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The 30 Minute Gangbang

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Kat stood in the car park of the PCYC scanning the grills of a multitude of cars looking for the distinctive four interlocked circles of her fiance Dan's Audi. Her iPhone vibrated in her hand as Dan sent her a message saying 'Up the back near the soccer field.' She looked up to see his hand waving out of the window and as she felt the cold hair whip around her exposed legs, she leant into the wind and headed towards the car.

Only two weeks earlier Dan had presented her with a gorgeous diamond ring that had apparently cost him, or at least his wealthy father, nearly $10,000. At first Kat was elated to be joining one of the richest families in Newcastle but now things were becoming complicated.

Did she really love him or just love his money? Would her liaison with his mate Peter, which happened a few weeks before she even met Dan, become an issue. Would the fact that that liaison also included Peter's mate Nick in a torrid threesome ever be used against her? What about Peter's gorgeous wife Maria? Did she know about her philandering husband? She'd met Peter numerous times since but there had been nothing, no indication whatsoever of their liaison months earlier. It was if it had been a dream. When Kat looked at Maria she wondered why on earth Peter felt he needed to stray. She was a gorgeous tall brunette of Italian extraction and style.

Dan wasn't a particularly good looking or charming man. Slightly corpulent with no particular interests other than spending vast amounts of cash on his bride-to-be, he was a good catch for a woman like Kat.

Kat was no fool. Here was a fairly decent man from a relatively decent f****y who was loaded to the gunnels with cash from his f****y's property business. As a business graduate, Kat was well placed to play an important role in the company's growth and its income.

Dan leant over and pushed the door open for her and as she sunk down into the leather seat he ran a hand up her exposed leg. She turned her head towards him and as they kissed he pulled up the hem of her netball skirt.

"Now, now," she said slapping his hand away. "Hands off the merchandise."

"What's happening tonight?" she asked.

Dan slipped the car into gear and pulled out into the drive. "Pete and a few of his mates are coming over to watch the rugby final so I thought we might just have a few drinks, get some pizzas."

Simultaneously she was excited and anxious. A house full of his mates, which most likely included Nick, were going to be in their townhouse. She both hoped, and didn't hope, that Maria would be there. If she wasn't well then she'd be the centre of attention, which she liked, or if she was, well at least she'd be safe from prying eyes and hands.

She loved that threesome with Peter and Nick. She was well d***k and stoned that night. It was at a university toga party on Cook's Hill when at three in the morning Peter and her snuck away into a spare bedroom for a quick fuck. She was riding him for all she was worth when all of a sudden she felt something rubbing against her face. It was Nick's cock. Without delay she sucked him into her mouth and for the next 90 minutes she was fucked every which way but loose. When she awoke at 10.30 they were both gone leaving nothing more than a slightly stretched cunt and loads of dry cum. She'd loved the way they shoved two cocks into her cunt. Loved the way they came in her mouth. Loved their stamina. Loved their dirty talk. Loved the dirt. Loved the urgency. Loved the thrill of discovery.

"Sounds good," she said.

Her yellow and green netball uniform clung tightly to her slender petite figure and she re-tied her long blonde hair into a ponytail.

"Do we need anything for tonight then? Snacks, beer, wine?" she asked.

"All sorted," he said. "I've bought everything but Pete's mate Nick is going to cook it."

Her stomach sunk but all she could do was turn, look out the window, and smile.


As they travelled home Dan was muttering on about something or other and all she could do was reminisce about that rugged night of passion months earlier. The reminiscing was going well, so well that she'd become unbelievably horny.

He swung the car into the driveway and as they hopped out she had no idea what he had been talking about but she could feel her wetness oozing into her sports knickers.

She tried to think whether or not Dan knew that she knew Nick. How would she greet him?

She needn't have worried, he did all the work for her.

In a piece of perfect timing that would have seemed scripted had it been on TV, Nick's car pulled in next to Dan's.

"Hey Nicko," Dan said, "How's it going?"

Nick, dressed in nothing more than a rugby jumper and a pair of shorts, grabbed a few bags off the back seat and without even glancing at Kat he wandered over to the two of them.

"Nick," Dan said. "This is Kat, my bride to be."

"Hi Kat," he said, "Pleased to meet you." He quickly looked her up and down and turned to Dan. "I'm ready to cook my good man. I hope the fridge is well stocked?"

"Indeed," Dan said. "When only the best will do."

Ignoring Kat may well have been seen as rudeness but as soon as Dan turned to open the front door Nick gave Kat a quick smile and a knowing wink.

The townhouse looked out over the harbour and with her stomach alive with a thousand butterflies Kat sauntered into the main living room.

