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A threesome to remember

After a few cocktails I was relaxed in the chair as I watched Annie unbutton Jeff's shirt and kiss his chest. Her ass was right in front of me as I watched her black nylon covered legs run up to her tight skirt that just covering her full ass. She knows how much I love tight skirts and nylons and for this special night she was dressed as a full on hot slut for the night. After three years together I had always fantasized in sharing her in a threesome. The sight of her lipstick stains on his chest, and hearing her light kisses across his body made my cock so hard. I knew Annie’s little cock must have been rock hard against her silky panties, soaking them more and more with every breathe. She tasted each of his nipples as her hands fumbled with the lower shirt buttons. The shirt opened all the way as her had move to the button on his Jeans and her mouth opened wide for lustful taste of his stomach. It was taking all my power to keep my hand off my cock as I watched. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock, she moved her mouth from his stomach to the tip, she licked the pre-cum from top of his cock and moved her tongue from the tip, down and around the shaft, her tongue moved and tasted every part of his cock until her lips surrounded the head and slid down the shaft taking it all deep until her lips met his balls. She moved her mouth from the bottom of the head to his balls slowly over and over as I could hear him moan. I couldn’t take it anymore as I slid Annie’s skirt up to her waist, kissing her silky pantie covered cheeks and caressing her thigh hi covered legs, I pulled her panties to the side. Her panties were soaking wet from her hard little cock. I moved my tongue to her sweet little hole, I licked her sweet asshole around and around only stopping to dart my tongue in the center on occasion. Annie moaned as I ate her ass, Jeff moaned as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft as Annie gave Jeff what his wife would no longer did. I was fighting from cumming as I lubed my dripping cock while my tongue continued to taste that sweet ass. I moved up behind Annie as I gently placed my greased cock head against her hole. Her ass was covered in my saliva, I saw Jeff’s eyes roll back as he moaned again. I fucked Annie slowly from behind as her lips broke from Jeff’s cock her head rose and she let out a wince. She looked so hot on her hands and knees holding his swollen cock, her hair in two long pig tails, her sweet face with light red lips and long eyelashes, her tight dress hiked up to her waist. I fucked her harder and harder as she stroked Jeff’s cock, as I fucked her that sweet mouth moved back to Jeff’s cock sliding up and down his shaft. Jeff started moved his hips taking charge and fucking her mouth as I fucked her from behind, we fucked her faster and harder as her submissive moans grew I noticed her eyeliner started to spread around her eyes as she started to looked used. Not wanting to fill that sweet ass yet I slowed my fucking pace and gently pulled my cock from her ass. I cleaned up my cock as Jeff pulled his cock from her mouth. In a overload moment of passion I rolled her over and kissed her tasting his pre-cum all in her mouth and on her lips, I kissed her deep our tongues moving from mouth to mouth as Jeff slid down the shoulder straps of her dress sucking each nipple. I tasted her mouth as Jeff tasted her nipples over and over. Jeff broke from her nipples as he lubed his cock and slid on a condom, I slid Annie’s cock out the leg of her panties, I moved down to Annie’s tiny cock savoring her pre-cum and and licking it clean before taking it all in my mouth. Annie moved over me taking my cock in her mouth, as we lay sucking each other in a 69 with Annie on top with her sweet ass in the air, Jeff slid into her already fucked ass, he fucked her sliding his cock in and out as I sucked her and she licked my cock. Annie not being able to take it let out a loud moan as she exploded in my mouth. Then she plunged her sweet lips down my shaft as I savored her sweet cum deposit, almost instantly I moaned exploding into Annie’s mouth as Jeff kept steady pace fucking her tight hole. I slid out from under Annie while Jeff continue to fuck her. Jeff then pulled out his hard cock slid off the condom and began stroking himself as I gently laid Annie on her back. I kissed her neck and ears as Jeff towering above her letting out a long moan as cum flew from the tip of his rock hard cock covering Annie’s face with his pent up load.

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