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Forbidden love

when i was 18 i had a night of passion which should never of happened. but it did so unlucky for me.

After a night of hard work [over night bartender] i wobbled home tired as a donky at night. any way i got home and started to run the bath. when i got in my dick got instantly hard about 8'' because of the fact that my dick always get erect when put in to somthing hot, as i started to stroke my big chunky dick in slow long strokes as imagined my dick going in to my black roommate rebekah [from what i could tell from the skimpy thing she put on.] luciuos pussy. and then i heard it the door it must have been her for its only me and her living here i tried to get out quickly but i kept falling over so i just sat there in the tub waiting for her to use the toilet. I tried cover my erect penis as good as I could but when you just have your hands the battle is basicly defeated so as i sat there with one hand holding my dick i waited for the handle turning and opening the door.....

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