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Tranny Gang Bang

Gang Banged
I stood there looking in the full length mirror very pleased with the image I saw. I was ready for the evening and the first time I would be with more than two men at once. Freddy, had talk me into doing him and two of his friends in a sleaze motel.

Freddy had found me on my internet messenger. We had chatted for a long time and meant twice. Once at a small lake in a subdivision near where I lived. An Italian man about 40 with a bit above average dick. It was so exciting to get screwed in the shrubs around the lake’s edge with the lights from the houses softly illumining the area. The second time I meant him in an interstate rest area. I park next to his van and then got in with him. Lord did we have that van rocking.

He seemed trustworthy and so when he suggested we get a motel and could he bring a couple of friends, I agree. He assured me he would not let anything bad happen to me.

When I arrived at the motel I was dress like whore. I had on a black satin Edwardian corset with six garters hold up sheer black seemed stocking. The corset pushed up my A cup breast exposing my nipples and giving a lot of cleavage. Black stiletto knee high boots covered my feet and felt so sexy. The dress I wore was black strapless spandex tube dress which was short enough it barely covered the top of my stocking. I wore long heavy dangly earrings because I love to feel them swing back and forth as I am being used. Around my neck I wore a 2” diamond studded chocker collar. If I didn’t look like a slut I sure felt like one.

When I entered the motel room to my surprise Freddy was on his cell phone telling the caller he was sure she would not mind. There were three men besides him giving me the once over. I pranced over and sat on the edge of bed crossing my legs. Freddy was now off the so I asked him where the fourth guy came from. He explained that he had put and ad on Craig’s list that Steve had answered, so he was invited. In fact he told me he had just finished talking to Don on the phone and he would be over in about fifteen minutes.

I did the quick math and it came out to 5 guys wanting to use my body for their sexual pleasure. I should have been smart and left right then and there. As I was ready to bolt the scene the phone rang again and I heard Freddy give the room number to the caller. I looked and Freddy and said, “Six?”
He turned a little red in the face and said, “No Vanessa, seven that guy is bringing a friend and eight if you count his wife. She just wants to watch you get fucked by her husband.”

Freddy introduced me to the other guys he had originally brought, Bill and Bob. Let’s see Freddy, Bill, Bob, Steve, Don, Tom, Ron, and Tom’s wife Ann. I took a Misty 120 cigarette from my hand bag and as I put it to my lips two Bic lighters flicked in front of me and Freddy handed me a glass of Scotch whisky. I took a deep drag on the cigarette as it was lighted, and then swallowed the glass of Scotch whole, exhaling a long slender stream of smoke. I handed it back to Freddy and asked for a refill. An angel on my right should to me to get my fucking ass out of the room and the devil on my left shoulder told me to have another drink and cover the check I had just wrote. I thought to myself two guys were great what the hell is five more after all I had always wanted this to happen.

Freddy sat on the bed next to me, Bob and Bill sat on the dresser where the bar had been set up, Steve and Don sat in the two chairs by the table. Don had his dick out playing with it as the guys talk about the football games played that day. It had been decided that we would wait on Tom, Ron and Ann before the party got going. Don moved to the bed next to the one I was sitting on finishing my third Scotch and about to light another cigarette. Don lit it for me and asked if I was up for what was about to go down. I told him I was not sure. That I had always wanted to be gang banged but the waiting was giving me second thoughts. Don told me he had my back and to give him the word and he would get me out of the room.

His word made me feel a little more at ease, but I could not take my eyes off his crotch and the monster of a black cock sticking out of his pants that he was stroking. I thought to myself, do him first and the rest will be a piece of cake. A knock came on the door to the room.

Tom, Ron and Ann had arrived and things were getting weird. Ann was in a wheel chair. As soon as the door closed Tom took off the trench coat Ann was wearing. Let the coat fall over the back of the wheel chair reviling one hot body. Ann must have been in her sixties and was still very attractive. I thought my make up was very whorish but she had out done me. Her tits were at least 40D and firm, with a proportional waist. Her legs we covered with surgical stocking and it was apparent there was some thing wrong with them. What I could not take my eyes off was huge vibrating strap on dildo she had on. One of those dildos were a dildo is inserted in the woman’s pussy to hold it in place. All the guys were cooing and awing over her; and I am thinking how the hell can I compete with her.

Ann brought the room backed to order and assured me she was only there to watch. I handed my drink to Freddy for a refill and lit another smoke. Ann asked to see me in the bathroom for a girl moment and so I followed her in the bathroom. Behind me as I went into the bathroom with her I could see pants dropping and cocks come out to play.

