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My son and his friend, the perfect MILF

My son called me across to his computer and we watched the video of the girl being beaten by her judge father.
When this finished he asked me if I felt the same about this type of corporal punishment.
When I told him his grandfather had taken his belt to my bared buttocks when I was just f******n, he was dumbstruck, but I could detect an air of awe and excitement.
His questions just spurted out, including one I expect he did not mean to ask, 'Was I turned-on, sexually'?
I was a little amused by his probing, and a little concerned his hormones were running away with him, so I retorted, 'Are you turned-on thinking about it happening to me'?
His face reddened, as he became aware of what he had asked, and he flustered trying to justify the question, 'I heard women get turned-on with getting beaten, whipped, you know, he continued, kinda Sado-Masochism'.
'Some do', I replied honestly, 'Spanking and the such, but a leather belt hard into soft tissue, which I got, really hurt, as it was intended to'.
I think after that short encounter my son experienced a closer warming to me, but I also believe it was then he showed a sexual interest in me, and in a way I warmed to him as a young man going out into life, soon to be sowing his seed, and that thought kinda had an effect that secretly stimulated me, call it unnatural if you want, but as long as he lived under my roof, I was determined to control him and educate him, in all matters sexual.
I came home one evening to hear him showering, and walked right in on him, admiring his developing physique through the plate glass, his penis in particular, was well developed, virgin and unused, ripe for my taking and I made my mind up right there to have him.
'Mum, stop staring', he laughingly joked, 'I washed your cock more times than you have', I replied, not caring how disconnected I sounded, I was using my motherly justification, but speaking as a woman with a sudden need to use it for her own sexual gratification, besides he was hardening as I watched, making me more determined to have him.
As he looked at me with a strange distant detachment I undressed, he watched me in silence, and as soon as I was naked I stepped in beside him and put my arms around him, feeling his now fully erect cock press into my pubes, which were aching to take him deep inside, so slipped my hand down between us and raised myself onto my tip-toes, in one simultaneous motion, and as I lowered myself down onto him, I heard him gasp and my cunt exploded as it swallowed him back home, from whence he originally came, now the motion and the cumming were different from then, then it was pain, now it was blissful pleasure, I was overpowering him as I fucked him, he was pressed hard against the tiled wall, and I bounced on my own creation, bringing myself to a crescendo of screams and a blasphemous orgasm, I suspect when he looks back, his mothers fucking would rate high, at least I hoped so.
In the months that passed we became regular lovers, not speaking about it just doing it. It was as passionate as it was unnatural, its unnaturalness being a driving f***e between us, I was still youngish and beautiful, with an incredible sexual need, an he needed constant attention, we knew our bonding as mother and son, but that took second place when our sexual passion took over.
Sexually satiated, we resumed our mother son relationship, only our relaxed talk, especially on matters sexual, was more forthright and stimulating.
'Mom, you know Gaza, my mate whose father tried it on with you last year'?
'Of course I do', I relied smiling, remembering the incident well, as his son Gaza, my son's friend, was watching his father put his hand between my legs, and have a good feel. 'What about him'? I asked curious, 'He wants to fuck you'.
He stood waiting for a reaction, I just replied with a casual, 'OK'.
This had clearly excited him and I looked up from the paper I was reading, 'Invite him to stay over this weekend, I'll fuck him then'.
I turned back to my paper, but as my eyes scanned the printed words, I was not reading, I was visualizing this small boy jacking-off in the wardrobe, while his father was feeling my cunt and trying to bend me over the bed, he was grunting and I was fixated with the boys fist pounding his cock, as I watched him through my strewn locks of blond hair, what a disappointment for both back then, as I broke free and walked out of the room, leaving father and son holding their cocks, at least the son thought I remained virgo-intacta with honor, not realizing I had teased his father in the first place, now it was to be his turn.
I was warm on the Saturday night, several Gins and Tonics had eased my feelings and I was in the mood to be entertaining young bucks, so wearing high cut black stockings with a short black dress and peek-a-show cut away nipples brassiere, made me vampish and horny.
My son was also caught up in the mood, he wanted to watch me with another man, and as he was comfortable with his friend, he was going to see another side of him as we copulated, something I tried to prepare him for, promising he would come over as a different person.
Needless to say it was too much for him and we made love just 30 minutes before his friend arrived, his cum running down my inner thighs and stockings, as I kissed his friend welcome into our home, my eyes watching my sons contented face, my cunt was aching for the boy I was kissing.
