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When I met Henry and Helene!

I wanted to share my most wonderful experience. It happened 2 years ago today so once again the memories came flooding back, making me horny and wanting it to happen all over again.
I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 4 years. The sex was only ok and there was still no ring on my finger or any prospect of it ever happening. So when I caught him jerking off to a picture of my friend I decided that he was not worth it.
Yet, I had been in a relationship for so long that the world outside had changed and I had not noticed. I felt I was a beginner in the dating scene and more so in the sex scene, so when I went to my friend (the same one my boyfriend was jerking off to) she smiled broadly and told me she knew just the place for me to start on. She went shopping with me for an appropriate dress and picked me a black dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination. It was alter neck with a cleavage that almost went down to my belly button and so short that the minimum movement and I would be exposed! I insisted I could never wear anything of the sort, that I was not slim and with perfect pear shape 34B boobs like her but she was having none of it. She told me that the bigger the boobs the better the desired effect my 36DDs were definitely going to have an effect. I looked in the mirror of the shop and let out a sigh and gave her my credit card in response. She smiled and dragged me to the cashier where my tiny amount of fabric inversely correlated with the huge amount of cash (should have checked the price tag before).
So we went from the shop to her apartment where she told me to shave... completely, did my hair and painted my nails red to match the red lipstick. When I looked in the mirror I swear I did not recognised the sexual being looking back! I felt a rush of sex appeal run through me and gained the courage to go out dressed like that. My friend on the other hand was wearing a pussy length red dress, backless and of a very thin material that did not leave much to the imagination when she moved as you could see all the contours of her body! She is tall, svelt, blonde and tanned so she never had a problem when it came to attracting the opposite sex. I remember thinking that if I was a man it would have been cum at first sight!
We got to this club and one look from the bouncers told me that we were going to be popular inside. As we went in it was not what I was expecting! The place was all decorated like a boudoir in red velvets and over the top chandeliers. It was trying so hard to be classy that it overshot by about a mile and just looked cheap so much so that I had to restrain a giggle outburst.
Kristen led me to a table and 2 seconds later we had free drinks from a group of guys sat at another table. I asked her if we should really take them and she just said “Honey, relax!” and shook her hair in a provocative manner and gave them a little wave. They obviously took it as an invitation to come over and 3 of them were sat at our table in a blink of an eye. I was silent for most of the time and when they suggested for us to come over to their place (I was wondering if they all lived together in a big bachelor pad or if one of them was providing the entertainment and they took it in turns) I gave Kristen a panicked look as she said “Of course we will!” I almost choked on my drink and nodded no as vigorously as I could without falling out of my tiny dress. I managed to blurb something about staying a while longer and Kristen instead of following my lead just smiled broadly and said “suit yourself, let’s go boys!” as she was taken away linking arms with 2 of them and followed closely by the 3rd I started to wonder how that was going to work... but I didn’t have to wonder long because as the thought crossed my head, one of the guys kissed her fully on the lips the other one caressed her breast and the third one leaned on to her from behind, one hand groping her ass!
I was so shocked I didn’t notice the nice looking couple join me at the table until he spoke “you look in shock?” he asked me following my gaze. I came out of it and stared at him. By now I realised that by just being in this club and dressed the way I was, the vibes I gave out were easy easy easy! So I didn’t know what to say. Next the woman spoke “Are you okay? You seem to be deeply in thought but unable to speak!”; I had to say something, I didn’t think this was my scene at all but running out was going to look pathetic... “I was just thinking of where to go next!”; they exchanged looks in what seemed a very knowingly way and then he spoke again “Well, we were just wondering the same about you! We were about to leave and you look like you could use a ride... we have a chauffer outside, he can take you wherever you want to go.” I just blinked, so he carried on “ I know what you are thinking, why? Right?” I just nodded and then he said the last thing I was expecting “Because my wife and I made a bet to see who could make you orgasm the hardest and I think I can win” *wink* I was so stupidified that my mouth just gaped open looking at him but not really seeing him. They both let out laughs and he reached out for my hand “I tell you what, we can do it in the car, on the way to wherever you want to go. Just give us 5 minutes each. If neither of us succeeds than I will give you all the money in my wallet... let’s see” At that point he opened his wallet and the biggest stash of cash came into view... “There must be about 700 to 800 in here”.
At this point I thought this was a joke, I looked from her to him and back to her and started to laugh myself. I think they took it as a yes because they both stood up and he gave me his arm. I was trying to think but couldn’t, then the mental image of my ex-boyfriend wanking away came into my head and I took the guys arm. “I am Henry and this is my wife Helene” He had a slight French accent and now that I was this close to him he smelled very nice.
