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Nick and the s****rs; part one

Nick grew up with three younger s****rs. All were an attractive f****y, very close. When nick was a teenager, mom would come to his room and get naked and strip him and let him suck her tits as she played and stroked his cock. He loved sucking her tits, they were so full and warm. Then she started licking his cock and sucking on it. He would cum in her mouth and mom would swallow every drop. He would lick her pussy and tongue her hole tasting her warm cum on his tongue. Then mom wanted more... she needed his cock in her cunt. The first time he fucked her, he loved her warm hole. He loved to feel her pussy pulse on his cock as he filled her with his cum. Soon mom was coming to his bed every night. He had turned into a very sexy play toy for her. He was able to cum 3 or 4 times a night. He also loved to lick her pussy before he fucked her many times. Recently, he began to fuck his moms ass. He loved pushing his cock in her tight ass. The first time he fucked it, it took a while to get inside, but it was worth the struggle as it was a great fuck for him and he filled it twice with his warm cum. Nick loved to fuck and his body produced huge loads of cum which he filled his moms holes nightly.

Then one day mom and dad were killed in a car wreck. The c***dren were deeply hurt at the loss of the parents. Nick was also very sad at losing his horny fuck partner. Nick was made guardian of the three s****rs. After several months, Nick began to go to his s****r Cherry's bed at night. He started first by licking her tits and just feeling her up. Soon he moved to licking her pussy and fingering her hole. Cherry had a nice sexy body as she was the oldest s****r. He taught her to suck his cock and swallow his cum. Then he got to fucking her cunt and making the trip to her bed every night as his mom did. He loved stripping her night clothes off and seeing her sweet sexy body. Cherry also made a horny sex partner. She loved to fuck and suck. Nick was able to cum several times each night so he loved to have her suck his cock and drink his cum. Then he would eat her pussy making her multi cum. He would then fuck her cunt feeling the young hole pulse on his hard cock. Cherry could climax dozens of times at night. One night Nick got Cherry up on her knees and began to lick her ass. First she was not sure if she liked this but as his tongue rimmed her hole, she relaxed and enjoyed it. He then fingered the tight ass but needed more. He loved to fuck the ass so he aimed his cock at her tiny ass bud. He lubed her ass and his cock but he still was large to push in her. Slowly he inched in. First it hurt her, but he needed to fuck her ass so he kept pushing. He finally got it in her ass and Cherry was crying, but he told her she would love getting her ass fucked as her mom did. Then he stroked in and out loving fucking the very tiny ass. It consumed his cock and he felt every side of the walls. He then began to pick up the pace and fuck harder. It was not long before he filled the tight ass with his cum. He just stayed in her and soon was hard and fucking the hole another time. Cherry seemed to be enjoying his cock in her ass as he filled it fuller with his cum.

Suddenly Cherry's bedroom door opened and Jill walked in. "What are you two doing?" she asked shocked at her b*****r on top of her s****r. "Come here baby, Let me make you feel good" Nick told Jill. He pulled her to the bed and removed her night gown. She too had developed into a sexy young lady. As he layed her on the bed, he began to suck her tits. Then he had Cherry suck a tit as he sucked one. It was not long before jill was moaning and enjoyed the sucking mouths. Nick then began to feel her pussy as the two continued to suck her tits. He played with her clit and then found her hole. He put a finger in the hole and was truly amazed how tight it was. He would fuck it for sure. He then turned Jill and pushed Cherry to her pussy and told Cherry to tongue fuck her. Soon Jill was screaming in delight. Watching Cherry eat Jill's pussy really turned him on so he switchd the two girls and now Jill ate Cherry's pussy and Nick needed to fuck Jill's cunt. As Jill was licking and sucking Cherrys pussy liked Cherry ahd done her, Nick got between jill's legs with his cock. Her cunt was wet from the tongue fucking from Cherry so he started to push his cock in her tight hole. He was a big man and she had a tight hole so he had to go very slow. Her tight cunt felt so good. As he got his cock inside and started to fuck her, he could feel all her pussy walls on his cock. he would pull the cock almost out then push in again and it felt so good. Jill was loving it too after the pain of accepting the full size cock. He then lifted her hips and began to fuck her hard. He loved her pussy and wanted to cum in it badly. After pumping that cunt hard he started to cum and pumped a huge load of cum in her. As when he was in Cherry's ass, he stayed in and soon was hard and fucked her again. This time he was rough on the tight pussy and fucked and pounded her lasting a good length of time as he had just cum. He wished he could stay in her and fuck her for days, as she felt so good and so tight on his cock.

Soon they were all laying in the bed totally fucked and feeling so good. Nick told the s****rs they now would be together every night as he and mom had been. He soon would get the third s****r with them and he wanted to stretch her tight pussy too. He loved to watch the girls suck tits and eat pussy. It made him so horny and made the fucking very intense. He planned to fuck Jill's tight ass also and get toys so the girls could entertain themselves and each other as he fucked each s****r. Soon he would have three s****r to fuck every night. They had been blessed with the genes of nymphos.

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