but eventually I got some assurances from them, Katrina was sitting beside me at the table, with the plant manager and the area manager sitting opposite, I got the distinct impression that the area manager thought that Katrina was his personal property, I also got the impression that she could not stand him, but I was in a foreign land and we do not know what is the norm in these places so I kept quiet.
We were on our way back to the hotel with the area manager, him, Katrina and I in the car, he decided he wanted to have a look at a project he was working on for the tourist company, he parked in the car park and disappeared in to a building where his contact was supposed to be, I was left with Katrina who had taken a few glasses of wine but seemed ok, she was sitting in the back and doing the thing with her legs again, I had had a few drinks but could not resist in trying to fix what for me had become a problem because I did not feel I could face her to talk to her in this condition as my eyes were drawn down this thing of beauty.
I reached over and pulled her skirt down over her knees “please Katrina” I said, she looked at me a little puzzled then opened her mouth in horror then bent her head right down and looked up her own skirt “oh my god!!” she exclaimed “I’m most terribly sorry, I did not realise she said, I am so used to sitting like this in the car, I did not think, oh what must you think of me” she said with her hand on her mouth, she was laughing behind her hand, I could see it in her eyes, I smiled at her “don’t worry about it, it is no problem” I said trying to diffuse the situation, “it is just a small problem to talk to you” I said “please do not tell this man” she said indicating the absent driver, I have enough problems with him” she begged, I was curious “what sort of problems?” I asked “he is a pig” she said venomously “I am interpreting for you but I am normally his secretary, if I stand near his desk he tries to put his hand up my skirt, he has told me he wants to fuck me, but I don’t let him” she told me, I was quite surprised that she was telling me this stuff as really I was a stranger to her so I put it down to the booze that had loosened her tongue, then she let out another gasp, I looked round, “that is what you were looking at from the airport” she said “you very naughty man, why you no tell me then?” she was blushing a very bright scarlet “I thought it might embarrass you, now there is just you and I so it is no problem” I said “thank you” she said “ I forgive you” we both laughed, she was leaning between the seats now as the driver came back, as he started to drive away she said something to him in Croatian there was a small exchange then “I have asked him to drop me first if that is alright with you as we will pass my house on the way to your hotel, then he will not get close to what you were looking at” she giggled, I made no further comment.
The job started well and things were going along fine, it was approaching the first weekend, on the Thursday evening there was a knock on my room door, I was taken by surprise as I was only in my boxer shorts relaxing, I answered the door, it was Mariella “please I need to talk with you” she said as she walked in and closed the door behind her “tomorrow night” she said “you must not leave your bedroom door open” either in the evening or during the night” she said looking at me seriously, she had on the same outfit so I came to the conclusion it was some kind of uniform, “we have a group of Czech tourists in the hotel and the coaches that will take them back home will come tomorrow but they will bring with them the group for next week, we do not have rooms for them and they will take the rooms that the others leave on Saturday morning so they will sl**p in the corridors on blankets, this is quite normal for them they are used to it but if they find a room empty or unlocked they will as you say squat, even if you are in the room and asl**p, in the morning you will not be alone in the bed” she explained, “are they women by any chance?” I queried, she laughed “no! they are f****y’s, so you will not get lucky” she said “pity” I said dipping my toe in the water, she looked at me “you want woman?” she said quietly as she came close to me “ I want thee woman, not just any woman” I said looking at her, she was very close by now and I could feel her hot breath near my mouth as she stared at my mouth “then why not just take her” she whispered, I turned, pushing her flat against the wall, her hands were flat on it, I knelt behind her and hooked my thumb under her skirt then lifted, her skirt rode up to her waist as her buttocks and light blue panties came into view along with her suspenders and stocking tops, she groaned, I dragged aside her panties and buried my face between her buttocks searching with my tongue for her treasure, trying to taste her, she relaxed her buttocks a bit and did not resist, I got my face further in and was rewarded with my tongue in contact with her anal ring as I squirmed around it, I now had the starting point for her geography, she was moaning out loud “yes, oh yes, take it, take it all”, I slid my tongue down from her arse onto her vulva then penetrated it with my tongue as the tanginess of her vagina came on to it, I squirmed my way in as she came, thrashing back at me as she opened her legs, she was pushing back at me as I shuffled back and gave ground, she put her hand on the top of the chest of drawers as she came back into a bending position, I suddenly thought “she is bowing to the inevitable” as she has realised that the outcome is inevitable, I stood up and by now my cock was rock hard, I steered it into her cunt and pushed, her head shot back and she yelped, I started to shaft her, banging my cock into her as my balls crashed against her clitoris making her come and flood my cock with her juices, “give me your tits I shouted at her “come on you fucking bitch give them to me, she released one hand from the chest of drawers and undid the buttons of her goat as the magnificent duo rolled out, they swung