The massive new Samsung TV almost blocked the view out onto the harbour and Dan and her had argued over the best place for it. Dan's reasoning was that with the lounge suite up against the cut off kitchen wall, he wouldn't have to look at the mess in the kitchen and she could pass him snacks over. Her argument of course was simply you can't see the view that he had so handsomely paid for.

Needless to say, he won.

Nick began sifting through a bag of groceries and Dan set about setting up the TV and surround sound theatre system for what he had been describing to Kat as the greatest game in over a decade. If he'd asked her, Kat wouldn't have had any idea who was playing.

As she stood in the kitchen watching Nick hack away at a baguette, the front door handle shook as some more of Dan's mates turned up.

Knowing that if she leant forward on the edge of the kitchen bench her skirt would lift up revealing her sports knickers, she checked that Dan was still ensconsed in the remote control, and did exactly that.

The cool breeze from outside folded between her legs as it rushed into the room and the male banter stopped momentarily as they came around into the lounge room.

"Well hello," Peter said as he saw her cute arse poking out over the benchtop. She looked around and smiled at him and his two other mates. All three of them were dressed in identical rugby jumpers and shorts to Nick.

"Hey Pete," Dan said from the lounge, "You know how to use this fucking thing?" All that was on the screen was the message 'No input detected'

"Yeah man just press HDMI and then everything should come on."

Suddenly there was an eruption of noise as the pre-game entertainment exploded onto the screen.

"Kat," Pete said, "These are my mates from uni, Joel and Sam."

They both gave her more than a cursory glance and Kat returned the favour with a more than flirty flick of the hair.

"So have you just come from netball or are you heading out to a fancy dress," Joel asked.

"Ha ha," she said. "I've just come home to be a moderating presence on all your base male behaviour."

"We are nothing but gentlemen," Sam said.

Nick opened up a bag of sausages and tossed a few of the thick phalluses around on the tray.

"You love tossing your sausage around," she said softly.

Nick silently shook his head and smiling said, "See any you like love,"

"Nah," she whispered, "Bit thin," A wave of lust coursed through her body as she remembered how the two of them had simultaneously slid their cocks into her pussy.

"Let's get some drinks into us," Dan said from the lounge.

"I'll get some for you all," Kat said.

"Are you going to get changed or just wear that all night?" Dan said to her in a way that emphasised his South African accent. Even after 10 years in Australia his heritage sometimes betrayed him. It was when she heard traces of his accent that she immediately would put up a wall. Although his f****y all had stronger accents, his only came out when he was being domineering or snide.

"Hey netball is my sport and rugby is yours," she said, "Why don't you go put on that ugly Springboks jersey?"

The other guys laughed at her comment and Peter, grabbing Dan in a mock tackle said "It probably doesn't fit old chubster anymore."

"Fuck you," Dan said as he continued to wrestle with Peter, "You lot will be sorry when the game is over."

A pop of a champagne cork drew their attention back to Nick who had teased the cork out of a bottle of Chandon.

"This is for the lady," he said nodding to Kat, "Lads it's either bundy and coke or beer. What shall it be?"

A chorus of different orders had Nick heading for the esky and Kat steering towards the glasses cabinet above the stove.

"Here let me help with that," Peter said and he got in right behind her. As he reached up into the cabinet his crotch rubbed up against her hip. She immediately turned to see if Dan could see but he was still sitting on the lounge with Sam.

"Why thank you very much," she said and looked down at the mound in his footy shorts.

"That," she nodded at his crotch, "would be much appreciated."

"Now, now settle down," he said as he handed her the glass.

"When does the game start?" Kat asked.

"Fifteen minutes," Sam said "Should end around 8.30."

"Are we going to get pizza for dinner?" Kat was keen on the idea of pizza.

"Yeah," Dan said from the lounge, "Maybe we should have a little wager hey boys."

"Like what?"

"If the Springboks win, you pay for the pizza, if you convict bastards win, I'll pay."

They all looked at each other and nodded. "Sounds fair to me," Peter said.

Nick had the sausages on the grill and the kitchen became a hive of green and gold activity as they patched together a pre-game feast.

Kat grabbed a small stool and sat at the end of the galley kitchen watching the fine figures of the four men going about their business. It soon became apparent that it wasn't really necessary for the four of them to be in the room and maybe the only real reason was to perve on her. She caught Nick looking not in her eyes, but down at her knickers which were unashamedly revealing themselves. A lady with some sense of decorum would immediately close her legs, or at the very least pull down the hem of her dress, but not Kat. She slid her knees further apart.

Nick nudged Sam and pointed his head towards Kat who downed another glass of champagne. Kat raised her eyebrows and smiled at the two lads. Sam sub-consciously adjusted his wedding tackle and shook his head in awe.

