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Bad Girls

When I was fifteen or sixteen I got a job working at the country club near our house. There were three other girls working there that I was friends with, they were in my class. Linda, a blond, Lisa, a brunette, and Tammy, brown hair. Now we had a lot of fun working. We got to mow the grass, do painting, and all kinds of maintenance. And while we did our duties we always took time to flirt. We would give beaver shots, boob shots and many other things. The old men at the club could not keep their eyes off of us.

So one day we are fixing some splinklers on one of the greens. These old men came up-six of them. they were probably in their late sixties or seventies. We let them sneak a good peak of our pussys. They started to flirt with us. linda made some comment to them about being to old to fuck. They said that we could not keep up and then dared us to try. Linda and Tammy never back down from a dare so we followed them to their condo, it only took a minute. Lisa and I were not sure where this was going to go. We were all virgins, I wanted to see how Tammy and Linda would get out of this. The men all got some wine and offered us some which we accepted. After a few minutes the one man started in on Linda again. Linda walked over and undid his pants and pulled them down. His old pecker sprung out and linda knelt down and took it her mouth and started to give him a blow job. Everybody just stood there, I don't we believed what we were seeing. Linda was working that cock like a porn star! Another guy put his hand down Linda shorts. Another man looked at Tammy and asked her if she was all talk and no action? Tammy said for him to drop his pants and she would show him. He removed his pants and laid on his back on the floor. Tammy started to suck his dick. Another moved behind her and pulled her shorts down and started to play with her pussy.Lisa and I could not believe what we were seeing, but it was making me very horny. A man put his hand down my shorts and started to rub my clit. Lisa had her clothes off and another man was naked with her-he was licking her pussy and she had a hold of his cock. The guy playing with my clit had his clothes off, I grab his cock. It felt great in my hand. Tammy was now naked and still sucking the mans cock with her ass up in the air. The other man entered her doggy style. He began to pound on her, her boobs swayed to his beat. Linda was on her back with her legs in the air and an old man between her legs. Lisa was on top of her guy moving her hips around working his dick.

I was on my back and this man had his cock at the enterance of my pussy. I guided his cock into my wet pussy. I had never had a cock in my pussy before. I was not sure how this was going to fit but it slid in with ease. I could feel his hard dick hit the top of my vagina, I was building up a great orgasim. I watched his dick come almost all the way out of my pussy and slide back in. His dark pubic hair against my strawberry bush. He ehld me tight as his thrusting picked up. His hairy chest against my teen boobs. He kept picking up speed and his thrust were harder. I was on the edge of orgasim when he burried his cock deep in my pussy, I felt swell and then spasim. I felt the warm jet of his old semen pump into me causing my own orgasim to take off. My pussy clamped onto his dick. It felt like he pumped a gallon of hot jizz into my hungry pussy. I felt his dick start to deflate and he removed it. Another guy slid his dick into me. I looked over at Tammy and could see jizz leaking from around the cock burried in her snatch. Linda already had a second man banging her too. I saw Lisa lift off her man and big glob of jizz dripped from her pussy.

I could not believe these old men could fuck like they were. I took two more loads of jizz in my snatch. Two more old men had shown up from somewhere and joined in. We fucked for several hours. When we left we talked about how we never thought that we would loose our virginity this way, with men old enough to be our grandfathers. We fucked those guys many times over the next week. We learned how to fuck from them.They checked out of their condo and we never saw them again. I still get wet thinking of the great sex we had.

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