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My brown beginning part 12

Shirley, Emily please come in here and see what your grandson is doing. Mrs Stevens was stareing at me almost not believing her eyes.Mom and grandma came in.Your son is playing with my waste the waste you said he was supposed to cleanup.I caught him red handed.Grandma spoke first Donny! your supposed to clean up the pot not play in it.Mrs stevens came closer and seen the shit on my mouth.My goodness I think he has eaten some too!.Why would you do such a thing Donny she asked?.I looked at Mom and Gram for help.They just said Tell her the truth Donny its OK were not mad.Mrs Stevens looked at me and I explained how I get a sexual thrill from a womans potty habits.So is that why you broke the pot so that you could rig up this commode in hopes of getting to use my waste for your thrill? yes Mam... Goodness she said. Well i guess its not hurting anything but its best just to be truthfull you should have been truthfull with me I understand these things better than you might think. Well what should we do now Mom asked her.Mrs stevens answered.I think we should let him finish if its alright with you ladies Id kinda like to see him finish what he started.Mom and Gram naturally agreed.Mrs stevens then said OK Donny finish up while we ladies watch.They seated themselves on the bed and I sat on the commode and devoured Mrs Stevens pile of shit.She was cooing and oh mying and her hand crept slowly to her crotch.She was gently stroking her vaginal area and didnt even realize it until Gram touched her hand.Its Ok Mrs Stevens we like it too.She looked flushed and embarrassed.I ate every morsel of her poop and showed her the clean pail.Mom then started massaging her shoulders and trying to relax her.Whats on your Mind Gail (mrs stevens first name)My mouth is so dry i cant speak hardly she whispered.Let me help you with that and Mom started kissing her full on the mouth.In a few minutes Gail was panting and Mom and gram were fondleing her big tits through her dress. Part 13 is next.

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