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Good neighbor-Part 4b

OK, where did I leave off? Oh, yup, the awful mess... When I finally pulled out of Tanya, I grabbed the kitchen towel to catch the big clumps of cum dripping out of her pussy. She stood against the counter with her legs spread as I wiped what I could. We had our drinks and lounged on my couch. She sat with her legs across my legs. She had to sit on another towel since she was still leaking. Yeah, I was pretty happy with myself... Big head moment. But, it turns out that a lot of my cum was soaking through into the couch anyway

Tanya kept apologizing for the mess on my couch. I told her she would not have had to worry about that if she had managed to keep her panties. We laughed and drank more. We just kinda socialized like old friends. I played with her inner thigh a bit. You know, just like old friends would do at anytime...

She eventually went to the bathroom and soon called me in. I walked in and Tanya was standing there wearing Beth's used panties!! MY Beth's panties. The one that still had my dried cum stains all over it. Tanya was a little bigger than Beth and the panties looked super tight on her. Her pussy lips were coming out the sides in the crusty crotch. Very freakin' hot. She laughed at me and ask, accusingly, where I managed to get Beth's panties? I asked her what made her think those were Beth's panties? She suddenly had a serious look on her face and said "I've been licking Beth's pussy for years and I know what kind of panties she wears."

Gulp. I didn't want to incriminate Beth for anything but she had me dead to rights. I told her I stole them from her garage the other day and had to take them home to jerk off on them. I also asked her not to tell Beth and that I would wash them and return them to her. Tanya laughed and said I was such a lousy liar. Beth had told her everything. Dang it! Women! Can't keep a secret! No wonder when you walk into a room full of women and they all stop talking at once, they're talking about you!

She said I was so busted. Hmm, I had a thought... "So, you think I need to be punished for stealing her panties?" Tanya smiled her devilish smile, nodded and said "Oh, yeah. Big time!" She looked at me and told me to bent over the bathroom counter. I did and she started to hand spank my bare ass. She was gentle at first, sometimes stopping to grab a hold and squeeze my butt cheeks. Then she began to really wail on my tender man-ass! Oh, shit, it stung every time she smacked me. I started to laugh and tear up at the same time. I pulled away a few times but she would smack me harder. Now you know why I am just able to sit down again.

I finally had enough and told her is was her turn. She said I didn't have the balls to hit her. Well, a challenge is a challenge. I grabbed her wrist, to keep from her hitting me again, and tried to pull her around. She was pretty strong and put up a fight. I may have gotten hit in the face once or twice.

Well, all this pushing and shoving and smacking around got a rise out of me. I was starting to stand at attention. Tanya saw my erection and tried to grab my shaft. I pulled away and she started to talk pretty filthy to me. She said things like "Oh, you fuck perv. You like hitting girls around? You like beating up women? You get your jollies from hitting girls? You wanna hit me and then try to fuck me in the ass? You fucking asshole!"

Wow. You know, under this hard exterior shell of a man, I'm pretty sensitive. I'm all about having fun and a little dirty talking but I would never ever abuse a woman and f***e myself on her. I would never try to **** anyone. I didn't know where she was going with her comments.

Well, after she said that I just kinda stopped playing and backed off. She stopped too and just looked at me. She was breathing pretty heavy now and her nipples were hard and poking through her shirt. She had this kinda crazy look in her eyes. I started to say "Um..." Then she did the strangest thing. She pulled off her top, wrapped her arms around my head and shoved her tongue down my throat. One of her legs came up and wrapped around the back of my leg. She ground her pelvis into me and she began to slid and rub her pussy up and down my thigh.

She pulled back and told me not to freak out and that she was so fucking horny for me right now. She asked if I was OK. I told her I'm fine now. She slammed back into me and sucked on my tongue for a few. In between breaths, I told her I was going to fuck her harder than she had ever been fucked. She kept sighing "Yessss." I told her she was a fucking slut whore and needed to be fucked. "Yesss." I pushed her off of me and she stood staring at me with those crazy eyes for a second. She turned around and knelt down in front of the bathtub. She looked up at me slightly, over her shoulder and whispered, "How are you going to fuck your slut whore?" I didn't say anything and went up to her, grabbed her on the back of her neck and pushed her head forward. She responded by leaning over the edge of the bathtub and face down into the tub.

