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Lucky Day at the Casino

Good luck at the Casino

There's a casino a few hours drive from my home, and I like to go make occassional donations. Recently I went there, and since I had a free nights lodging due to my earlier losses, checked into a room. Once I checked in, I sauntered down and tried my luck at some slots. Fate was smiling on me, and after several very nice jackpots, amazingly won about $1900. I was quite happy, and quickly cashed it in before I frittered it away, so I had a big wad of cash in my wallet - nice crisp hundred dollar bills.

Earlier in the evening I had noiced a very attactive gal, what I would guess was a MILF. Although I didn't know if she was an actual mother. But she was definately fit the last 3 letters - ILF. I'd love to Fuck her...

I wandered through the casino, searching for her. I finally found her on a penny slot machine. Sitting at a machine next to her, I was able to reconnoiter a little. I'd put her age at early 30's, a voluptuous blonde with long legs and a very nice rack. Her ass was hard to check out since she was seated, but it looked very fuckable. A quick check at her machine showed that she was running out of money. Twice she dug into her purse and pulled out another $20 bill. I was able to see that the last time she reached in, the cupboard was bare once she removed her last bill.

Lady luck was not on her side - the machine, even though it was a penny machine, gobbled up her money in a matter of minutes. I heard her let out a stream of obscenities under her breath. Sounded like she had spent her gas and grocery money for the week.

I also caught a sense of desperation in her voice; I could tell that she didn't have a nice credit line of available cash that she could tap. Sensing my opening, I casually leaned over and asked her if she had a problem.

"Excuse me, miss... Are you okay? Is there anything I can do to help you?" I asked in my best friendly voice.

"Only if you are a leprechaun, with a pot of gold!" she answered.

"Why, shoren I be Irish!" I joked, thinking of my wad of cash in my wallet. "How much green do you need?"

"Well, a few hundred would really help me out. Although I really can't take money from a stranger..." The way she said the last part led me to believe that if we weren't strangers, she'd accept the money in a flash. So I pushed my advantage, and boldly said "Well, how about if we go up to my room and get to know each other. Then I wouldn't be a stranger, and I could help you out."

She thought this over for a few seconds, and finally said, "I guess that would be okay..."

As she got up from her seat, I was able to check out her ass more completely - very, very nice. She put her arm on mine, and we strolled out of the casino and headed up to my room. As I pulled out the key card from my wallet, I'm sure she caught a quick glimpse of the wad of cash. I thought, that's not the only wad she'll see tonight.

Her outfit, which was a simple pair of form fitting jeans, topped by a tube top with an unbuttoned shirt, showed off her assets quite nicely. I was anxious to get her out of them.

The room that I got was actually a "Mini-Suite", which had the king size bed, a sofa and a nice stuffed arm chair. I had stocked the mini-fridge with a six pack of beer, and had a bottle of whiskey on top of the mini-bar.

"Want anything to drink?" I asked her. "And just so we can really be friends, I suppose we should do some introductions. I'll start it off. My name is Bob. What's yours?"

"Well, my birth name is Kim, but my friends at work call me Sasha. And I'll take a beer, please."

Fortunately, the beer I had brought was a nice imported beer, not one of the mass produced domestic beers. She smiled appreciately when I cracked open her beer and poured a glass into one of the hotel glasses. At least they were 'glass' glasses.

After she took a quick gulp of the beer, I made my first move. "And I have one more introduction to make." Unzipping my fly, I extracted my growing cock. I'm not, like so many other writers, hugely endowed with foot long cocks. Mine clocks in at a respectable 7 inches, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in width. Plus nature endowed me with a great set of balls. "This is Bert! And he'd like to meet you!"

"Oh my... I don't know if I can handle that!" I pushed her down to her knees in front of me, her face directly in front of my throbbing cock. She kept her mouth closed, and through her teeth said "I don't do that!! I'm a good girl!"

I merely said, "Well then I guess we can't be friends. So head on back down to the casino, and see if you can turn your last dollar into a couple hundred. Good luck..." I moved to stuff my dick back into my pants.

"Well, I guess I can give it a try." she whispered. Tentatively, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. Being a gentle and compassionate lover, I grasped her ears and thrust my dick completely into her mouth. Her eyes flashed open with shock, as my balls slapped against her chin. I could feel her throat around the head of my cock as I battered her mouth. When I get horny, which is quite often, I tend to lose control. Plus I may be a victim of watching too much porn, as I love to re-enact my favorite porn movies with girls I score with. And some of my favorite porn is face-fuck videos.

My balls continued to slap her chin as I thrust in and out of her moist mouth, brutally banging her face. My goal was to shoot a nice wad all over her face, to set the tone for the evening. That would take the edge off, and I'd be able to fuck her for quite a long time before I blew. Her breath was getting ragged, as she struggled to take my cock. As I said, I'm not the longest, but maybe the thickest. After only a few minutes of steady stroking, I felt my balls begin to swell, aching to release their pentup load. It had been a few weeks since my last fuckfest, and I had refrained from beating off in the shower, so i had a very nice load stored up.

Faster and faster I pistoned my prick into her face, until I felt my load release. Quickly I pulled out my cock as it spewed spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum onto Sasha's face. Her shock of being facefucked was replaced by shock at a relative stranger spraying jizz all over her beautiful face.

"What the fuck was that?" She sputtered, as droplets of cum dripped down her face.

"That was you earning the first $50 for the evening. And if you want to earn the rest, I suggest you get out of those clothes so we can get down to some more business."

