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How I Became a Tranny Whore

First time as a Tranny whore!

When I was 30 with c***dren at home I would get dressed in the bedroom. When it was time to leave the wife would take the c***dren off for ice cream and as soon as they were out of the drive way I would head for my car. Of course when I returned home the c***dren would be a sl**p. The plan worked for years. The wife had it much easier. She would get dressed for a night out with the girls, and then meet her boy toys for a night of fucking.
On this night I wore a black lacy bra, black rubber thong panties (they always hide my package so well), tan thigh high stockings, five inch black pumps heels and a black leather mini dress to show off my legs.
I was of to my favorite gay club to take in the drag show. The club was great; first floor was a bar, second floor a dance floor plus stage and the third floor had several large rooms with couches in each room. Oh what wicked things happened on those couches in the dimly lighted rooms. I always seemed to end my visits to the club in one of the room.
I had to make one stop first to buy some pot. Just out side the navy base you could buy anything you wanted. It was a seedy part of town. The bars were dumps load with d***ken sailors, streets jammed with street whores and many whore houses where sex and d**gs were sold. I love riding through the area, after all it was where I meant my wife.
I pulled into the driveway. Five trailers were on the lot. Many times I had been there to purchase pot but always as a male during the day, never as Vanessa. I knocked on the door and was invited inside.
The madam was a SSBBW sitting there in a very frilly negligee and face heavily made up. I would guess her age to be close to 60 and she was still a very pretty woman. One of her tarts sat across from her. This skinny little slut of about 20 had on platform knee boots, daisy duke shorts and a tube top.
I was taken back by the madam as I had never seen her in anything but sweat shirts and pants before this night. She ask me if I was look for work. No I told here just wanted some grass. We don’t sell d**gs here she told me. I told her that I had brought many times from her, “bull shit,” she replied. Then I explained who I was and that I was in drag on my way to the Three House.
She looked me up and down like she was getting ready to buy live stock for a farm. Even the young girl sat up leaned forward to get a better view. She told me to take my cock out so she could it. I protested telling her I was only there to get some weed. She again told me to pull my cock out that she had been looked for sissy. Well I did as told after all I had always fantasized about being a prostitute. I loved hearing my wife’s stories about her adventures on the streets.
I pulled my dick out from under the rubber panties. It was in a small ball glued to my balls from the sweat caused by the rubber panties. The madam smiled and whore giggled and madam told me to come closer, which I did. She took a rag from a large bowl next to recliner she was sitting. Put a little soap on the rag and washed the sweat from my cock and balls, rinsed the rag out in the same water and wiped me off.
Of course my cock was rock hard now and she was stroking it slowly. She told me I had a nice cock for a sissy fagot and with that she leaned over and wrapped her red lips around my cock and sucked me off in just a few. I had to grab the back of her recliner to keep form falling over in my heels and the whore across the room laughed saying, “You still have it mama T.”
Mama T laid back in her recliner letting a little of my cum run onto her chin. She told me to lick it off her chin and I did lick my cum from her chin. My cock was pretty limp as I stood there in front of her and she told the whore to see how fast she could get me erect again. The whore, her name was Tammy, hand me the joint she had lit got on her knees and started sucking on my cock. By the time I have finished the joint she had me hard again much to the joy of Mama T. Tammy took Mama T. that I had very sweet tasting spunk.
Mama T. told me she could put me to work. She explained that she had out and in calls for sissy boys all the time and that she needed a bitch like me. I could come there and sit in the evenings and work. Out calls she would take twenty five percent and in calls fifty percent. After all it was her place, her beds and of course there was a cut that went to the cops. Sounded like a good deal to me and the thought of getting paid excited me.
While we were talking two sailors knocked and came in trailer. I was sitting next to Tammy on the couch at this time. Tammy stood up and took the first swabbie into the back while the other sat down beside me. Mama T. told the second sailor if all he wanted was a blow job she could do that for him; he declined the offer. He inquired what about her, referring to me.
He was told that I had the same package between my legs that he had between his legs. He turned and took a long second look at me and asked if fucked. I was humiliating to set there and lessen to them barter back and forth about what I would do for this young man. Like I had no say so to what was agreed to by them. He want to get a “round the world.” This meant a blow job and a fuck. He paid Mama T and I stood up took him by the hand and started for the second bed room.
He took off his bell bottoms reveling a nice stiff prick and sat down on the bed. Took a soapy rag from the basin on the dresser and washed off his cock which was quit fat and about 7” long. Next I sat next to him and like a shaft up and down a few times before I put his knob to my candy apple red lips. As I slipped my lips down over his cock painting it red as my lips slid down over it till it gagged me. I could tell he was ready to fuck so I got on my hands and knees on the bed taking my rubber panties down just enough to expose my male cunt. As he moved behind me I lubed my hole with a big gob of anal ease. Soon he was deep in me fucking his little sailor heart out; call me all kinds of nasty names. He started tell me he was ready to cum but he wanted to cum in my mouth, which I agreed to letting him. He slipped out of my ass and I turn around opening my mouth for his hot sperm. To my joy he got every little drop in my mouth which of course I swallowed.
As I straighten my self up; fixed my face and he got his bell bottoms back on I asked him for a tip. He handed me a twenty dollar bill. We walk back in to the living room and he and his friend left. Mama T. and Tammy asked me how did go. I looked at Mama, and said, “I am going to love working as one of your whores!”

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