We walked out into the street and indeed a limo was waiting by the door. The bouncers gave us knowingly nods as the chauffer came to open the door for us. Me first then Helene and Henry after. Inside the limo I started to think that this was a very bad idea, but Helene put a hand in my leg and gave me a fantastic smile that showed white pristine teeth and for some reason I relaxed a little. “Where to?” asked the driver and the couple looked at me. I decided that my house was actually not the greatest idea as I didn’t want them to know where I lived, and what if they wanted to come in, so I quickly said “yours?” more as a question than an answer. Henry seemed pleased and gave me a smile of his own and then nodded to the driver. Then just like that Helene was on me. Kissing my neck and caressing my breasts over the fabric of my dress.
Henry moved to the seat opposite to us, I assume to better enjoy the show and I just sat there motionless having an outer body experience. She unzipped my dress and down the top came to my waist showing my big unrestrained breasts. She rubbed one of my nipples that immediately got hard and with a smile on her face licked it and then put it in her mouth... as I tensed up she said “relax mon petit and just enjoy it” so I did. From then on it was almost a blurr, her hands moved in between my legs and gently spread them open and as she felt the fabric on my panties in the exact spot of my pussy opening... I came! I was as surprised as I ever been... I had never in my life come so quickly unless I was maybe using a vibrator, but this was something else! As I let out a moan of pleasure and surprise, Henry clapped his hands and said “oh voila! Mon cheri, that was only 3 minutes! Well done.” His wife kissed me in the lips softly, it was the first time I had ever kissed a woman, strange that it was after she had made me come! Then she swapped places with her husband.
I quickly came to my senses as I remembered the bet and the money he promised me if I was to resist... well, I didn’t do very well so far, but being the competitive person I am, I was sure going to give it a try this time around. “She caught me by surprise! It won’t happen again!” I said. Henry smiled and lifted up my chin to place a magnificent kiss on my mouth. Wow! He had a very skilled tongue, as he kissed me for what seemed an eternity but it could only have been seconds, I started to imagine what his tongue was capable of elsewhere and my body reacted by making me instantly wet. God, I was not going to last long if I didn’t get a hold of myself, so I stopped the kiss. He was not taken aback, but moved closer and felt my breasts with both hands. My breasts are a direct portal to my pussy and any caress there, seems to teleport itself straight to my clit and make me moan with pleasure, and this time was no exception. Soon he was feeling my pussy with one of his hands while still caressing my breast with the other, then he was getting inside the fabric of my panties “uhmmm, you are very wet!” he whispered in my ea,r and just like that, he put 2 fingers inside me! I shivered in a mixture of surprise and pleasure and he registered it and started moving them first slowly in a rotating manner and then faster and in and out... “ooohhhhhHHH!” I let out and then he replaced his hand on my breast with his mouth and his skilled tongue was now licking expertly my nipple and soon it was over!
I shook violently with my eyes closed as I had one of the best orgasm of my life! I felt so incredible and dirty and happy and confused, a mixture of so many emotions in a daze of pleasure. When I finally stopped shaking, Helene said in a cheerfully way “4 minutes and 58 seconds! You lose!” I opened my eyes to see them both beaming at me. “Yes I suppose I lose!” I said sheepishly. “No, not you! You Henry! I did it in 3 minutes and you did it in nearly 5!” Helene said to her husband. He looked amused and lifted an eyebrow “Well done my dear!”; “So I get whatever I want?” she asked him “Yes, that was the bet.”; “Then I want her!” She pointed at me with her chin in an expression that resembled a little k** asking for a doll on the shelf. Only I was the doll!... I composed myself as best as I could. The stupid dress did not give me much leverage but soon my breasts, or at least my nipples were covered.
Henry was watching me with a serene expression on his face and soon the car came to a halt. “So what do you say?” he asked me “Humm?”; “We are here, my wife wants you, what do you say? After all you lost the bet too...” he said that in the most suggestive manner that made the last 2 sexual acts come flashing back and making me all wet again! “I dunno!” Henry opened the limo door and went out. Helene followed suit and then he popped his head back in and said “I promise it will be fun!” and held his hand for me. I threw all my reservations to the wind and grabbed his hand as he led me to a massive manor house! What happened next I will have to tell in another story as I am now so wet from thinking about it again that I need to masturbate bad...

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