So, with Tanya's head forward in the tub, her ass was propped up in the air. She didn't look too comfortable in this position but the sight of her wet pussy soaking through Beth's crusty panty crotch was such a turn on I had to act. Her pussy lips where mashed to the sides and glistening. I grabbed a hold of the crotch area and pulled them hard over to her butt cheek. She grunted as the panties "cut" into her hips. I just went for it and shoved my hard dick into her wet pussy and pumped her good and hard. She let out a loud yelp and just moaned "Ooohhhhhhhhhh...Uh! Uh! Uh!"

She sounded like she was having a hard time breathing bent over like that and I actually got concerned again. Can't have a woman die in my bathtub while I was fucking her, right? Again, I backed off a bit just in case. She went fucking ballistic! "Fuck you you fucking asshole! I'm not afraid of your fucking little dick you fuck!" This is the best part "My dog fucks me harder than you!" LMAO!!!

After that comment I started to laugh out loud. Tanya didn't think it was that funny and started ramming her ass and pussy against my cock harder and faster. "Uh! Uh! Asshole! Uh! Uh! Fucking prick! Uh!" Guess she was trying to tell me to pay attention. Yeah, I'm kinda new to the extreme filthy talk game.

I got the message and grabbed her hips firmly. My dick still in her hot pussy, I got up onto my feet and leaned into her hard. I then put my hands on the tub edge under her hips and squeezed her hips between my forearms. Then I just started to fuck her as hard as I could. I wanted to hear her cry out! She didn't disappoint. She was so loud! Each thrust came a hard grunt response from her. Dang, my hips started to get sore. I tried to shift my hands a few times and she would order me "Don't you fucking stop!" She finally let out a long moan/wail as she came hard. The veins in her neck straining and engorged with bl**d as saliva poured from her mouth. I figured great, now I can come. Nope. She pushed back into me and kept me from getting any full strokes in. She just ground her pussy around my cock.

My dick popped out of her pussy a few times and when I went to put it back in I notice she would lower her ass a little to try to meet it. Hmm, I had another thought. I pulled out and started to rub the head of my cock against her butt hole. She was so freaking wet and my dick was so well lubed that my dick head slipped in with almost no resistance. Her breathing was shallow and sharp.

As soon as I got the head of my dick in Tanya's tight ass, she clamped down hard on my thick shaft. She shuttered and her ass cheeks began to quiver. I told her I was going to fuck her tight ass and make her cry. She moaned again and asked me in a "scared" voice "Oh, please don't fuck my ass. Please don't fuck my ass hard." I told her to shut the fuck up and then, trying not to laugh, I said "Just pretend it's your dog fucking your ass." With that she slammed her ass all they way down the length of my cock and let out a wail. I moaned loud and held onto her hips for a few extra seconds. Then, I let her have it.

I didn't start slow, I just went for it and just pounded her full on. She was all over the place moaning, wailing and screaming! She was trying to catch her breath with each thrust. I loved watching her ass cheeks move in a wave motion as I slammed home. God, I can't begin to describe the feeling of her ass and the sounds emulating from her foul mouth.

My balls were beginning to get soar from them constantly banging against her wet pussy with so much f***e. I finally had enough and told her I was going to cum in her asshole. She let out a few quick breathed "Yes! Yes!" She again clamped down tight with her sphincter muscles. I slammed a few more times as hard as I could and tried to thrust more as I was cumming! By the 3rd or 4th shot I just rammed into to her hard and held on for dear life as I discharged my entire load deep within her.

Tanya kept her muscles tight and tried to milk me but I just kept my hips and cock pressed firmly against her sweet ass. She gyrated around and moaned more. My balls were dripping wet from her sticky pussy cum. Their long stringy lines hanging down a few inches from my ball sack.

I pulled out of her ass quickly and Tanya almost screamed by the sudden motion. I grabbed the back of her hair and, carefully, pulled her face out of the tub and guided her to my semi-hard dick. She opened her mouth and took the entire cock in her mouth. I made her suck the cum and ass cream off my dick and made her lick her own stringy juices off my balls. She was such a filthy girl. I may be in love...

continued in Part 4c...

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