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Girlfriend's Vacation

I am twenty years old and go to college in the mid west. I was dating this girl, same age as I, nice looking. We had gone out for several months, I have met her parents and all but had not had sex with her. Her f****y invited to go on a trip with them to the beach for a four day weekend. We arrived, I shared a room with her younger b*****r, her mom and dad had a room and she shared a room with her s****r. We had gone out to eat and all went down to the hot tub for a while and have some drinks. My girlfriend and her father and silblings decided to go to the casino. My girlfriend's mom and I decidied to stay at the hot tub. She had several more drinks and said she was not feeling well and asked if I could help her up to her room. When we got up to the room she was acting pretty d***k. She asked if I could help her take off her swim suit. Now my girlfriend's mom is not hot. She is like any other mom, in her late forties, a little over weight, bleach blonde hair. Her one piece suit came off easy and she was standing there naked. Her boobs sagged slightly, her dark untrimmed bush did not match her blonde hair. I had not had sex in three months so my dick started to stand at attention making a tent in my swim trunks. I wanted to throw her in bed and get back to my room and twist one off before everyone came back from the casino. My girlfriends mom, her name is Mary, took note of the swelling in my trunks and asked if I liked what I saw? Yes Mary, you are a very attractive naked woman I said. She said she would help me with the swelling and pulled my trunks down and knelt down and took my cock in her mouth. I could not believe I was getting a blow job from my girlfriends mom, when I have not been able to even touch my girlfriend. My dick got to rock hard status quickly with the attention from Mary. I pushed Mary to the floor and got in the sixty nine position. She kept sucking my cock and I burried my face in her snatch. The smell from her now very wet pussy had an intoxicating effect on me as I worked her clit with my tounge. After about twenty seconds we flipped and she got on top of me and lowered herself down on my mega hard cock. She started to work her pussy back and fourth. I could not believe I was my girlfriend's mom or that I was fucking a woman old enough to be my mom. Her pussy was tighter than I expected, I put my thumb on her clit and rub it real good sending her into a massive orgasim. I thought she was going to rip my dick off. Her juices flowed over my balls and I felt good. We rolled over so I was top and I started to pound into her super wet pussy. I watched as her boobs jiggled to my thrust. I sat up and watched my dick go in and out of her hairy muff. My balls started to boil and I pushed my dick as deep as I could into her wonderful pussy and released my load. My dick pumped my hot sperm into her womb, she held me so tight I thought she would leave marks on my arms. I pump so hard and so much jizz I thought for a moment I might black out. She orgasimed again. We laid there for several minutes while my dick deflated inside her well fucked pussy. Mary said she had never done this before. We decided to get up before everyone got back. She jumped in her shower and I went to my room and got in mine. I was only in there for about five minutes when someone came into the bathroom. I thought it was my girlfriends b*****r but it was my girlfriend. She got in the shower with me, she told me we had some time as she talked her b*****r into giving us some quite time. My dick sprung to attention again and I fucked my girlfriend in the shower, then we fucked on the bed. As we dressed she said that she wanted to wait for this trip to have our first sex. She and I fucked many more times during this trip as did Mary and I. I made up for the three months of no sex real quick. Every chance I got I pumped a load into Mary or my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I broke up two months after the trip, I did put many hard miles on her pussy before we broke up. Now I continued to abuse her mother's pussy for several years after that. No one ever caught us. Sometimes we would meet and spend the night together or we might meet and just get a quick fuck. Wow!

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