The effects of the champagne had kicked in in more ways than one. Not only was she feeling a little bit tipsy and even more horny than before, she also needed to pee. The downstairs toilet was just behind the kitchen and with an unsteady slide off the stool she made her way to relief. Nick was bending into the oven as she walked past and Peter was next to him chopping up some cheese. As she walked past she first glanced to see if Dan was watching before giving each of the lads a grope on the arse. Peter flinched in surprise but Nick, who had seen her coming out of the corner of his eye, backed up and she unexpectantly grabbed a handful of his nuts. Rather than back off, she gave them a gentle squeeze. Peter laughed out loud at the brazen display of infidelity playing out in front of him.

She sauntered past Sam and Joel and gave them a wry smile before heading into the toilet. Her sports knickers were damp with desire and the clammy material clung to her thighs as she pulled them down. Usually she'd pull them back up again but this time she dragged them all the way down and off. As the blessed relief of urination passed her lips, she shook slightly and felt her nipples involuntarily harden.

She looked down at her damp pair of black sports knickers and the white briefs inside them and made a decision. What had happened in the past really had no bearing on what was happening in the here and now. Although since the threesome she'd never had sex like she'd had that night, she wasn't about to whore herself out to Peter and Nick. The unintentional grope was just that, unintentional. What was wrong with a bit of flirting anyway?

She grabbed her knickers and slid them back on but this time it was only the translucent sports knickers she put on. Her cotton panties were so damp that they went straight into the clothes basket. With a deep breath she walked back out into the hallway only to meet Dan who was already unzipping his jeans.

"Wanna give me a hand?" he said as he dug into his pants.

"What," she laughed, "to find it?"

"Ha, fucking ha," he said.

Peter and Nick were still in the kitchen fart arseing about and Sam and Joel were munching down on a sausage sandwich on the lounge. With one ear on the toilet she moved up close to Nick.

"Let's hope Australia wins," she said "and Dan has to go buy the pizza."

"Now why would you say that?" he said nudging her with his elbow.

"I'm just being patriotic," she nudged him back, "Just because I'm engaged to him doesn't mean I have to betray my loyalties to the home team."

"And the home team is called the whats?" Sam asked.

Kat just laughed and grabbed a sausage off a tray. She looked at Nick and with a slow lick up the side of the hot greasy snag she bit off the end.

"Do I really need to know," she said.

"Best not let you near this," Peter said patting his groin.

"You won't be able to resist," Kat said before she walked towards the esky, and making sure the distinctive sound of the pipes rattling as the cistern filled didn't manifest itself, she bent over to retrieve a beer. The translucent material only barely covered the perfect tight globes of her arse poking deliciously out from under the skirt. The moans of the two men synchronised with the dull roar of a flushing toilet. She immediately straightened up and sat cross legged on a stool at the end of the kitchen.

"Righto you lot of losers," Dan said clapping his hand dry, "Free dinner for me tonight."

"Whatever," Peter said, "You know there's nothing like a free lunch Dan, you always have to pay somehow."

"It's dinner time Pete, dinner time." Dan patted the lounge next to him and called out to Kat, "Come sit here darling and let the minnions bring us food and alcohol while I educate you on the greatest game of all."

Kat walked past Sam and Joel who had opened a laptop on the dining table.

"Why do you have a laptop?" she asked.

"Joel lost his iPhone and we are trying to track it on" Sam said, "As soon as it's turned on we should have a fair idea on where it is."

"Bullshit," she said. "Why don't you just cancel your account or whatever you do.?"

"No fun in that," Joel hit F5, "If we find out where it is we go around there and get it back."

"He seems to thinks it's that accurate," Dan said from the lounge, "But it's not."

"Prove it," Joel said. "Is yours registered?"

"Yes mate," Dan said and not being one for losing an argument he called out his login information.

"So," he said, "Does it give this house or just the general area,"

"Actually," Joel said, "It gives not only the house but what side of the house." He spun the laptop around and showed Dan.

"Must be a few towers around to be able to triangulate to that position," Is all Dan could say.

Forgetting that all she had on was her thin black sports knickers, Kat crawled across the lounge to Dan and when she sat down, Joel and Sam quickly looked away from her, glanced at each other and smiled.

'Damn,' she thought. 'Forgot about that.'

The game began and as Dan began reciting the somewhat complicated laws of rugby the other four surrounded her. Despite her best intentions she couldn't help but recall the way the two on her right had fucked her, the way they didn't care if their dicks touched, the way they spoke to her, the taste of their cum. Peter had brought over the champagne and kept her glass charged. As he leant over she could feel his breath warm the side of her face. She wanted to climb on top of him and fuck him hard, just like she'd done before. Nick watched them every time Peter refilled her glass. She knew what they were thinking about and it wasn't the rugby.