free as I reached forward and pulled up the vest type garment she had on, I now had my hands on her naked tits as I squeezed them, they were very soft but very large and her nipples were enormous, I pulled them and nipped at them as she squealed at my assault on them, she came again as the orgasm and then her climax shook her as it tore through her, her tits were like two under inflated balloons that oozed through my finger as I groped at them, I kept banging her cunt as she yelped and screamed, I pulled out of her and she turned round, there was fire in her eyes as she came at, her rush carrying me onto the bed, she was still standing on the floor and she dropped her knickers kicking them away as she jumped and straddled me taking my cock into her within seconds, this fucking bitch liked it rough so I gave it to her rough, I grabbed her buttocks and heaved her off me a short way then thrusting my pelvis up at her and gave her one hell of a fucking, she was leaning over me as her massive tits bounced around on my chest, she came twice more as her juice flowed down my cock and onto my balls, suddenly she subsided and settled down on my cock rocking on it slowly, she was cruising, her tits dropped and her enormous nipples became available to me, but her aureoles were not that much bigger than her nipples, “you like the Croatian woman, yes?” she purred, “you here 4 weeks we make plenty fuck” she said smiling down at me as I fondled her tits, I was tempted to go for her nipples but resisted, I was not sure of the effect it would have and I was enjoying the moment, she hesitated with the rocking she closed her eyes and trembled as an aftershock passed through her, she slid off my cock as its prang up when not encased in her, she took it in her hand and put it into her mouth and started to work on it, she was very good, teasing and tantalising the end then sliding along the full length and sucking my balls that were drenched in her juice, I could feel the orgasm coming up from my toes, I got hold of her hair and pulled her off as the spunk flew through the air and landed on my chest and stomach, I was covered in the stuff, she pouted at me “why no let me take?” she said, I grabbed a tissue from the box on the bedside table and wiped it away, she took a finger full and transferred it to her mouth as she sucked her finger for a while staring at me, she took the tissue from my hand and cleaned me up then leaned over and kissed me, she tasted of cigarettes, she climbed off and retrieved her knickers pulling them on, then fastening her coat and left the room.
The next day I was in the factory when Katrina came to see me, she asked if everything was ok and was there anything that I needed, seeing as she had been so forthcoming in the car I asked “what is Mariella like” “ooooooh, be careful with Mariella” she said “she tiger woman” as she did an imitation of a tiger clawing with her finger nails, then laughed “why! you like Mariella?” “her husband is manager of hotel you stay in” she added “oh!! fuck” I thought, “I wonder if I should have a food taster?” “yes” I said “she seems like nice girl, very friendly, good English” I said as if that was the reason for me liking her, as if? “I come for dinner tonight at hotel, is ok?” “sure” I said “why not” “7.00pm, ok?” “yes” I said, she came and we ate in the restaurant of the hotel, the meal was quite good, nothing extra special but it was a set meal for the tourists, afterwards we sat and had coffee, she signalled the waiter and said something to him in Croatian, he went off and brought what looked like a large fruit bowl, on a small trolley, it was about half full of a clear liquid with raw eggs floating on the surface, he had some glasses between his fingers and also in the bowl was what looked like a ladle, I looked at Katrina and gave a mock scowl at the concoction in the bowl “is grappa” she said “you try?” “will I survive?” I asked as the smell of the very high content of spirit came up to my nostrils, she nodded at the waiter and he ladled an egg with a load of grappa into the glass, the glass had two handles one on each side, I now know why, it’s to hang onto when you have taken a drink, I put the glass to my lips, she was watching me with her mouth partly open as though she was drinking it, the waiter was watching for my reaction, the people at the next table were also watching me, I took a big drink, Katrina put her hands to her mouth with a sharp intake of breath, the hot spirit hit the back of my throat and that is the last I remember about that night, apparently and it is still a legend locally that I stood up and sang “puppet on a chain” then “Rawhide” hitting myself with a tray on the head every time the whip was supposed to crack then passed out, it is no wonder I had a fucking headache the following morning, I slept with Katrina and according to her had sex with her every hour throughout the night, the next morning my room was full of the little fuckers, they had managed to get into the next room and over the balcony, I had Katrina in the bed with me as well as someone’s grandmother still in her slippers and two young girls about 13 years of age, the girls mum’s were on my floor and their dads were in the hall, I managed to get in the bathroom after a long wait and clean up, I crawled down the stairs hand over hand on the bannister rail because I was determined to get some food inside me to soak up whatever it was I had d***k, it was Saturday and work was optional, I opted out, I got several bottles of water and went outside, I laid on the grass with some water and watched my balcony, I knew that the last thing the maid did was to sweep my balcony, when she had done then I knew the room was clear and I would not be disturbed, the other tourists all had rooms by now so the squatters had left after clearing out my toiletry’s and quite a few of my clothes, I lay on my bed and fell asl**p, I woke to the phone, it was Ellie, I told her about the night before and by the time the call was ended she was in hysterics with laughter on the other end of the phone.
