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Camping with Stepdaughter 13

During supper both girls faced the trail. I could tell without looking when a man was walking by. Lesly would get a big smile on her face and Susan’s face would turn red. Although Susan had been nude in front of me and most of the men in the camp, she was still shy about exposing herself when she could see where their eyes were looking and the lustful looks they would give her. I noticed as the sun was getting lower Lesly let the front of her robe open so that her breasts were nearly totally exposed. Susan was also starting to relax. When we were about finished I felt a small foot on my crotch. I looked at Susan and she had a naughty little smile on her face. I told them that they needed to clean up and then join me in the van. Before I left I took the ties to both of their robes. As they cleaned men would pause and watch. Lesly was making sure they were getting a good show. She let her robe slip sexily off of her shoulders exposing as much of her lovely body to them as possible. I watched as Susan became bolder and bolder. Occasionally she would reach up and rub one of her breasts. When they were done the came to the van took off their robes and came in.

I had the captains’ seat on the passengers side turned around to face the bed. I told them to kneel in front of me and kiss. Susan put her arms around Lesly’s neck and pulled her to her. They locked into a long sensuous kiss. I watched as their tongues mingled. Lesly slid her hand up to Susan’s breast and started pinching her nipple. Her other hand was caressing Susan’s tight little butt. Susan ran her hand slowly down Lesly’s flat stomach pausing for a moment at the soft patch of hair above her swollen little flower. She moved down and her finger lightly grazed Lesly’s hard pink clit. Lesly stiffened, her eyes closed and a soft moan escaped her lips. Lesly caressed Susan’s tiny little ass and Susan pulled Lesly closer. Her were two beautiful young women their firm breasts pressed together exploring each others bodies for me and who ever else could see them in the door way. I told them to move over to the bed.

I pushed Susan down on her back and spread her legs. I ran my hand up over her soft mound. Her young pussy lips were open and moist. I positioned Lesly between her legs and said isn’t she beautiful. Look at her soft little pussy, look how wet she is for you. Pleasure her. Smell her sweet scent. Susan was breathing hard. Her eyes were closed in anticipation. Lesly looked at me said I don’t know what I am doing. I told her to just do what she would want done to her. With that Lesly bent down, her tongue came out and touched Susan’s swollen clit. Susan’s back arched and she grabbed the covers on the bed. I said see, see what you are doing to your little lover, don’t be afraid. This time she let her tongue slip full length of her lovely pussy. Lesly looked at me and smiled and said she tastes good. I sat back and let nature take its course. Lesly started eating Susan’s pussy with uninhibited lust. You could here when she would suck her lips into her mouth. Susan was raising her hips and grinding into Lesly’s face. Lesly slid one finger and then two into Susan’s tight little hole. She reached up and rolled Susan’s aching nipples between her fingers. Her head started to flip from sided to side; she was breathing hard and moaning loudly. Susan’s whole body tensed up and she yelled I CUMMING, I CUMMING OH GOD EAT MY SWEAT PUSSY. Her body was shaking; she was pulling Lesly’s face into her pussy. I told Lesly to stop and wait for her orgasm to subside then flick her clit again with her tongue. She did and Susan orgasm started up again. When she settled down she pulled Lesly up and held her in her arms and kissed her a long loving kiss.

I didn’t have to tell Susan what to do. She rolled Lesly over on her back, spread her legs and buried her pretty little face in her quivering pussy. Lesly was out of control. Her hips were moving uncontrollably. She had her hand in her mouth and was biting down hard. She reached down and started pulling on her hard tingling nipples. She grabbed her breasts and then would run her hands down her smooth stomach through her soft red bush and up to her breasts again. She grabbed my hands and put them on her heaving breasts. She pulled me to her and ran her tongue down my throat. She was a woman possessed. She told me that she wanted me to fuck her throat. I put the tip of my swollen cock up to her soft lips. She twirled her tongue around over and under my mushroomed head She grabbed my ass and sucked me in clear up to my balls. She was going crazy. She wanted my salty fluid in her mouth and down her throat. She grabbed my cock and firmly stroked it up and down in rhythm with my thrusts. My nuts were tightening and I knew that I was getting close to giving Lesly what she wanted. I saw the familiar signs that she was about to cum. I pulled my cock out and slid my tongue in its place. Her body went rigid; she grabbed her breasts and shook for what seemed like minutes. She reached down and slid her hands down grabbing and pulling on her soaked pussy lips. Susan moved back up onto the bed and put her arms around me and said she wanted me to fuck her. I looked at Lesly and she nodded her approval. Susan laid down in front of me and spread her legs.