After about twenty minutes into the game the Springboks scored a try and Dan nearly leapt through the ceiling.

"Fuck yeah," he called out, "Come on you bastards!."

Kat rolled up against Peter who took advantage of Dan's exuberance and rubbed her on the arse. Immediately she slapped his hand away and gave him a half arsed dirty look. He just winked and gave Nick a smile.

Dan stood on the leather ottoman and pointed at the five of them on the lounge.

"You Aussies are going down tonight," he said.

"Well yeah," Nick said to Kat, "That could happen."

Kat's mind went straight back to how the both licked her pussy out and when she was sucking both their cocks at once. She looked over at Joel and Sam who were also leering and laughing.

God she wanted to fuck Nick and Peter so bad that her judgement, already clouded by champagne, was beginning to get a little wayward. A torrent of conflicting thoughts swirled around her brain.

'Surely another threesome was OK. Wasn't it? Engaged isn't married. Two cocks in her pussy again. One licking my clit as another fucked me. No stop that is wrong, I'm all his now.'

The sound of champagne trickling into her glass brought her back to reality.

Half time came around without another point being scored and they all rose almost as one from the lounge. Kat stumbled forward on the lounge and she waited for Nick or Peter to grab her but alas neither did.

She woozily made her way back to the stool and trying to maintain some kind of composure she sat back down. Even though she was now well toasted, she at least had the sense to cross her legs. Peter offered her another drink but she refused.

"I have to keep myself nice," she said.

"Too right you do," Dan said as he walked past heading for the toilet. "Once you're part of my f****y darling, things will change."

She looked at him aghast. 'What the hell was he talking about?' She thought, 'I'm not his fucking property.'

"Maybe you do want this after all," Peter said holding up a bottle of vodka.

She looked back at Sam and Joel who were once more refreshing the browser looking for the missing iPhone.

Peter moved closer and as he did so she opened her legs revealing her wet pussy through the thin black polyester.

"Damn you," she said quietly.

She reached out and grabbed at his crotch rubbing at his cock through the shorts.

He turned to Nick who immediately pulled his cock out of his shorts. This brazen exposure of his genitals almost made her faint from desire. He stood there stroking his cock until he heard the toilet flush. They both instantly moved away from Kat and went back to their business in the kitchen. Kat joined the conspiracy by hiding her vodka and re-crossing her legs.

In his annoying South African accent Dan said "Good girl," and patted her on the head as he passed.

'Condescending cunt,' Kat thought.

"And away we go!" Dan called out as South Africa kicked off.

Kat hopped off the stool and went into the kitchen and stood next to Nick who immediately slid his hand down onto her firm arse.

"Away we go indeed," Nick said as he slid his finger along her arse crack and down to her moist hole.

Leaning forward onto the counter top Kat cried out "Bring it on boys, bring it on."

Peter moved over closer to the two of them and began lifting her netball uniform up around her waist. He tight firm arse cheeks were soon mauled by four hands massaging and caressing every inch. She moved her legs apart slightly and looked down to Nick's swelling groin. She ran a hand down to his shorts and felt his cock through the thin polyester.

She felt thoroughly alive as the two of them began rubbing their fingers around the damp material covering her moist snatch. Physically her husband to be was only a metre away but he may as well have been in Spain. She needed cock desperately and she ran her hand over Peter's rock hard member as well as grabbing at Nick's. Her mind went back to that night when she sucked both cocks into her mouth and swallowed a massive load of cum.

Peter poked his cock out of the bottom of his pants and pulled up the short's leg.

"Come on fuck ya!" Dan called out from the lounge.

"Fuck yeah go for it!" Nick called out and nudged Kat towards Peter's exposed knob. Kat reached out and rubbed the swollen gland catching some pre-cum on her finger. She hooked it around her index finger and drew it up to her mouth.

"More of this later maybe," she said to the uncomfortably aroused pair.

"Let's hope we win then," Pete said.

"Sam and Joel can go with him and delay him," she said.

Nick leant over and whispered into her ear "I actually believe they'll want to stay."

Kat didn't believe what she'd heard. The thought of the four of them was too much, it was way more than she'd imagined.

"No way," she said pushing him away. "What do you think I am?"

"Just like us," Peter said, "Just like us."

She slipped past the two of them and ran into the toilet. She looked at her flushed face in the mirror as she contemplated the situation at hand. Obviously these boys knew nothing about discretion. They'd bragged about their threesome and now Joel and Sam were in on it as well. Had they planned something for tonight? A gangbang? All she'd been thinking about for the past few months was that torrid erotic encounter with Peter and Nick, but now she was engaged, and four men? Unthinkable!