The problem with sl**ping so long was that when evening came I was fully awake and raring to go, I went down to the restaurant, I was ravenous, I walked in the restaurant and the waiters and waitresses were standing in a group by my table, as I sat down they started dancing around like puppets singing “IIII! wonder if one day that you’ll say that you care, if you say you love me madly I’ll gladly be there” much to the hilarity of the other guests, I applauded with everyone else and laughed along with them, I was now one of the boys, they could not do enough for me, they loved this crazy Englishman who had entertained them in a d***ken stupor.
Katrina came in the restaurant as I was finishing my meal, she sat down in an armchair facing me “are you alright?” she asked “yes” I answered, “what happened?” “Oh my goodness she said, it was so funny” she said and she proceeded to tell me how there was supposed to be a traditional dancing troop on in the restaurant and they had given up and went home because they could not compete, “and how?” I asked as I waved my hand between the two of us, “well I must admit to taking advantage of your condition and thought you might like to see a bit closer” she said as she lifted the hem of her skirt enough for me to get a flash “and did I?” I asked “wow!! you did” she said “to say you made a meal of it would not be an exaggeration “she laughed “I like” she said as she gave a little shiver at the memory, “would you like to take a walk?” she invited “ok” I said I got up and we walked through part of the park, all the little roads were lit, we stopped for a beer then continued, I knew she was married and was curious about the husband “and where is your husband tonight?” I asked her “he is working, he is a chef in one of the bigger hotels” she was suddenly serious “problem?” I asked “It is nothing, we do not have a good marriage, I have two sons, they are both at school and when they go to work then I go” she said looking at me “you want to talk about it” I offered “not really she said, it is a problem for me, nothing that you should be worried about, my husband he drinks a lot after work and once he was drinking with his friend and he told one of his friend that he could fuck me if he came to the house, he came to the house but I did not let him come in and when my husband came home he is very angry and he beat me, a lot of things changed after the war with Serbia and not all of it for the better, the Serbs were r****g a lot of the women trying to get them pregnant so that they had Serb babies, the men they feel as you say impotent because they can do nothing to stop this dreadful thing” she said “and you?” I asked “it was alright for us because we are very close to Italy and if we think there will be a problem then we go across the border and stay there until it is ok again, but some people are not so lucky, my s****r was killed by them” she said, she looked very sad and I saw a tear in her eye as she related the story, we sat on a nearby wooden bench, “I have to tell you something, I never had sex with you last night, I was teasing you, I got into bed with you this morning then woke you up, it was a nice feeling I must confess but we did not do anything” she said “you sure?” I said “yes” she said, laughing at me “but you were naked” I said “only for a few minutes” she replied “like I said it was nice” she said lowering her voice to almost a whisper, “it felt good to be beside you and you were hard, probably because you needed the toilet but I was most impressed” she purred “would you like to see what you missed this morning?” she said as she closed in on me, she was breathing heavily, “would you like to take a proper look at what you saw in the car, unwrapped!! I don’t mind, we are here among all these people in the park and I want to show it all to you to let you see it and you must understand that by now it is getting very wet like it did this morning when I saw your cock, do you realise I actually masturbated when I got home” she said as she slowly raised her skirt, there was no camel toe because there was no wrapping just the wet hairy genitals of this lady, her slit slowly opening to reveal the pink lips of the interior, then the gaping inviting cavern as she spread her fingers and opened her vulva to show me, to let me see her “and