I went to the bathroom for the sole purpose of wiping myself and went in picking up a small hand towel for the sole purpose. I raised a leg onto the pan and wiped my cunt and inner thighs, my knickers soaked by sperm and vaginal lubrication, 'WTF' I thought and peeled them off, and started easing the screwed corner of the linen towel into my pussy to soak as much of my free flowing fluids before embarking on our overnight guest.
When I returned I sat down opposite him, my son had guided his friend into that particular seat, it was here he was going to see my crotch, the signal being me to ask my son to get me another G&T, and as he left he would ask me something at the door, causing me to twist around and open my legs, an innocent enough motion on my part, a wondrous view for Gaza, more so I was knicker-less and showing him my cunt.
I held my glass aloft, 'G&T', I call authoritatively, and our plan sprung into action. At the door my son remarked that he had told Gaza of my bared bum tanning by my father, I turned to him on cue, letting my leg relax and part, my bum on the cushion edge, Gaza was staring at his object of desire, I was open enough to let him see me close, bare and swollen, there was nothing hid now, he could see I was ready for it.
I could hear my son whistling as he went down the hallway to the kitchen to pour my drink, and I turned slowly round to Gaza who was still transfixed onto my cunt, 'Seen enough Gaza', I spoke softly as I brought my legs together, then deliberately spread them again, 'What turns you on Gaza, this, or me having my arse belted'?
His jaw dropped and a drop of saliva dribbled down his mouth, I closed my legs and sat back into the comfort zone of the chair, just as my son arrived with my drink, I smiled and winked at him, mission accomplished, he smiled in return, knowing his friend had seen his mothers wares.
I took a long draw on my G&T and crossed my legs, swaying slowly to and fro, my crossed legs crushing my sensitive clitoris in my to-ing and fro-ing, was stimulating my self in front of my son and his friend, not really caring, we all know we would be fucking soon.
'So Gaza, tell me, do you think a woman having her bottom smacked, feels like fucking after it'?
I was blunt and to the fact, I waited and he finally answered, maybe.
'Shall we put it to the test', I blurted out, suddenly I wanted to be naughty, I wanted action, I wanted to fuck.
'Stand up Gaza'. He looked first at me then my son, 'Go on, do it', encouraged my son, we both had a smile on our lips and Gaza eased himself out of his seat, 'Take your leather belt of', I ordered him, suddenly the realization he might be bringing it hard across my bared buttocks, excited him.
'Fucking hell', he muttered, then he drew its full length from his pants, licking his dry lips as he imagined me raising my dress to his assault.
'Over here', I beckoned him, undo your flies and button, his face straightened as if confused, his earlier vision of lashing me changing as he fought to imagine what was on my mind.
He stood alongside me and did as I ordered, 'Go fill my glass again', and my son did so, 'Dont come back until I call you, and close the door as you go out'.
I waited calmly until the door closed, 'Now take your pants off', and I watched him doing so, 'Them also', he hesitated, 'I looked into his eyes, 'I am going to punish you for wanking in the wardrobe that day', and at that reached out and pulled them down, his penis coming to life as he stood proud in front of me.
I took hold of him, marveling at his girth and length, 'You're bigger than your father', I said, then I pulled him closer, 'Bend over my legs', I ordered, hiking my short dress higher, exposing the full length of my stocking to my crotch, and he positioned himself on top of my thighs, I eased him between them, my thighs gripping his cock and nestling within the silky stockings.
He felt large in there, and I brought my open palm hard down on his bared buttocks, gently massaging each smack with a gentle rub.
My stockinged thighs had their own movement, I massaged his swollen cock with them, 'Does that feel good', I whispered quietly into his ear, them bent down and kissed his marked buttock, my smacking hand easing between his cheeks, cupping and squeezing testicles, 'Men like this to done too' I added, as I push my finger up his anus and fingered his prostate.
He was moaning and rolling on my legs, his cock making him hump between them as I fingered his asshole, his length lying lower when full inserted, so I reached under my legs and held his bulbous head, finally wanking him until he exploded into my hand, his sperm oozing between my fingers and dropping onto the polished wooden floor.
As he stood up in front of me, I felt his cock brush my face, and as he passed my mouth, I eased him inside, cleaning and swallowing the remnants of his recently flushed seed. I held him in there sufficiently to feel him start to respond to my flicking tongue, and as I drew my head back I looked up to him, 'You will fuck me as my son watches', he nodded his acquiescence, and I called my son back inside removing my dress as he entered.
'Only six, hard and firm', I said, handing the belt to Gaza, 'Make sure they are on my fleshy part of my buttocks, then fuck me'.

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