She splashed some water on her face and retied her ponytail. 'What do they think I am? She asked herself, 'Some sort of slut that fucks anyone and everyone just for kicks? Someone without any moral compass?" She hadn't even met Dan when she'd fucked the two of them, but now four? She pulled her knickers off and sat back down on the toilet. Her pussy lips were already swollen and ready for action. Four cocks? She ran a hand down to her clit and with an electric intensity it tingled delightfully to her touch. It was like flicking a switch. Sure, why the fuck not.

This time it was her sports knicks that went into the clothes basket and if Australia was going to lose, she needed to act now. Seated on the lounge was Sam, Joel and Dan with Peter and Nick still half out of sight in the kitchen.

If she wasn't going to get all four, at least she'd try to get these two before they all disappeared to get pizza.

She grabbed the bottle of vodka off the bench and took a massive swig. The alcohol burnt a pleasant path down into her gullet and with a quick lift of her skirt she exposed her trimmed pussy to the boys.

"Bring it on," Peter called out, "This is the best game of football I've ever been at."

"Even when we are losing," Nick said as she pulled his cock out once more, "We win."

"Shut the fuck up," Dan called from the lounge.

Kat squatted down and lifted her skirt up allowing the lads a view of her bush. Nick's cock was the first to enter her willing and sweet mouth. She pumped his cock hard savouring the familiar flavour of his precum as it oozed from his swollen knob. Peter popped his cock out as well and she rubbed her fingers around the sweaty slick member. With long strands of saliva dripping from her chin she swapped from Nick to Peter, to Nick to Peter continuously until they were as hard as iron. She even relived the moment when she sucked both of their cocks into her mouth. Once again, and it would seem as though this wasn't the only time they rubbed dicks, there was no flinching or withdrawing.

To their merit they kept their composure well. There was no moaning and groaning, no dirty talk, no high fives. The two lads could even still watch the rugby when they were getting a blowjob. For them it was perfect, a beer in the hand, a great game of rugby and a hot chick giving them a blowjob. It didn't really get any better than that.

Kat though needed to feel a cock in her cunt. She needed release. She needed the delectable endorphin rush of orgasm. The chances of her keeping quiet though were remote, she was a moaner at the best, or worst of times. Even with Dan, who was a sedentary fuck if ever there was one, she would let fly with the language of lust.

Reluctantly she let go of the two cocks and stood shakily to her feet. Looking over the servery shelf she could see the backs of the three men's heads and the reflection of themselves in the windows behind the TV. Knowing that there was no way she could squeeze in a quickie in the kitchen she grabbed Peter's and Nick's cocks and dragged them into the laundry. On the way she grabbed the esky and spun it across the floor against the washing machine.

"Sit down," she said to Peter hurriedly.

He pulled his shorts down a lttle bit further and sat readily down on the cold plastic lid. She spun around and while lifting her skirt to allow Nick a nice view, she slid down onto Peter's cock. No more than five metres away her husband to be let out a mournful moan as a Springboks player lost the ball only metres from the try line.

Nick happily watched as Peter's glistening cock pumped into her moist hole as Kat moved like a human piston, sliding up and down around his shaft. Kat's hair swung from side to side in perfect harmony to the small groaning noise she was beginning to make. Nick remembered how vocal Kat was when she was in full flight, so the very least he could do was put something in her mouth to shut her up.

When he offered his cock to her she sucked it down as if her life depended on it. Her hunger for cock was at it's zenith and if Dan had walked around the corner now she'd have sucked him as well. Luckily for her though the game was too intense and when a loud cheer came up from the lounge Nick tucked his cock back into his pants and begged a hasty retreat.

"Better check," he said to a forlorn female and an eager male.

Kat leant forward and pounded her cunt down on Peter's rampaging cock. When she saw a pair of feet appear on the floor infront of her she assumed they were Nick's. She was wrong.

"So you weren't full of shit?" Sam said as he fished his cock out of his shorts, "She really is a goer."

"Oh shit yeah," Peter said, "What happened?" he nodded towards the lounge room.

"Scores are even with 20 minutes to go,"

"Best get some of this lad," Peter said, "Just in case we lose."

Kat smiled up at Sam as she sucked his unfamiliar cock into her mouth. His cock kinked delightfully to the left and with two hands and her well trained tongue darting across his knob, he was soon fully charged and ready to go. After a few minutes of gratuitous sucking and fucking, Kat suddenly and without warning stood up and off Peter's cock which slapped up against his abdomen before springing back up again.

"You'd best make a reappearance," she said to a deflated and deflating Peter, "Send up Joel if you like."

When Peter finally stood up she placed her right foot on the lid and leant over the washing machine.

"Go hard and fast," she said laughing, "It's on a quickie cycle."