what about you?” she said looking at my cock bulging in my trousers “are you getting a big boy for Katrina?” she said staring at me “would you like to shove that cock into here?” she said as she pushed a finger down her slit into her vagina as it displaced juice and it trickled down to the brown ring that was just about visible on the seat, I had not said anything during this one sided conversation but I was certainly horny, quite ready to take her and fuck her but it didn’t happen, not on this night anyway “I can’t” I said, “I do not feel good after you told me about the Serb Croat thing and I think we should wait till another time” I said, I felt she had been drinking because I could smell it on her and I did not want to do anything that she would regret in the morning when she sobered up, as it was she was more upset that I turned her down and didn’t talk to me for days which made things very difficult with the language, but eventually I managed to f***e the issue because I needed to set up the display of the computers for the machine and I needed the translation of all the different items on the screen to be in Croat so I insisted that she attend a meeting to finish the display’s, she came to the meeting but would not look at me as I read out the list of items and she translated, then I put them into the display via my laptop ready for downloading into the machine, “I apologise if I have offended you” I said eventually “you made me feel like a whore” she said venomously “like I said, I can only apologise” I muttered “why did you let me do it? You could have stopped me when you knew you would not fuck me, just because you do not think I am pretty enough or have big tits like Mariella” she continued “that’s not true, I did not think you would go so far in public, in the middle of the park, I knew you had been drinking and it is not true, you are a very beautiful woman and big tits does not guarantee a good fuck” I floundered “ok I accept your apology” she said smiling at me, I think the beautiful woman bit clinched it, “we are friends again, yes?” I said “yes” she said and held her hand out; I took her fingers and shook her hand, the work went well, I fucked Mariella a few more times as I creamed her cunt and milked her tits, she loved having them milked as I squeezed and pulled, when they were free of the bondage of her clothes they were long and lean, in fact very long and lean, I tried her with a nipple lick just as a test but the response was not as strong as with Sonia and her daughter, maybe with such big tits it takes longer for the signals to get back, but Mariella had a very quiet way of having her orgasms, she did not thrash about, this woman had experience and coasted through them as though she were enjoying the scenery on the journey through pleasure she would slow down at the point of climax and seemed to just float along, I came to the conclusion that this woman had taken a lot of cock in her time.
The crunch came one Saturday evening, I had been in the restaurant chatting with some of the guests, it was another weekend change over and I had been ready for the invasion of the hordes but the corridors were still full of folk, I did look out for any likely candidates that I might share my bed with but there was nothing much, I went back to my room to ring Ellie and report in, “are you being a good boy?” she asked “Mariella thinks I am very good” I said “and you?” I said “ I am being a good girl, you know I do not fuck around unless you are there to look after me, although maybe I should follow your example and ring Sonia, we could organise a night out in Bolognia, maybe take a look around the car park” she chuckled down the phone, “I know I am being selfish but I would rather you didn’t, if I am not there” I said concerned “my darling, I am teasing you, I would never dream of going and doing anything like that without you being there but when you come back maybe we can fix something, as a present to me, I like to take the occasional cock now and again because it makes me appreciate what I have” she purred down the phone “flattery will get you everywhere” I said “as long as it is in your bed my darling, goodnight, sweet dreams” and she was gone, at these moments I really missed her, she was so refreshing and bright and very sexy when she put her mind to it.