I put Susan’s legs up over my shoulders and told Lesly to guide me into her friend’s hot little pussy. She placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to Susan’s tight little hole and I pressed my hips towards hers. She put her little hands on my chest and asked me in a soft little voice please go slow. I told her to pull herself on to me. She grabbed my hips and slowly pulled me in a little at a time. She was looking into my eyes looking for my approval as I entered her. She would pull me in a bit more and then stop to let her pussy stretch to accommodate my girth. She did this until my 8 1\2 inches was all of the way in her. Her breathing was labored. I could feel the walls of her tight tunnel quivering trying to adjust to the size of my hard cock. I stayed still until she smiled and I started to slowly pull out. She grabbed my hips and whispered slow. Lesly gave her a kiss and started to suck on her hard nipples while running her hand gently down her stomach. It was almost more that I could take. Two perfect young females touching and kissing in front of me. The hot tight pussy wrapped around my swollen cock. I soon started moving my hips faster, pulling almost all the way out before plunging in until my nuts would smack Susan’s sweet little ass. Soon I was pounding into with my muscular ass. Her firm young breasts were bouncing wildly on her chest. Lesly licked her fingers and started rubbing Susan’s clit. Every time I would f***e my way in she would let out a loud whimper. Then she arched her back and slid over the edge into second orgasm. She held her breath and then let out moan and then just laid there limp and then her whole body would jerk. Her pussy would clamp down on my cock and try to push me out of her soaked little hole. . I took her legs off of my shoulders and looked down at her hot young pussy as pulled out my throbbing cock. Her outer lips were no longer pink, but red and swollen. Her inner lips stretched as the stuck to my cock. Her tight little hole had been stretch and was gaping open, with her thick pussy juice running out and down the crack of her little ass. I bent down crushing her flushed breasts between us. She put her hands around my neck and slid her tongue into my mouth and gave me a very lusty kiss.

Lesly gave me a little smile and kneeled down on the floor, resting her chest on the bed. She reached around with her hands and spread her ass cheeks so I would have access to her young pussy. I moved behind her and slid my cock into her soaking pussy. She was now getting used to my size. I looked at Susan still spread eagle on the bed with her hands cupping her just fucked pussy. She slid her fingers through her swollen pussy and then licked her fingers clean. Lesly looked over her shoulder and told me that she wanted me to fuck her hard. So that is what she got. I grabbed her hair and pulled her chest up off of the bed arching her back. I was slamming into so hard that I was picking her up off of the floor. She yelled OH YES FUCK THAT PUSSY, FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL HARD. You could hear her juices gushing out of her steamy pussy with every inward thrush of my fat cock. Susan came down and lay between our legs and started licking Lesly’s pussy as it would fly past her face and rubbing my balls. Lesly started bucking against me as hard as she could. I let go of her hair and grabbed her shapely hips and continued to hit her hard. She let out a scream. I shoved into her deep I could feel the tip of my cock penetrate her cervix. I reached under her and pulled her body up to mine squeezing her breasts. I then slammed into her again and her pussy clenched down on my cock as she started to come. She shook and started to cry. Her pussy felt like a fist clamped around my cock. Squeezing over and over forcing her slick fluid down our legs. When she had finally came back to her senses she lifted herself off of me and turned and told me that she loved me.

It was now my turn. I lay down flat on my back on the bed. Lesly and Susan joined me. Susan put the tip of my aching cock up to her little mouth and licked the head. Lesly grabbed my balls and then licked all the way up my shaft ending with a kiss with Susan. They took turns taking me into their mouths. Lesly took the whole length of me down her throat and then looked up at me and said you like fucking my face don’t you daddy. Susan would try, but would gag. Lesly would show her again. After about three or four times Susan was learning to swallow when it hit the back of the throat. They would stop and both lick the head while their tongues intermingled. I felt myself getting ready to unload and told them. I grabbed Lesly’s hair and fucked her mouth shoving hard down her throat until I started to blow my load. I pulled out and shot some in her mouth and then turned and gave Susan her share. They both had my thick cum dripping off their faces. They licked me clean and then kissed each other and licked the cum off each others faces. We crawled up on the bed with one on either side of me. It was dark by now so we all went out and took a shower together. I looked at these two little beauties and could not believe my luck. I heard a noise in the trees. We had company while the three of us were making love. I wondered what they were thinking. We went back into the van dried each other off and went to bed. I was in heaven sandwiched between my two young lovers.

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