Amazingly both Peter and Sam said "Oh for fuck's sake," simultaneously. Sam said it as he slid his cock into her pussy and Peter at her lame joke.

The game had only ten minutes to go and Australia certainly had the upper hand in the game. Joel was pinned next to Dan on the far side of the lounge and as Peter launched himself across the two football fans, Joel leapt up and out of the seat.

Peter's torso fell heavily on Dan who quite shittily punched and pushed away the man who had just been fucking his wife to be.

The first thing Joel saw when he turned into the laundry was Sam's arse thrusting backwards and forwards as he penetrated Kat's pussy with relentless precision. Kat's face was pushed into a towel as she tried to keep herself from yelling out in pleasure.

"Oh man, oh man," Joel said as he rubbed her tits through the thin polyester fabric, "We need to get this woman naked."

"If we win," Sam said in a breathless huff, "We will."

"Come on Aussie, come on," Kat said from the towel.

"As much as I want this all for myself," Sam pulled his slippery cock out of her cunt. "I'd best let you have a go."

"What a gentleman," Joel said as he wanked on his cock preparing it for action.

"I also want to watch the football." Kat slapped him as he walked away.

"You can get both then," Kat said to Joel as she sat down on the Esky, "Let me help you with that."

Joel grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her face with a vigour that surprised Kat.

"Oh fuck yeah suck that cock you little tart," Kat relaxed her throat and let Joel slide his long thin cock into her mouth.

Unfortunately for Joel his enthusiasm wasn't matched with his staying power and within a minute his cock was erupting into and around Kat's mouth. Great strands of jism hung from her hair and arced neatly across her forehead. The pressure was so great that barely any went in her waiting mouth.

"Ah shit sorry," he said, "It came at me in a rush, I'm really sorry."

She began to laugh at his apologetic behaviour and smeared his cum over her face as he stood there shaking.

"You'll need to come back for a return visit if we win," she said.

Before Joel could say anything, let alone apologise again for unloading so quickly, a chorus of cheers came from the lounge room as the Wallaby's scampered in for a try in the dying minutes of the game. Joel tucked his cock back into his shorts before heading back into the male enclave.

The cheers of the four men left Kat smiling as she realised that soon she'd be alone in the house with four men ready to make her a very happy woman.

Once more she fished her sports knickers out of the laundry basket, wiped the cum off her face and pulled as much of it out of her hair as she could. With a thin sheen of semen clinging to the fabric she slipped them back on and pushed the sticky thin material into her moist quim.

A loose hair-tie hung off the door knob and she tied her hair back and splashed some water onto her face. From what she could see she looked just fine.

"No fucking way man," Joel called out, "You can't just order from Domino's."

In the solititude of the laundry Kat's heart sunk. Stupidly she'd never thought of the home delivery scenario. But being a woman of devious means she quickly and authoritively formulated plan 3.1.

She strutted out into the lounge room and ignoring the despairing looks on the faces of the fab four, she sauntered up to Dan.

"Darling," she said in a playful flirty manner, "I'd really like it if you could go to Antonio's and get some of his pizza's while I have a shower and then we can go to that club you like after."

"How about I order pizza, have a few beers while you have a shower, and then we go out," Dan said.

"But then I won't feel like going out or..." she leant up to his left ear and he stooped to listen. The fab four tried to listen but the noise from the game was too loud. With a smile though Dan reached for his back pocket.

"OK you evil woman," he said "I'll order them from Antonio's and then I'll go pick them up."

"Half hour at the most," Kat said "These guys will have the beer cold, I'll have a shower and afterwards we can go to the club."

"So what will you pricks have then?" he asked as he dialled the number on the rewards card.

A barrage of orders hit him and he confusedly passed the orders on to the bemused cashier. He snatched up his keys and grabbed his iPhone off the bench.

"Right then," he said looking up at the clock in the kitchen "I'll be back at around nine."

The fab four moved as one as they made sure he headed straight out the door. Kat watched as he exited the house and when she heard the car start and the cheers rise she quickly pulled off her netball skirt, knickers and bra. She hopped up onto the ottoman and struck a pose. When the four men re-entered she was naked and ready for them.

"Oh fuck yeah," Sam said pulling his shorts down and whipping out his cock, "Time to fuck this little lady well and proper,"

The room was a flurry of men chucking their shorts into piles and Kat's breath shortened as she admired the sight of so many cocks at her disposal. Peter looked up at the clock and with a Eureka like moment he tapped Joel on the shoulder.

"Old mate's got his iPhone doesn't he?" he asked.

Joel's head fell slightly back as Kat grabbed his cock, "Yeah why," he said.

"We can see where he's up to that's why," he spun the laptop on the table around.

"Brilliant thinking," Nick said, "Pure fucking genius."