"You mean you still want more, after being so mean to me? My throat will be sore for a week!! You asshole!"

"You are perfectly free to leave at any time, but be aware that I won't pay anything until I'm satisfied we are really friends." I had her by the short hairs. If she left now, she'd get nada. And she understood that, so she stood up and started removing her clothes. It was a very nice body, and she kept it in good shape. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, and I could see that she is a true blonde.

I led her to the armchair, and leaned her backwards over the arm, so that her head was resting on the seat, and her long legs were sticking up into the air. Kneeling between her legs, I stuck my tongue between her lips. A mixture of sweat and perfume combined to make her pussy very delicious. With long licks, I swept my tongue from the bottom of her pussy up towards her clit. Once there, I swirled the tip around the little nubbin of her clit. Then slowly licked back down towards her asshole. I could hear her breathing quicken as I repeatedly licked her love channel.

It took maybe 10 minutes, but Sasha was treated to a pussy-pulsating orgasm. I was delighted to find that she was also a squirter, as I was rewarded for my efforts with a gush of pussy juice in my face. "That was... nice..." I heard her pant. "I haven't cum that hard for ages..."

"Well, get ready for some more fun!" I stood up and moved between her legs. My cock, which had shot such a large load just a short time ago, was sticking out straight from my body. The head rubbed up against her twat. Rubbing my cock-head against her pussy, I placed the tip against her pussy lips. Slowly I started pushing forward. It was slow progress, bu shortly I had the first few inches nestled inside her cunt.

"It's so thick... It will split me in two..." She squeeled. I didn't relent. I kept up my assault on her pussy. With the first two inches buried, I pulled out one inch. Then when I pushed back in, I managed to get three inches in. I continued this process until finally I was balls deep in her cunt.

"Please, go slowly. It is sooo thick, but it is starting to feel okay." With my right hand, I reached down and massaged her clit.This send waves of pleasure thru her body, making up for the stretching my cock was causing. We fucked like that for about 20 minutes, during which time she stretched out enough to start to appreciate the pounding I was giving her. Once I drove her to an orgasm, I felt like it was time to change positions.

Hmm, what would be the best position to take advantage of this beauties assets? Think she'd look good riding on my cock, so I could appreciate her nice titties. So I pulled her over to the bed, where I laid back and gestured for her to climb aboard. My cock was pointing at the ceiling as she squatted over it. Slowly she lowered herself down onto its glistening shaft, impaling herself on my shaft. I reached up and grabbed two handfuls of her massive mammaries. Roughly I pinched and twisted her nipples. She moaned as I teased them. Up and down she worked her body, alternately pulling up until only the head was inside her, then slamming down on my love pole. She suddenly shuddered and squirted another load of pussy juice down my cock as a powerful orgasm shook her body. Time to switch!!

Maybe doggy style would really be fun! I rolled her off me and positioned her on her hands and knees. I climbed behind her upraised ass and thrust my cock into her twat from the rear. I grasped her hips as I pistoned in and out of her pussy. My cock was holding up nicely - no real impulse to shoot as of yet. At this rate, I could punish her pussy for another hour or so.

Of course, I also suffer from ADD. I start getting bored just fucking this gorgeous gals cunt. My mind drifts back to some of my favorite porn clips. In addition to facefuck flicks, I also seem to have a thing for anal flicks. Glancing down and watching my cock penetrate her pussy, I am drawn to the puckered rim of her asshole. It is slippery from all the pussy juice she shot earlier, so I take a finger and press against the opening.

"Don't even think about it, buster!" she growled as my finger probed her apparently virgin asshole. Ignoring her, I worked the finger in up to the first knuckle. She tried to squirm away from me, but I outweighed her and had the leverage. I pushed her down with my body weight until she was flat on the bed. Pulling my cock out of her pussy I immediately placed the head against her tender anus. Against her pleas for mercy, I began my inexorable push to bury myself in her butthole. Her asshole fought bravely, but was no match for my insane need to be buried balls deep in her ass. After a few minutes of struggling, I was finally fully embedded in her ass. She was laying there whimpering, but I couldn't stop if my life depended on it. I knew that I was now committed - the next load I shot was going to flood her ass.

"Ungh... ungh..." she moaned with each jab. As her asshole loosened up from my invasion, I was able to set up a rhythm of full length strokes, and my swollen ball sack bounced against her pussy with each thrust. It must have been pleasurable smacking her clit, as I heard her breath quicken and catch. After a few minutes more, the moans of pain began to turn to moans of pleasure.

Okay, I'm lying. My thick cock caused only pain as I reamed her ass, but I was oblivious to this. All I wanted to do was bust a nut up her poopchute. With quickening jabs, i neared my own release. While during my first load I pulled out and shot all over her face, this time I only wanted to shoot deep inside her. A few more strokes, and I felt the jizz start down in my toes and come up my legs and blast out my cock. I kept pumping as my prick released squirt after squirt into her asshole. I was spent, but I kept stroking until my hardon began to soften. Then I pulled out, my cock making a plopping sound as I withdrew from her butt. Streams of cum slowly trickled down her thighs. I rolled onto my back and lay there, my now flaccid cock dangling limply against my leg. Sasha lay there, willing her body to recover from the brutal assault she just suffered.

I managed to pull up the blankets before I fell asl**p.

Woke up later and found Sasha was gone, and my wallet was empty.

Oh well, easy cum, easy go... It was a very expensive piece of ass, but it certainly was worth it at the time.

Guess I just have to go back to the casino and win some more moolah...

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