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My brown beginning part 9

The next day was Monday and school was still in session and Mom worked all week as usual.We all had oral sex a few times that week and I drank Mom and grams pee several times,Mom didnt want to feed me her poop for a few days so we could all stay healthy.But they did let me watch them pooping and even if I wasnt home saved it for me in the commode bucket to sniff and play with my cock untill i came,usually on grandmas or Moms tongue for them to swallow.Thursday nite we broke out the new toys and double fucked grandmas asshole and pussy at the same time.She came like a banshee screaming and moaning Mom licking her cunt cream and me licking the dirty dildoe sliding in her ass.Mom than sat on grandmas face and I toyed her asshole with a small buttplug.Fuck shit fuck shit gawd fuck Im cummmminggg! screamed Mom and flooded grandmas face with cunt juice.I popped out the butt plug and sucked it off it was not very dirty as mom shitted at work that day and was pretty empty back there.Friday Morn before school i needed to shit and Mom and grandma sat on the bathtub and watched as i moved my bowels shit plopping and splashing into the bowl.Ummm smells good Grandma said your a good healthy boy.After about 5 mins. I finished and grandmas had me bend over and she licked my ass clean and gave me a hand job.I came quickly and mom and grandma shared my cumm between them.We finished and Mom headed out for work and I school Grams said be carefull and I will see you two tonite Love you. friday nite after supper Mom and Grams arrainged for tommorrows quilting work and I got the commode ready for tommorrow.Mrs Stevens will be here first thing in the morning around 6 so we need to get to bed early.We all hit the sack and I dreamed of saturdays fun with Mrs .Stevens. part 10 soon.

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