"Gotta love modern surveillance technology," Peter said while he wiped his cock against Kat's arse. "Now we can fuck this little minx up to about five minutes before he's due back."

Nick was sucking on her little nipples as he explored her pussy with his fingers. "I think you should hop down now," he said. When she stood on the ottoman she was as tall as the rest of them and when she dropped to her knees and took on the doggie style position she was ready to be filled.

"Stop fucking around and get into it boys," she said, "Fuck me hard. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my mouth."

And fuck her they did. Sam was the first for this session to slide his cock into her wet slippery hole and with every thrust of his cock her juices squelched and bubbled out of her.

"Fuck me you're wet," he said.

All she could do was moan in agreement because it was hard to speak with Nick's cock in her mouth. Nick held the back of her head and was fucking her face. The two lads had her skewered nicely. Peter slid underneath her and was sucking on her delightful tits. He could see long strands of spit and pre-cum trickling out of her mouth and down onto the leather ottoman. He made a mental note to make sure it was wiped up before Dan's return.

Joel was still mucking around with the laptop and he'd connected it up to the television. When the map of Newcastle appeared on the screen he clapped his hands in victory. "There he is chaps," he said, "He's just crossing the roundabout."

Three heads turned sideways and watched as the screen refreshed and the icon had moved down Newcastle Road.

"Thank you Steve Jobs," Nick said, "Thank your blessed soul."

Joel ran around the lounge and stood next to Nick and pulled on his cock as he watched Kat's perfect mouth action. Kat wasted no time in doing what she did best, sucking on two cocks at the same time. Joel flinched slightly when his cock brushed against Nick's but he held true and allowed Kat to shove their knobheads into her gob.

"Jesus H Christ," Joel whimpered, "This woman is hot."

Kat pulled the cocks out of her mouth and looking up at Joel and said, "Lasting a bit longer this time around soldier?"

"What," Peter yelled out from under Kat, "You shot a load already b*****r?"

Joel just shrugged and tilted his head back in delight as Kat spat on his knob and rubbed it in.

Peter was watching Sam's cock slide into Kat's pussy and he was fascinated by her swollen clit protuding out from her glistening lips. He ran his hand along her tight abdomen and almost as soon as he rubbed the tight nub Kat began to shake and scream as an orgasm of biblical proportions flooded through her body.

"Oh fuck, fuck yes," she moaned "Fuck my cunt, shove your cocks into me."

If her pussy was wet before, it was even wetter now. Juice ran down onto Peter's hand as he continued to rub her swollen, red clitoris.

Sam pulled his cock out for a spell and moved around to Nick, "She's all yours mate, fuck I owe you one now."

"Fucking oath you do," Nick said as they high fived.

Joel was busy watching the screen and he announced to the others that Dan was at Antonio's.

"Let's hope Antonio is a very, very busy man," Peter said. "Because we have to fill this lucky lady like we did last time."

"Oh yeah," Nick said as he slipped his cock into her. "There's plenty of lube and plenty of space."

Kat loved been spoken about like this. She adored the fact that these three men lusted over her body and that they were only too willing to do whatever they, and she, wanted to do.

She let go of the two cocks fucking her face and looked down at Peter who was still sucking on her tits. "Fuck me as well," she said, "I want two cocks in my pussy."

"Two cocks in your what?" Peter asked.

"Two cocks in my cunt," her body tingled when she said it, "I want two cocks in my cunt."

"Pleasure," he said as he spun around and she lifted her left leg to allow him access.

"He's still there," Joel said, "It took him 10 minutes to get there so when he leaves we'll have to get a move on."

Kat lowered herself down onto Peter's cock and pumped herself up and down a few times before she felt Nick's hands back on her hips.

"Oh fuck," she moaned as the extra cock stretched her vulva and pushed it's way inside her. "Oh Jesus."

The lads got a rhythm together like they'd done this a hundred times before.

Kat never really came down from her previous orgasm and now the peak was once again approaching. Joel and Sam, the touching cock novices were standing near her head wondering what to do next and if Peter hadn't given them instructions, they may well have gone home.

"Fuck her mouth boys," he demanded, "This lady wants to be filled so let's fill her."

Joel looked at Sam and hesitantly slid his cock into Kat's open mouth next to Sam's.

A muffled moan and a sudden slowing down of her movements showed that the peak in her excitement had arisen once more. With two cocks in her mouth and two in her cunt, Kat was lost in ecstacy. Dan could have walked in there and then and she would have fucked him as well.

"Did you cum in her pussy," Nick asked Peter, "Because she's fucking soaking."

"Not yet old mate," Peter said, "But by the look of it maybe we shouldn't be holding back any."

They all, including Kat, looked up at the screen and to their collective dismay saw the icon had moved out from Antonio's car park.

