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My brown beginning part 7

After a bit I got up and watched some TV.Mom and Gram were spent from the intense orgasms they had just had.They decided to stay in bed for awhile and rest a bit.About noon Mom and Gram finally started comeing back to life.They both joined me on the sofa.Mom wearing her see through teddy and thong.gram wearing a tee shirt and no panties.I was still nude.Being the young horn dog I was my cock became hard again seeing theyre nakedness. Mom noticed first and reached over slowly stroking my smallish shaft.Donny this thing will sure be nice and big someday.You have a few years of growing ahead of you yet this will sure be fun to watch it get bigger as the years go by.Gram said you will get all hairy too someday,but I kinda like you this way too pre hair she chuckled.Cradle robber Mom joked with her.We all got a laugh from that one.Gram got up and went into the back porch for a smoke and to get some sun.Mom asked me What do you want to do now son? Im not sure Mom need some time to think a bit I guess.Well lets got some things done around here today.And you can think while ya work.Housework never ends even if we are the sexiest people on earth.Mom kissed me and then gave my dick a peck.And we spent the rest of the morning doing cleaning and laundry.putting the trash out just normal stuff. It was about 1 oclock when we all finished our tasks.I was sitting at the kitchen table,Gram too and Mom putting away the clean dishes.Mom said Donny come here I have something for you.I got up and Mom said put your face between my butt cheeks.Bluuurpp she let a nice fart right in my face.MMMMM that was nice Mom thanks.Its just about time Im going to need the toilet in any minute.I feel a big poopy comeing on she smiled.Grandma said me too been kinda holding it waiting for someone to get interested.she looked at me.Heck grams I am always interested.Wait for a couple minutes Im going down to the basement be right back.gram got up and headed downstairs.Mom let another big fart and I knelt down to sniff it all up.It was a nice heady aroma not spicy and sharp like a wet shit but more of a firm shit smell my favorite. Gram appeared about 2 mins later carrying a hospital commode.I thought about this last night after we all went to sl**p.I remembered we got this for dad when he was sick in bed right before he passed.Yea Mom said Id forgot we had that downstairs.The commode was like a chair with a toilet seat and a bucket underneith.for people too weak to get to the bathroom. Gram removed the bucket and washed the dust off of the thing.she sat it on the floor in the livingroom where there was plenty of room.Now Donny see if you feel comfortable get under it with your head under the seat.I layed down under it and after a few ajustments with some pillows we found I could reach the persons butt and pussy with my head and not have to hold it up with my neck muscles.Nice and comfy Now grams.And not a moment too soon declaired Mom I need to poop Now!.Well Donny shall I use our new toy or go into the bathroom?No MOM! I want to do it this way.Gram was already getting towels to spread underneith to save the floor from overflow.I layed under moms ass and her beautifull asshole was just a couple inches from my face.Open up sweety heres a drink...psssssttttttt her hot salty piss flowed into my open mouth and splashed on my neck and face.hisss a silent fart escaped her butthole and it dialated open.The tip of a firm brown turd started pushing past her ring and a drop of moisture fell from it into my mouth,one two three and finally breaking off at about six inches landing in my mouth like a polish sausage.I started chewing Moms butt candy and it was divine barely bitter at all almost had a sweetness to it this time,I could feel some grittyness but mostly was smooth and slightly firm I swallowed the first turd and another softer and smaller few dropped in my mouth.Are you OK sweety Mom asked. I needed to swallow as my mouth was completly full.after about 20 seconds I answered Yea Mom this is great i Love it.Ok take your time honey when you can lick Mommys butthole clean I finally had swallowed all of her load and licked her pucker clean.Moms pussy was leaking her pussy juice all white and pretty and she sat slightly rubbing her slit.Grandma was sitting on a chair doing the same thing and I could see her pussy glistening from wetness. Mom got up and knelt down beside me..How are you doing sweety are you OK? Yea Mom fine i answered.Well that was a pretty big poop I just wanted to be sure.Oh yes Mom I am fine and in dream land now.Do you want to do grandma now?Are you sure you can handle that much?Really Mom I dont feel sick just horny.We will take care of that too she giggled.OK Mom he,s ready for you now. Grandma got up and sat on the commode bent down and stroked my hard 4 inch penis.Grandmas got a big load too Donny if you cant handle it just let it fall on the floor I wont be dissapointed we have many years ahead of us Im sure it wont always work out everytime.OK Em Im sure Im ready.Gram sat back up releasing my cock,Mom got down beside me and stroked my head telling me how much she loved me.Psssstttttt grandmas pussy lips fluttered as her urine shot out very bitter and salty she peed for a full minute it seemed I didnt drink it all it was so bitter tasting and strong,good thing we had the towels down.OK Donny now for the main course.pffffttttt a fart escaped her wrinkled pucker as the first turd appeared and then the damn burst.Her asshole opened up and smallish soft turds rained out of her into my mouth.I swallowed as much as I could but it was extreamly bitter and caused me to gag reflex reaction.I was enjoying Grandmas shit but my reflexes made me gag.Grandmas had a bigger load than even Mom did and I had to close my mouth and let it pile up on my face.My entire face was covered with her soft hot shit the last of it watery diareahea.The whole house stunk to high heaven.Mom commented God Mom that is some stinky shit.Grandma apologized Im sorry i didnt realize it was going to be so bad.Oh its OK Mom I was jus teasing.dont feel bad.Donny are you ok under there?Gram asked.I took my hands and sc****d the shit off my face so I could see and talk Oh yes gramma that was great I could do this forever.Mom shrugged and said he is our little toilet boy now mom.This is going to make life interesting thats for sure.Grandma got up and layed down by me do you want any more of this sweety? Grandma will feed it to you if you want it..Yea Em I want it if my gag doesnt take over I couldnt help it it just happened.Thats OK sweety I understand.Get Me a spoon will you she asked Mom. Mom got a spoon and gave it to grandma.She lay there and scooped the remaining shit into my mouth and I swallowed every bit even though it was cold now,She even ate a spoon full herself but replied not too good if you ask me.I told her sometimes its better just depends on what ya eat I guess.Yea I would guess that too. I got up and showered off while Mom and grandma cleaned up the livingroom and put the commode in the bedroom out of sight.Mom and gram were laying side by side when i got out of the shower.Donny lay down so Mommy and grandma can suck your cock together you should be rewarded for that wonderfull toilet service.I layed down and mom and grams took turns sucking my 4 inch cock In no time i pumped a load of cumm into grandmas waiting mouth Part 7 next

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