Ann told me she had lost the use of her legs in a motorcycle accident. That her husband loved sex, sex that she could no longer give him. The idea of him with another woman was unacceptable to her so he had agreed to only have sex with transvestites while see watched. With that said she grabbed the dildo and gave me a coy smile and told me she wanted to be first to fuck my mancunt. She wanted me to impale my self on her strap on dildo and then wheel us both out into the room, she said it was always a big hit at parties. I am not sure if I am just that sick or if it was the Scotch but I agreed it would be marvelous to make a grand entrance in such a fashion.

I took off my dress and panties while Ann greased up her strap on. Straddling the wheel chair and facing away from her I eased my asshole over and down till I was sitting on her lap. It took awhile to accomplish this and my anus muscle hurt from the girth of the dildo. I knew however it would be an aid for later penetrations buy the guys; even Don with his big black cock. Ann put on a glitter covered half mask and turned on the vibrator and told me to put my feet on the foot rests next to hers. I reached forward opening the bathroom door and she wheeled us out for all to see.

There the guys were all in a line like soldiers naked and their cock all at attention. Oh my god Tom was getting it all on his video camera. All wore some sort of half face mask. I was to suck them all off one after the other and those that could get their cocks back up would fuck me. In fact I was to fuck them know matter how many times they got it up.

I leaned forward on Ann’s lap and took the first hard penis’s corona in my mouth pushing back the foreskin with my lips. In less than a minute we had ejaculation and my mouth filled with Steve’s sperm. Ann reached around me and place a plastic cup in front of me and said, “Please?” So I let the cum run from my mouth into the cup which she withdrew.

Next was Don who handed me a lit cigarette and said, “I want mine smoky please.”
It took me a while to drain the rest of the cocks in the room. Some shot their loads of goo in my mouth and other gave me a nice warm cum facial. It was very pleasant sitting on Ann’s big vibrating filler her plastic cup with shots of spunk when shot into my mouth. Last in line was Tom her husband.
As I sucked him she ask him good was I doing? He told her not as good as she was and then Tom exploded in my mouth. He stepped back and pulled me to feet and spun me around.

Snowball her he commanded me and what else could I do but comply. Leaning over her she tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide. With my lips about 4” above hers I let her husband’s cum slip through my lips and drop in a long cum string into hers. The guys had crowed around to watch and as she swallowed they all took a step back.

I sat down on the end of the bed and good old Freddy handed me a scotch as I took a cigarette from my cigarette case. Someone, I am not sure who, flicked his bic and I lit my smoke. I looked around the room to see if anyone was up for round two. Don, Bill, and Ron where more than ready. Tom and Freddy where still getting their second wind, but Steve and Bob were done and headed for the shower.

Then there were five. I finished my drink and cigarette as Freddy came over and told me by my hand leading over to the round table in the room. It was covered with pillows from the bed, how nice of them I thought. Freddy informed me that they were going to tie me to the table and I said something like, “Hell no!”

I struggled but to no avail. Soon I was bent over the table and my legs tied to the table legs. My arms were pulled down the other side of the table and also tied. My ass now hung over one end and my head over the other end. I looked a Don for help but he only laughed as he stroked his massive black cock.
Whack and my ass began to sting. Two more whacks and my ass was on fire from the riding crop Ann from her wheel chair was wielding. Ann tell me that should be her tied to the table instead of a useless sissy bitch like me. Tom was zooming in on the action again with his video camera. I felt Ann squirt two tube of KY Jelly up my mancunt and then she moved her chair back making room for the guys. I started to scream but Freddy shoved a ring gag into my mouth.
Don mounted me like a stallion his mare in heat. Even though I was stretched well from Ann’s strap on pain ripped through my body. He fucked me like a jack hammer as the other men cheered him on to fuck me hard. The other five followed in session. Each man trying to fuck me harder than the last man.
When all had taken their pleasure I was released from my bonds and helped to a chair. It hurt to sit as my anus lips were tender and swollen. Most of the men had left and only Freddy, Tom and Ann remained. I smoked another cigarette and composed my self. Tom and Ann told me they were very impressed with the way I handled the evening and wanted me to come to their house in the future. Seems if I signed the papers they had I would soon be on the video store shelves. I signed like a fool and they left.

Freddy walked me to my car after I got my panties and dress on. He thank me for coming and wanted to do it again soon. Fuck him!

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