"Cum now,' Kat said, "Cum in my cunt, cum in my cunt."

"Oh yes maam," Nick said and within seconds he was filling her pussy with his seed.

Jesus was a popular man in that lounge room that night. "Sweet Jesus," he cried as his body pulsed and his balls tightened.

With a solid farting sound he pulled out of her cunt and watched his cum ooze out over Peter's cock.

"Open wide," Sam said as he began to furiously wank his cock. "Do you like cum?" he asked Kat knowing full well the answer would be in the affirmative.

"Oh yeah cum in my mouth, let me taste your cum," she begged.

His first eruption was thin and watery and it hit her fair in the left eye before further, thicker ejaculate exploded into her mouth and over her cheeks. With cat like refexes Peter dodged those globs that threatened to land on him. Having another man's cum touching his cock was ok, but not when it was going to land on his face.

Nick was getting dressed as Sam pushed the last of his goo out onto her tongue. She'd swallowed most of what had landed in her mouth and all that remained was a thin smear across her cheeks.

Joel shoved his cock back into her mouth and began to fuck her face as he'd done earlier. This time though his stamina had improved somewhat and he didn't at all feel like cumming.

Peter was pumping into her like a man possessed. The squishing noises from her cunt and her groaning around Joel's cock synchronised into a delightful erotic tune.

"Hey Joel," Nick said, "You haven't fucked her yet have you?" Nick said.

Joel shook his head and wondered whether or not he'd want to shove his cock in next to Peter's.

"I'll be right," he said, "Pete can have her."

"But mate," Nick said, "You missed out on fucking Maria because you piked out."

Kat stopped sucking his cock for a moment as she processed the information she'd just received.

She looked up at Nick and said, "You mean to tell me I'm not the only one you guys gangbang?"

"There's only two of you," Peter said in defence.

Looking down at Peter she sat back on his cock and felt it hitting her cervix. "So your wife and these other three get into this as well?" she asked.

"Well if you really must know," Peter said, "Last night she fucked six of us."

"Six," she yelled, "She fucked six guys."

"Hell yeah," Nick said, "And don't go thinking it was all our idea either. It was all hers."

"Yep," Peter said "and now she wants to experiment with an extra lady or two so we can have a full blown orgy going on."

She hopped off his lap and watched his slick and slimy cock flop back down onto his abdomen. According to the screen, Dan was about seven minutes away.

"And this is why you're all here right, you had something planned all along?" she asked.

"Not at all," Nick said, "We're here because we want to watch the game and drink his piss, and to be honest we weren't sure if last time was just a d***ken aberration or not."

"We were thinking to try something in the future." Peter said as he stood up. "You just made it happen earlier than expected."

"So this is all my fault is it?" she asked indignantly.

"Yeah," Joel said, "It pretty much is because although I knew that you'd done it before with Nick and Peter, I wasn't under any illusion that tonight we'd be banging Dan's wife to be."

"So...." she hesitated at the words 'wife to be' before continuing "all that flirting earlier wasn't planned, none of this was planned."

"You did the flirting," Nick said, "We just bought sausages."

"Speaking of sausages," Peter said holding his cock at her face.

Kat looked around the room and at the screen. By her estimation he was still a good seven minutes away.

"Um," Joel said, "Could I have a quick fuck, without Peter in there."

"What is it with you guys anyway," she said, "You lot bi or something, do you all hang around rubbing dicks."

"Don't be stupid," Peter said, "It's all about pleasing the woman, that's all. Joel is still learning that it's the women who are important."

"We all realise that a horny satisfied woman is much better in the sack than a reluctant one," Nick said.

Kat knew quite well that he was right, it was why she was so keen to allow the evenings activities to happen.

She lay back on the ottoman and spread her legs, "Hurry up champion," she said to Joel, "Don't hold back,"

Joel launched on her with a vigour that left her head bouncing so much that Peter had no option but to masturbate over her head.

Try as they might though, neither of them could cum on queue and with three minutes to go the session was abandoned.

"Get dressed," Peter said to a despondent Joel, "I'm thinking we'll be seeing a fair bit more of Kat in the future."

"So," Kat said, "Is Dan a part of your little group?"

"No way," Peter said, "You've heard him. His attitude towards women is one of ownership and control."

"It's all about him," Sam said, "For us it's all about the woman."

Kat stood up and grabbed a pile of her clothes that Nick held out for her.

"Or maybe in this case, women," Nick said, "Although that does depend on your response."

"I might just have to think about that," she said as she walked naked past the four of them. "Six hey, I'm sure I can do better than that."

They all turned towards the sound of Dan's car pulling into the gravel driveway.

"That's our girl," Nick said to Kat as she disappeared upstairs.

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