Shortly after a knock came on my bedroom door, I puzzled for a second because I knew that Mariella was not working and we only fucked when she was, she said she liked the idea of the hotel paying her to fuck the guests, I opened the door and it was Katrina, looking very distressed, “can I come in for a few minutes?” she asked “of course I said standing back to allow her entry, she swept past me into the room and sat on the bed, she had a tissue in her hand, I sat beside her and put my arm around her, she rested her head on my shoulder, I could smell her perfume and my cock twitched, “you do pick the most inopportune moments” I thought as I mentally scolded my cock, “what on earth is the matter?” I asked “my son threw me out of the house” she sobbed “what happened?” I asked “I told you I had 2 sons, one of them is now in the army, the eldest one, he is a military policemen but the youngest one is just like his father, he idolises his father but like him he thinks that all women are chattels, he wanted to bring his friends round and I said no because I know what they are like, they drink and make a lot of noise, he told me that if I did not like the idea to get out or they might want to fuck me when they arrived” she said “so I came out, he is just like his father, she was sobbing and leaning her head on my shoulder, I was trying my best to comfort her and kissed the top of her head, that was my mistake, she turned her face up to me, put her hand at the back of my head and kissed me on the lips, the kiss got stronger and then the tongue came out, I resisted with it against my lips then gave way and let her in, she squirmed around my mouth seeking my tongue then leaned back and because my arm was around her took me back with her onto the bed, she then leaned over me attacking my mouth, I just laid there and let her, she was so mixed up and after the reaction when she thought I had rejected her I did not have the heart to kick her back again, I just let it happen, her leg came over me as she pinned me down onto the bed, I pushed back with my legs and carried us back up the bed until my head was on the pillow, she was by now laid with her head on my chest, looking at me as she touched my lips with her fingers, stroking my face “what do you want from me?” I asked “you know what I want” she said “I want someone to love me, I want someone to show me some affection and you seem to be so gentle with your manner and all I ask you is that you be gentle with me and my body, she sat up on my legs and shed her coat, her blouse and her bra, her tits were very small and she had hairy nipples which were distended and very dark, she rolled off the bed and took off her skirt, then her knickers came down and she stepped out of them, I rolled off and got naked, while I was getting stripped she laid on the bed on her back watching me, I knelt on the bottom end of the bed just looking at her, my cock was showing approval in his usual manner, I got hold of my cock and pushed it down pointing it at her, she got the message as she rolled onto her hands and knees and crawled backwards down the bed onto my cock, once entered she kept coming as she moaned, I did not move but she kept coming backwards taking my cock inside her as it disappeared into her wet slippery cunt, her buttocks touched base, I started to stroke into her, shafting her gently as she had requested, she came dipping her head as the orgasm tore through her and I increased my pace to fuck her cunt, the next climax for her was much bigger with her gagging and gasping for air as she panted, she dropped forward off my cock and rolled over so that she was now on her back with her legs apart, inviting me in to her genitalia, to take it, I went down on her licking and slurping around her slit, clit and cunt as she put her hands on my head and pulled my hair, trying to fend off my attack but at the same time not letting go, wanting me to continue to do more, to eat her, she came as she dragged on my hair in the throes of the climax, gritting her teeth to withstand the sensations that raced through her, she laid back again on the bed gasping, I got between her legs and shoved my cock into her, she was obviously getting tired and I thought it was time to cream her cunt, I stroked into her as she grabbed her own tits and pulled at the nipples, arching back as she came yet again and then I sucked her nipples and let her have it, my seed flowing into her as her eyes opened wide when she felt the warm sensation of my semen hitting her cervix, she smiled as I collapsed on to her then rolled sideways onto my back as my cock wilted, she followed me and laid across my stomach as she got hold of my cock and sucked all the mixture of juices into her mouth, swallowing them then smiling up at me as he faded, I fell asl**p and woke about an hour later to find her attacking my cock again, he was up and doing his thing while she was licking and sucking at him, when she saw I was awake, she assumed the position again, “fuck me from behind” she said “I like from behind, you the boss from behind, I am just your slave” so I obliged as I drove into her and rammed my prick up her cunt as she gasped with almost every stroke as though I was driving the air out of her, I groped at her tits, there was no gentleness this time I was going for it, I could feel the tension building in her as she growled “fuck me, don’t stop, fuck me” “ come on then you fucking bitch come for me, come on” I shouted as I rammed into her making her squeal as she came shuddering and shaking as her legs gave way and she collapsed on the bed, I kept into her following her down as she lifted her arse to accommodate me, I drove my cock in her cunt and I exploded into her, she bucked involuntarily as my spunk pumped into her filling her cunt with my milky sticky juice, she dropped back onto the bed as I slipped out of her, she had more natural talent for fucking than Mariella and her big tits, we spent that night together and when I awoke the following morning she was gone, she had to be home before her husband came home.
