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First gay sex with my best friend

josh was my best friend at the time. He was 18 and i was 21. We'd known each other a couple of years and had become pretty close. I used to stay over his house alot as his parents were pretty rich and they had a guest wing to their home which they didnt use very often, so most of the time when we had been hanging at his place for the day it was easier for me to sl**p there than to go home at night.
We used to do lots of fitness training together because Josh was a good footballer and was trying to make it a career, and I liked to keep fit so it was fun to be training partners.
We were used to being naked around each other as we usually showered in the public showers after swimming laps or at the gym. I was a bit more shy than josh but i loved getting nude together, i would usually get semi hard in the showers and change rooms but would get a little embarrassed and had to try not to get fully erect, but often i couldnt stop myself. josh and i used to look at each others cocks anyway so if it was just us two in the shower i didnt care if i got hard, but if other guys came in i would try and hide it and get out pretty quick haha. Josh would just laugh if i got hard but he didnt seem to care. Sometimes if it was just us two, josh would get hard enough for his foreskin to peel back, but that just made mine harder!
As much as I got horny showering together and loved checking out joshs body and cock, i never thought much else would come of it. I was kinda curious about guys and i used to just sometimes jack off thinking about guys but i would never in a million years make a move on a guy because i was embarrassed and worried I'd be outed as gay!
One day i was at josh's house as per usual and we decided to take his dirt bike for a ride in the forest next to his house. We had BMX jumps there and dirt bike tracks and would often hang out there for an afternoon. There was only one dirt bike so I doubled him to the track and we would take turns riding the track. On this afternoon when i was doubling josh out there he was sitting really close behind me on the seat with his crotch right up against me. Dirt bikes are only one seat so it was pretty normal to end up pressed against each other when riding together, but today i could feel his hard cock pressing in to my back. It was an awesome feeling but i didnt think to much of it as sometimes josh would muck around like this, like occasionally if i was watching TV he would come up from behind and slap me on the side of my face with his cock as a joke.
The ride was only a couple of minutes but his hard cock was pressed against me the whole time. Dirt bikes are loud so we hadnt said anything about it till we got to the track. We we got to the track i turned the bike off and josh got off the back. He chuckled a bit and said "how hard was my cock on that ride!". I laughed and said "yeah i know, i could feel it sticking in my back!". I looked as his pants as i was getting off the bike and leaning it against a tree, his cock was fully hard and was pressing against his shorts at full mast. As soon as I had rested the bike josh just ripped my shorts down with no warning. We both looked down at my dick and it was completely soft as i had been concentrating on riding the bike. He laughed and said, "thats the first time i've seen it soft, your always usually hard". I laughed too saying "I know". Josh knelt down to his knees with his eyes fixed to my cock and an excited look in his eye. He rubbed the lips of my foreskin with one finger and straight away my cock began to grow. He kept rubbing it until my knob burst out of my foreskin and my cock was rock hard. It was the biggest hard on i think id ever had in my life. I was standing there with this massive hard on, my pants around my ankles and josh's face about 2 inches away from it. He looked up at my eyes, rested his hands onto my thighs and then slipped my rock hard cock into his mouth. His tongue slid along the base of my knob and his lips sealed around the rest of my knob.He inched his face foreward slowly taking more of my cock deeper in his mouth. As he still looked into my eyes i went a little weak in the legs, he felt this and had a smile with my dick in his mouth and twinkle in his eye. Then his eyes moved down to concentrate on what he was doing. I'd had plenty of blow jobs before from girls but josh's was something else. It was really sensual, gentle but tight. And he really sucked it with some pressure, not like some bj's where your dick is just sitting in their mouth. My dick was rock hard, i was so horny, and josh was so unbelieveably good and sucking I new i wasnt going to last long. Josh's rhythm began to get faster, his head moving quicker back and forth. He began to suck harder, like he was trying to suck something up a straw that just wouldnt come up. My legs began to shake so he held my thighs tighter with his hands. There was so much saliva on my cock and with josh's lips wrapped hard the gobbing noises were getting louder and louder. He had been sucking so hard and only breathing through his nose so he started making a moan at the end of each cycle of my cock moving deeper ans shallower in his mouth. It was all so amazing, i couldnt believe the star footballer and envy of all the girls was on his knees with my cock in his mouth going for broke. Josh hadnt let up for one bit when i felt my balls tighten up and i knew i was seconds away shooting maasive wads out my cock. I could sense josh knew this too but he didnt back away and just kept sucking hard. Sure enough with my cock deep in josh's mouth a huge orgasm came over i let out a big moan and blew my big load into josh's mouth. My moans were met equally with josh's moans as he tried to take my load and keep my cock in his mouth. He did it almost flawlessly, swallowing while still sucking hard. But as i shot out the last of my cum he let out a little cough and my warm jizz gushed out down his chin and all over my cock. He kept sucking though and his moan turned one of satisfaction and a slight laugh. He looked up at my eyes again with another smile, my cock still in his mouth, and my cum hanging off his chin. We stayed that way for a while as i enjoyed the most amazing floating feeling and slowly came back to earth. As my cock got slightly soften josh finally let it out of his mouth. He wiped his chin a bit, had a slight giggle and then said, "lets go fuck."

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