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Second Time Sharing My Wife (True Story)

After our first experience with having another man join us for sex, we were hooked. We have since been hooking up with other men for her to be pleasured and wonderful pictures for me. Our second time out we met this guy, his name was James.
We found James online on our usual local website. He responded to our ad, and my wife knew immediately she liked what she saw. We responded back to James with a reply and a cell number to call us. He didn’t waste much time in calling us back. I answered the phone, and he politely introduced himself and referred to the ad. James and I had a great conversation. We talked about the ground rules of no kissing her on the mouth, we feel it’s really too personal, I also told him I wanted her fucked good and hard, I want her pleasured in every way he wanted. He asked me if she liked sucking cock, and my response to him was “Oh Yeah!” She will suck you as much as you want. She likes to deep throat, and, have you f***e her head down. She will swallow everything you give her. I told James for my picture’s sake; I would really like it if you were to cum in her mouth, but also pull out so you squirt all over her face too. He was intrigued by my request, and he agreed to let me direct where he lets loose of his sperm.
We agreed to meet James at a bar close to his home. My wife and I arrived at the bar, went in and sat down. We ordered a couple of drinks, and began talking about the night. My wife was nervous as was I. We finished our first round of drinks, and we ordered a couple more when the phone rang and it was James. He explained he was about ten minutes from the bar, and he would be with us shortly. We sat and watched as people came in and sat down. I was looking for any single guy walking through the door, as my wife was watching two other guys who were checking her out. I asked her if she was doing okay, she told me she was fine, and she was having some naughty thoughts of these other two gentlemen who were watching her.
My wife was wearing her black mini-dress again and it was very easy for her to tease. We were sitting at a table which stood kind of high off the floor. The chairs were equally as tall, so when she sat all the way back in these wooden chairs her feet would barely touch the floor. I was sitting next to her, and I was telling her to turn her body towards them in a way which they could see her panties if she were to spread her legs. She turned herself in their direction, she then casually caught them both staring at her. She then proceeded to let her legs drift apart. She gave them a great view of her panties between her legs. Then she turned towards me and asked how that was. I watched them, as they were both still in shock-n-aw, and then to my surprise they gave me a thumbs up.
After our little flirting fun with these guys, a single guy came walking through the door. He was a Latino man with a full head of black hair which was combed to the side with no real noticeable part, kind of that messy look. The look on his face was so serious, kind of that hardened look. My wife and I was the only actual guy/girl couple sitting alone without friends in the bar, in fact my wife was the only redheaded woman in the joint, so it wasn’t real hard for James to pick us out from everyone else. James spotted us, and a slight smile came over his face. I could see him taking a quick scan of my wife; I could see his eyes moving from her face to her breasts, then to her lower region, and back up. His hardened look disappeared, and a gentle voice introduced him to us as he held out his hand. He was about the same height as my wife; he wasn’t real muscular, but he looked firm. We waved to the waitress as he sat at our table, and we ordered up some drinks. We talked for a bit, my wife really seemed to be excited by him. I had to use the bathroom, so I excused myself, and allowed them to get to know each other some. When I returned, James had moved over by my wife. My wife was already very relaxed from the drinks prior to James arriving. He was leaning into her, whispering into her ear. I stood watching them with pure excitement rushing through me. James ran his hand over her thigh feeling her milky white skin. She moved her leg closer in approval. He leaned over and whispered into her ear again. She nodded like she was approving something exciting.
I returned to the table and with a joking tone said “what’s going on here”… My wife looked over at me and said James wants to take me to his home and fuck me. I was thrown a bit off guard with hearing my wife say that. I collected my thoughts a second or two later and responded,” what are you waiting for… let’s go.” We finished our drinks rather quickly, and paid the bill, and departed the bar.
We arrived at his house around nine-thirty in the evening; I parked the car in the street so we could get out easier if needed. My wife and I walked into the house following behind James. I left my camera, and lube in the car as I wasn’t sure how this was going to go down. James offered us a drink, and we accepted. After he gave us our drinks he guided us to the bed room. I excused myself so I could run back out to the car and grab my camera, and lube. I walked out into the front room, carefully not to lock doors or even close them for that matter. I ran out to the car and grabbed the camera. As I went back into the house, I heard moaning coming from the room.
I walked into the bedroom where James and my wife were. I saw him laying on the bed naked and my wife with her dress half off and no bra on… She was engulfing his rock hard cock down her throat, and he was fondling her tits as she sucked him. It was so exciting to see my wife sucking his cock. It was at least eight inches, and very thick. He had very little body hair, and my wife was sucking every inch of him up. I started the camera and got some real good close-ups of her sucking his dick. I then proceeded to help her fully undress, pulling her dress the rest of the way off, then working off her panties. I watched as he grabbed the back of her head and told her to take his cock. She took it like a good girl. He gagged her several times, each time making her take it deeper. I got really excited and crawled between her legs from behind, and I spread her ass apart, and began licking her ass and fingering her pussy. I could hear her moans as he was making her take his cock, slurping, and her moaning, then I heard her tell him “Give me your cock.” I pulled off of her and flipped her over so he could crawl between her legs, and push his dick into her as far as he could.
I watched as he moved up, she spread her legs wide while reaching down to stroke his cock, then he grabbed hold of his tool, rubbed the head against her pussy opening, then pushed it in to her firmly. She took a deep breath, almost screaming in pleasure. He filled her up, spreading her wet pussy wide. He grabbed her legs throwing them up over his shoulders as he pounded her pussy hard. She was screaming in pleasure while I watched as his balls slapped against her asshole. He turned her over and told her to get on her knees, she obeyed him, as she got on her knees he told her to reach back and spread her ass apart, so he could watch as his throbbing member pushed into her pussy. He put his cock up to her pussy, and then he pushed hard into her and pounded her hard. Then he started asking her “You gonna bring me your pussy again?” She didn’t respond, he asked once more “I’m talking to you… you little slut,” Then he drove his lubed finger in her ass while she was still spreading her ass for him… She responded with “yes… yes I will bring you my pussy again.” “That’s a good little slut” he told her. Her pussy was so wet I could see the juices dripping down her legs; I know she came at least twice while he was pounding her pussy. He began to smack her ass hard, as he drove his cock into her. She was in heat; she wanted fucked more by James. He laid her on her side, and then he mounted her with her one leg straight up in the air and penetrated her again. After a good hour or so of fucking my wife, James stood at the edge of the bed and stroked his cock over her face. She sucked on his balls, rolled them around in her mouth and tongue. He would stroke a little, and then slip it into her mouth. My wife then reached up and lubed her finger with some of her spit, then started to put her finger in his ass. That was all he needed, it put him over the edge, and he began to shoot stream after stream of his hot sperm over her face, and on her tongue. After a few pics, I leaned down and kissed her deep, I could taste his cum on her lips and tongue.
After my wife was able to shower and dress; we said our goodbyes. On the way home we talked about her experience… I asked her what he was whispering into her ear at the bar. She respond saying “he wanted to lick and fuck my ass, if not tonight another night.” She went on to say “he also wanted me to take all his cock down my throat.” She was still so horny she wanted to fuck my brains out when we got home… I enjoyed her the rest of the night, plus I took her ass. She was great, and I look forward to our next meeting with someone who makes her this excited.

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