The following week went without major incident, I fucked Mariella a couple of times, stripping her naked just to get a good look at her figure and her fabulous tits, Katrina paid a visit one night and I fucked her as well, she could make me come much quicker than Mariella could, despite the difference in bra size, there was something about being inside her, her movements her little kisses, her touches all added up to me exploding and filling her up much sooner, the weekend came around again and I was on squatter watch, this one was more fruitful with a couple of decent looking tarts in the corridor, I offered them a room at a price of course, they accepted the offer and I soon had them stripped and into bed, one kissed me and let me grope her tits while the other sucked my cock, then they swapped and I fucked one while I groped the other, life was good, the job was going well, cunt was plentiful and as far as I knew all was well at home, until I got my usual call from Ellie, she said that Roseanna had invited her, Yvonne, Sonia, Christina and Maria to the villa for the weekend with the promise of a party, I was straight away concerned because I lost Maria at one of Roseanna’s parties, the machine was nearly finished so I worked through a couple of nights to push things along and got done, planning to travel home for the weekend and maybe surprise the ladies, all my harem together in one place was too much of a temptation, I said my goodbye’s to the ladies and flew home to Bolognia, I stayed the night in Bolognia and visited Janice but her friend said she had gone back to the UK, I stayed and fucked her friend then travelled over to Ravenna the following evening, I drove around the back of the villa and entered through the service door, the first one I encountered was Hazel who welcomed me as usual, I got her to let me into the camera room with a promise to tell no one of my arrival, I settled own to see what these lovely ladies were up to, I scanned the pool area and I could see Maria up to her usual tricks with a group of guys, she was drinking and teasing and I knew it would not be long, Sonia and Yvonne were sitting on the sun beds drinking and talking, I could not see Ellie or Christina, I tried the bedrooms, I found them both in my old room, they were with two guys who were having fun with them, Christina was naked and Ellie was down to her underwear and I could tell by the state of the girls that they were not happy and that this was not consensual, the guys were walking round the bedroom poking at them and pulling at bits of Ellie’s clothing as they stripped her, Christina was now being sprawled across the bed as one guy shoved his cock into her, I had seen enough, I picked up the phone and called the kitchen, Hazel answered, I told her what was happening, and to take some drinks or food to the room to distract them from the patio doors, she agreed and I made my way up to the patio, I concealed myself behind the curtain of the room and waited, the guy had shot his load into Christina and the other was lining up on Ellie as she lay spread-eagled on the bed, he said something to her then hit her across the face, she raised her knees and lifted her cunt to him, he shoved his cock in it and started to bang her, they both stopped and looked at the door, then Hazel came in, she had the front of her dress undone and her tits and black stockings on show, she had no knickers on, I slipped through the door, Ellie was crying as was Christina, the guy in Ellie was continuing to fuck her but was staring at Hazel who had a tray of drinks in her hand I moved to the bed quickly picking up a bottle of vodka from the table as I moved, I smacked it across the head of the guy inside Ellie, the other guy turned at the noise of the breaking bottle, he came towards me as Hazel came up behind him and smacked him over the head with the tray, he went down, I turned back to the bed, Ellie was trying to push her assailant off her, she was covered in vodka and bits of broken bottle, we secured the two guys and then I got hold of Ellie as she shrieked into my shoulder, “I’m sorry, I’m so, so, sorry” she cried, Hazel was comforting Christina who had borne the brunt of the attack being the youngest, she had bl**d on her legs, “why are you sorry, it’s not your fault, the blame lies with these a****ls I said looking at the two clowns who were secured and looking very sorry for themselves, Ellie suddenly stopped “what are you doing here? how long have you been here?” she said, one of the guys yelped as Hazel allowed Christina to kick him “not long I said to Ellie, “I was watching on the camera and you seemed to having fun so”, I never finished because she attacked me, she was still naked and her tits were swinging “you bastard” she said you watched them attack us and you did nothing” she screamed at me “hardly nothing” I said looking at the two guys, Hazel said something to Ellie in Italian, Ellie launched a glass at me, “you liar” she shouted “Hazel said you only just arrived” she said as she walked around the room picking up her clothes, some of which were torn, she came to me and put her arms around my neck “I’m so sorry, he fucked me, I couldn’t stop him” she cried “I know my darling but it’s over now” I said ”I’m here” “yes you are” she said brightening now it’s ok for me to fuck, she walked over to the two guys and got hold of the hair of one of them and pulled his head up “how yer fixed big boy” she said then laughed, we all laughed except for a couple of people, the security guys arrived and carted them off, I looked at Christina “what happened to you” I asked “they fucked my arse, both of them, without any gel, I am bleeding, Hazel turned her round and examined her “I don’t think it is serious” she said Ellie had been sl**ping in my old room so her clothes were in the wardrobe as she went in the shower “I need to get this stink off me” she said as she disappeared inside, I walked outside onto the poolside very quietly, Sonia and Yvonne had their backs to me and I watched Maria, she was by now naked, she was bent down sucking some guys cock as another finger fucked her, they were obviously preparing her for another gang bang, “you never learn do you” I said out loud, she spun and shrieked, she tried to cover herself grabbing at some of her garments on the floor “where the fuck did you come from?” she said as Yvonne and Sonia jumped up and came to me, I kissed them both and tweaked Sonia’s bum, she grinned at me “does that mean you are mine later” “Ellie’s here” I said “so you’ve seen her” she said looking a bit put out, Yvonne was standing back a bit watching me, she had a drink in her hand, she said something to Sonia “you look well” Sonia translated “so do you, you look very good” I said “good enough” she said “good enough?” I asked “to fuck” she said “is that what you want?” I said “yes” she said without hesitation “I have put my life on hold for her” she said looking at Maria who was getting dressed but she will never change, she is a slut and tonight has confirmed what I already knew but I kept k**ding myself that she might get back with you or that her life would change around but it is not to be, so if you will have me back into the harem, I am all yours” she said smiling, Sonia had been translating as I leaned to Yvonne and kissed her on the lips, “welcome back” I said “can you manage a quick one now while Ellie is getting changed” she asked “of course” I said as I e****ted the pair of them to the bedrooms to the sound of Maria shrieking behind us “mama, mama, where are you going??” but her words fell on deaf ears.
