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Mother in law

Years ago I hadn't been married long when my wife said she didn't want to be married anymore. Her mother was really upset with her. Since I had no place to go right away, she convinced her husband to let me stay with them in their double wide trailer.

I was dubious, but decided that I only needed a couple of nights maybe and could find another place.I was given my ex's old bedroom.

Eddie, Darlene's husband, played alto sax in a jazz band. It was a Friday night and he had a gig, so Darlene and I had dinner together with a couple glasses of wine. After the second glass she put her hand on mine and said she thought her daughter was a complete idiot to let someone as great as me go. She held my hand, looking into my face as she said this.

I was a bit embarrassed, but smiled at her in thanks. Her eyes directly on mine, she lifted my hand and pulled it over to her blouse, placing it right on her tit. She wasn't wearing a bra.

"Peter, if you need anything you just need to ask."

I must have been bright red, but my cock was suddenly cramped by my jeans. I didn't know what to say. She held my hand there for probably a minute then stood up then, letting my hand drop. Darlene pulled her blouse over her head. I could see then where my wife had gotten her gorgeous tits. "I'm going to the bedroom Peter. Don't be shy".

She walked down the hall to the room she shared with Eddie. I sat there for several minutes trying to keep my heart in my chest. My room was next to theirs. I got up and walked to it, looking into her room to say good night. Darlene was lying naked on the bed with all the lights on.
I was completely mesmerized.

"Peter, it's been a while since Eddie has fucked me. I think it's been a while for you too." She then spread her legs wide and put her fingers to her cunt, pulling the lips apart. With one finger rubbing her clit she whispered, "This pussy is for you if you want it baby."

I looked around behind me nervously, but Darlene said, "Eddie won't be home until 3:00 a.m. We've got all night Peter." Then she smiled at me and beckoned me with the finger she just had on her clit.

She had me. I walked into the room, shut the door and took off my clothes as my mother in law watched me. She had a finger sliding in and out of her swollen lips.

When I was down to my shorts she said, "Let me take them off baby." So I stood there as she rolled up on the bed and crawled to the end where I stood.
My cock was pushing my shorts out and up. She sat on the edge of the bed, leaned her face against my underwear and bit gently down on the head of my cock obvious as it strained against the cotton.

She slipped her cool fingers under the elastic, and pulled them down. My prick thudded off her forehead. The shorts down Darlene slid her fingers up my thighs to my balls. She cupped them gently in her hands and with the forefinger of each hand sliding at the base of my cock.

"I always thought I had an intelligent daughter," she said, looking up at me with the head of my cock just an inch from her nose. She kept her eyes on me as her hands moved up, gently grasped my cock and pushed the head into her mouth.

I hissed as the tip of her tongue started working the slit at the tip of my prick. She moved her hands to my ass and pulled me toward her as her mouth opened up more to take my cock to the base of her tongue.

My mother in law had my cock in her mouth and her eyes on my face. Her hands on my ass moved my cock in and out of her mouth so that I was fucking it.
I wasn't going to last long, but she knew that already. She started moving her head as well as pulling me forward and backward down her throat making the motion double. She pressed a fingertip into my ass, which I had never had done before. The shock and excitement was more than I could take. I put both hands on her head and thrust my cock farther down her throat as I shot a massive load.

Darlene leaned back on her arms now looking up at her son in law. She opened her mouth wide so I could see my semen inside. It was incredible. Then, with a wink of an eye, closed her mouth and swallowed.

She took my hand and scooted back to the pillow end of the bed pulling me gently next to her. When I was on my back she rolled over on top. She sat with her cunt next to my cock, smiling down at me. "You know Peter, I have always wondered what it would be like to fuck you. When Eddie fucks me, I think of you. I imagine you shooting your seed deep inside my cunt."

Her words were having an effect. My recently neglected cock was growing hard at a languid pace.

"My cunt is really wet Peter. She took my hand, worked at closing all my fingers against my palm except for the middle finger. "Slide it into me baby ...please."

I couldn't resist. I slid my finger in between her swollen lips. She was hot and slippery inside. She had a hand on my wrist and started my motion on my hand making my finger fuck her faster and faster..

"Uh..." I started. "Uh...Darlene..." "Yes Peter?" "Darlene, get on your hands and knees...NOW". With a big grin she moved into the position on the center of the bed. I stood now looking at this woman. I thought of the wedding day, her looking at me in that turquoise dress, smiling at me as I had my arm around her daughter. I remembered how beautiful she looked and remembered thinking I shouldn't have that thought in my mind.

"Darlene, you are such a beautiful woman. Are you ready to get fucked? I have thought about it many times."

She looked back at me and said, "I know baby".

I got on the bed, put my hands on her ass, moving them around those dancer's muscles. I slide my hands down the split of her ass, down to her lips and opened them side. I stared at the open cunt of my mother in law and said, "I am going to fuck you so hard. I always knew you were a wild woman."

My thumbs pulling her lips open I watched the head of my prick cleave unto my mother in law. She screamed then laughed and said, "Fuck me hard Peter!!".

It was surreal watching her pussy take my hard cock inside. She was a much better fuck than my wife had been. I had my hands on her hips and was pounding hard into my wife's mother. I thought what it would be like if she knew this..if she saw this. I fucked her mother almost as a punishment to my wife. It was hard and brutal. Darlene loved it. She was screaming, laughing and crying.

When we were done,we just melted forward onto the bed, my cock still in her cunt at first. Soon we were asl**p.

Later I heard car tires on the gravel driveway. I woke with a start and shook Darlene. "Eddie's home!!" She smiled at me, put a hand on my chest and said, "It will take him some time to get the sax out and to get to the door. Just go to your room baby...uh...and take your clothes."

I shot up, grabbed my clothes and was just getting into bed after closing the door when I heard the back door open.

I listened as her husband put the sax away in the hall closet then walked quietly down the hall to their room. I heard Darlene's voice say dreamily, "Hey baby." Then I heard the same from Eddie. The both talked quietly and the crisis seemed past.

I was asl**p when I heard something from the room next door. There was no question. There was fucking happening next door. I couldn't imagine what had lead to it...but figured there was a lot of me still inside of her. The thought made me hard. I jacked my cock while I listened to the sounds from the bedroom of my in-laws. The sound of Darlene cumming was easy to hear, followed by a quick "shhh" followed by low giggles. That was when I came for the third time that night. My chest had a line of white and a small pool. I lay on my back and woke up in the morning with my semen crusted there.

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