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The Babysitter Ch. 01

Carol walked in the door and was instantly attacked by her two c***dren. "Mommy, Mommy," they both cried out, laughing and jumping up for hugs. Billy and Sonya were seven and eight, respectively, and always excited when Carol walked in the door at night. She had been doing the single mom thing since they could barely walk, and the two of them never failed to make her smile.

She looked apprehensively around the house. Summer vacation had started just this week, and to save money, she had taken the c***dren out of after school day care for the summer and hired a baby sitter. Besides, at home they could spend a little time during the day with their friends, and she didn't have to get them up and ready every morning.

Lisa entered the kitchen from the basement door, carrying a basket of laundry. She saw Carol greeting the k**s and flashed a smile. "I think a couple k**s are happy to see you," she laughed.

"Well, all and all, how did your first week go?" Carol asked.

Lisa smiled, "Pretty well. They are great k**s, and I'm glad I was able to find a job so close to home until school starts up in the fall"

Lisa and her parents had moved in three houses down about a year ago. Carol had met Mary, Lisa's mother, last fall, at the local election center. They had both volunteered their time, worked the same afternoon voting shift, and became friends. When Carol had mentioned her c***dcare plans for the summer, Mary suggested that Carol talk to Lisa. Carol liked Lisa right away. She was polite, and the k**s seemed to get along with her from the first time Lisa came by to talk over the job. Lisa seemed very "in charge" and sure of herself, a trait Carol always admired. It is also a trait Carol had always seemed to have to fight to maintain. Carol ran a small office for a living, and control never seemed to come easy for her, so when she saw self-confidence in other people, she felt a lot of admiration. Since her divorce several years ago, she felt like a lot always rode on her shoulders.

"Let me grab my checkbook from upstairs and I'll pay you for the week," Carol said.

Lisa glanced at her watch. "Actually, I need to be at my summer theater class early tonight. I have to do a line read through before the others show up. Why don't I just pick it up from you next week?"

"That's fine," Carol replied. "Or, you can stop by tomorrow and get it. Just don't make it too early. The k**s are off to their dad's for the weekend, and I plan on sl**ping in a little," she laughed.

Lisa bounded out the door and smiled goodbye to the k**s.

Carol started out her quiet weekend with two of her favorite things. A hot cup of coffee, and the weekend paper. She was just getting into her second cup when the doorbell chimed. Tightening her robe a little, she peeked through the window into the smiling face of Lisa.

"Want a cup of coffee?" Carol asked.

"Sounds good to me," Lisa said, plopping her backpack on a chair and sitting down.

Mary poured a cup of coffee and set it down in front of Lisa. "So, how was your rehearsal last night?"

Lisa sighed. "Wouldn't you know it? My first lead part in a play, and it had to be a romantic drama."

"That's sounds like it would fun. What's the problem?" replied Carol.

"I've got a scene with the male lead that I read through six or seven times last night. The guy is a real jerk, and the director says my kiss at the end looks too "f***ed." I think if he had to kiss the jerk he would understand why it looks f***ed."

Carol and Lisa both laughed.

Lisa reached into her backpack and pulled out a thick script, tossing it on the table. "The latest and greatest play for the college fall theater"

Carol picked up and thumbed through it a little. "I think it would be fun. I would never have the courage to get up in front of people and do something like this."

"It might be my last chance if I don't get this scene right," Lisa commented, sarcastically. "Hey, I have an idea. Do a "read-through" with me on the scene from last night. I have my lines memorized, so you can use the script and read the jerks lines, while I practice."

"Oh, I don't know," Carol, laughed, shyly. "I'm no good at stuff like that at all. I'm sure you'll do just fine without my help."

"I'm sure you will do just fine," Lisa said. "Come on" Lisa grabbed the script in one hand, took Carol by the other, and led her out into the morning light of the living room. Handing Carol the script, she stepped back a little and started in on the scene. Carol read the male lines somewhat nervously, and Lisa said hers, getting into the part more and more. At the end of the scene, Lisa leaned in a little for the required kiss, and Carol, hesitantly, kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Lisa laughed. "Even the jerk did better then that last night"

Carol blushed. "I'm not exactly the "male lead."

"But that's the part I'm having trouble with," Lisa replied, looking Carol straight in the eyes. "Come on, let's try that again, only this time, kiss me like you think a man would kiss at the end of a scene like that.

Lisa read the last line of the scene, and leaned in for Carols kiss. Carol leaned in and lightly pressed her lips against Lisa's. Carol let it linger a moment, startled at the rapid beating of her heart. She backed away quickly, her face turning crimson and her breath short.

Lisa looked into Carol's eyes and smiled. "What's the matter, Carol?"

Carol stammered. "Nothing..."

Lisa continued to stare straight into Carol's eyes. "That was a little better, but I think it still needs work. Let me show you how I want it done, Carol."

