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My Bi Fantasy Part One

Ok so I'd been traight all my life, had my fair share of women and sex and been confident of my sexuality. I liked looking at straight porn and regularly "got off" to it.

I then began to think what precisely excited me about straight porn. Was it the excitement of seeing and hearing a woman enjoying a raw, beautiful fuck from a stud? sure it was! Was it seeing a guys big cock ramming in and out of a chicks tight ass? you bet! and was it the glorious sight of a mans jism all over her face at the end? Err.... yes!

I was obviously relating to the stud in the skin flick, beating my meat to the hot action wishing it was me nailing that ass ... or was I?

It began to dawn on me that I actually liked some of the cocks that I was watching and was it such a bad thing if I did? No it wasnt, otherwise straight guys would only watch lesbian movies! I then came to the conclusion that, like me,other guys must be occasionally appreciating the other blokes meat as well.

Once I'd got that hang up out of the way it didnt take a great leap of imagination that you could have bi feelings and still like sex with women. I then began to fantasize as to what would be the best situation in which to have my first bi-experience.

I decided it would have to be outside, somewhere quite and private (obviously!) and in the summer with a cool breeze. The situation would be that I'd gone for a run deep into the woods but hadnt been going long before I needed to stop for a pee.

I wasnt too hot and bothered by this time, just glowing nicely, I stopped behind a tree, making sure no one was about and took my cock out for a piss. My cock felt good and after finishing my leak and it began to grow stiff in my hand, almost demanding a wank!

My testicies were hanging out of my shorts and a cool breeze blew around them and it felt fantastic. I began to slowly pull my foreskin back and forth over my shiny and swollen bell end. My thickly veined cock felt big and stiff in the bright English sunshine. For a short time I felt oblivious to my surroudings, enjoying the pleasure my rock hard meat was giving me. Was I mad? I could get caught if someone was walking their dog or something!

I was having a danager wank and it felt fantastic to be in the great outdoors.

I then heard a branch break a little distance in front of me, through the trees. Shit! I thought, I wasnt alone in the woods, this could be really bad.

Really, really bad, it was another man!

I hastily stuffed my still throbbing member into my shorts and tried to causully walk back to the path. My heart was pounding...

You'll have to wait till next week for part 2!!!!!

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