I took them into the bedroom where they both started to strip, Yvonne was shaking as she removed her knickers and her bra to reveal her magnificent torso and I showed my appreciation by dropping my trousers to the ground as my cock rose steadily in my shorts “bravo” Yvonne said as she spotted my prick at full mast, in appreciation of what she had just showed me, I took off my shorts and mounted her like a dog in heat as I eased into her cunt and felt the slippery wet interior welcome me home by drooling down my prick as her juices flowed and I fucked her, then I fucked Sonia who was not going to be left out, I was fucking Yvonne’s arse when Maria walked in, Yvonne was always a certain anal fuck because she liked it so much, I have never known a woman who enjoyed having her arse fucked as much as Yvonne did, “this is just like old times” Maria quipped “mind if I watch” she sat in the arm chair, lifting one leg over the arm and lifted her skirt, she had no knickers on, then she stuck two fingers inside her shaved cunt and began masturbating “you don’t mind if I have a wank while you fuck my mother, do you?” she said, Yvonne gave a shudder and folded as she sank to the bed off me, moaning “bene, bene” Sonia got hold of my cock and started to lick it like a lolly, staring at Maria who gave a whimper and came as juice showed wet on her fingers, Hazel came in “ Ellie is looking for you” she said “tell her I will be there in a minute, I am just saying hello to Sonia and Yvonne, she will understand” I replied, Hazel saw Maria and what she was doing and her eyes lit up, she went to her, got hold of her hair and pulled her head back as she sank her mouth onto Maria’s mouth and kissed her full, sticking her tongue into her, then she put her hand down and stuck another two fingers into Maria’s cunt, her cunt was being stretched with the four fingers in her as she came in a shaking orgasm, Maria had unfastened the front of her dress and was groping her own tits, pulling the nipples and stretching them, she still had a nice figure, she saw me looking at her “ like what you see do you??, want to fuck me do you?? come on then stick it in me, everyone else will before the night is through” she said as she came again, this one robbing her lungs of air as she fought to catch her breath, Hazel pulled her fingers out and left, Maria took her fingers out of herself and straightened her dress then got up and left the room, Sonia was still active on my cock so I let go straight into her mouth as she slurped it down, savouring every drop, Yvonne was leaning on one elbow as they both smiled, I went in the shower, when I came out, Sonia and Yvonne were both dressed and Ellie was sitting talking to them “err just a minute lover” she said, “how come these two get to go before me?” “you were in the shower and I was only saying hello” I replied “ha!!!” Ellie said “are you sl**ping with me tonight?” she asked “of course” I said “you can sl**p with her for half of the night” Sonia said “ Yvonne has a lot of catching up to do” I knew they were sharing a room so anything Yvonne got, Sonia was going to be a part of “ok” said Ellie “just come to me when you are finished with these two but welcome home my darling as she crossed the room and gave me a big tongue kiss “could you just sort me out?” she said “that bastard sticking his cock in me has made me horny” she purred, Sonia and Yvonne left the room as I stripped Ellie and made love to her, she came very strong and I felt that it might have been inspired by the bit of rough fucking she got.
To be continued…………………

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