Without another word, Lisa threaded her fingers into Carol's hair and pulled her face close. "Like this, Carol." Whispered Lisa. Lisa pressed her open mouth hard against the older woman's. Feeling the woman's body fall limp, she knew she had her where she wanted her. She flicked her tongue across the woman's lips and heard Carol moan. That was the last sign she needed before plunging her tongue deep in Carols mouth. She kissed her deep and hard, the fingers of one hand buried in Carols hair. The other hand slid down the woman's back, coming to rest on her ass and pulling her close against herself.

Carol found herself in a swirl of thoughts. Here she was, being kissed by a girl half her age and as wrong as that seemed, she had never been so turned on in her life. Her better senses were telling her to back away, but the tingling in her tummy and her pounding heart kept her mesmerized. She opened her eyes and found Lisa staring back.

Again, the girl whispered against her lips. "What's the matter, Carol?"

Carol stammered. "I don't think we should..."

Lisa pressed her open mouth against Carols to shut her up and kissed the woman deep again. She slipped one hand inside the woman's robe, finding Carol's breast. She squeezed and caressed it before taking the nipple between her thumb and finger. As she pinched, Carols moans became louder and she totally gave in, kissing Lisa back harder and harder. When Lisa felt Carol give in all the way, she reached down, untying the robe sash. Still working Carol's mouth with her tongue, she pushed the woman's hands behind her back and tied them at the wrist with the sash in one quick, practiced motion. She kept her mouth and tongue on Carols face and neck, while pushing her back onto the couch, in a slouched, sitting position. Sitting down next to her, Lisa continued to kiss her, while her hand, again, worked Carols breasts and nipples. Carol was moaning louder, and Lisa trailed her fingers down across the woman's chest and belly. When her hand had slipped between Carols legs, she pulled back from the kiss and laughed. "My, my Carol. How on earth, did your pussy get so wet?"

Carol closed her eyes and blushed deeply.

Lisa leaned down and whispered against the older woman's lips. "It's OK, baby, I can help you with that"

Dipping her tongue into Carol's mouth, she slid her finger across the woman's clit, rubbing it a few times before plunging two fingers deep inside her. Carol arched high off the couch as Lisa fucked her hard with her fingers. It wasn't long before Carol rose up rigid and came, the juices drowning Lisa's fingers and hand.

Lisa pulled her hand away and looked at Carol. The older woman was slouched back on the couch. Her eyes were closed and she was still shaking.

"Look at Me Carol." Lisa said.

Carol timidly open her eyes and looked at Lisa.

Lisa smirked and laughed. "Damn, Carol. You were so fucking easy. Are you a slut or something?"

Carol blushed and stammered. "n-n-no"

Lisa reached over and let her finger rub the woman's clit again. Carol arched against Lisa's finger and moaned.

Lisa looked straight into Carol's eyes. "Yes you are. You're a slut. And if you admit it and tell Me you're a slut, I'll take very good care of you. Now again. You're a slut, aren't you, Carol?" As she finished her question, she pushed a finger deep into Carol's pussy.

"Answer Me, slut," Lisa insisted.

Carol bit her lip and f***ed her self to look at the young girl that had totally taken control of her, yet made her feel the best anyone ever had. "Yes," she mumbled.

Lisa stood up and looked down at the tied and exposed woman below her on the couch. Staring deep into Carol's eyes, she grabbed the bottom of her tee shirt and pulled it over her head, tossing it to the floor. She then un-snapped her shorts and kicked them aside. Carol looked up at the naked girl and couldn't help but stare. Lisa's breasts were a little larger then her own, but much fuller and firmer. Her eyes wandered down between Lisa's legs. The girl's pussy was shaved bare.

Lisa took her own breasts into her hands and massaged them, her fingers and thumbs working the nipples until they were hard and standing straight out. She looked down at Carol and smiled. "You like My tit's, slut?"

Carol moaned out a simple "yes"

"Good," Lisa replied. "You're going to learn to take very good care of My tit's, slut."

Lisa straddled Carols lap and leaned forward, pressing the nipple of one breast against Carol's mouth. Carol took the nipple into her mouth and began to suck and lick. Lisa took turns feeding each full breast to Carol, sometimes reaching behind her and rubbing Carol's clit.

Lisa leaned down and kissed Carol deep, whispering into the woman's mouth. "Now slut, you're going to get your first chance to make Me come. Do a good job, slut, and I'll take very good care of you."

With that, Lisa stood on the couch and arched her bare pussy to Carol's mouth. Carol reached out with her tongue and licked the girl's clit. After a few more licks, Lisa began to moan. She buried her fingers into Carol's hair and pulled the woman hard against her pussy. "That's it, slut. Fuck Me with your tongue."

Lisa worked her pussy harder against the woman's mouth, her moans getting louder. After about five minuets of fucking Carol's mouth and tongue, she went over the edge, drenching Carol's mouth with her orgasm.

After relaxing for a bit on Carols lap, she got up and slowly dressed. Bending down, she kissed Carol lightly on the mouth, while reaching behind her and loosening the knotted sash.

She looked straight into Carol's eyes. "Listen slut. Monday, it's back to normal. I like this job and I like the k**s. I don't want to ruin that, however, in two weeks, when they are gone, your training resumes. Do you understand slut?"

All Carol could stammer out was a quiet "yes."

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