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Parkin Job

It was a very beautiful evening the night mom suggested we go for a ride in the car. Mom drove with certainty to a secluded area out off a farm road. I was curious to why we were there, and no sooner did I find out when mom gave me the reason why. She pulled her shorts off and showed me her wet throbbing pussy. Her long legs were spread wide apart across the front seat in parallel with my eyes. She aked if I liked what I see and winked. I was awe struck viewing her nicely shaven pink wet pussy. My cock instantly became rock solid, and was giving my hand signals to touch her womanhood. I played with her by rubbing her pretty clit while she moaned gently to the music on the radio. She managed to pull my shorts down and started to stroke my fiery red hard cock. Our genitals desired a horny connection, she then pulled me in close inviting me to fuck her. My boyhood slid so easily in to moms wet snatch as I buried my bone balls deep. She grabbed my ass with both hands and had me quicken the pace. Before I knew it, I was fucking my mom good and hard. She was talking very dirty as I slammed her soaking wet slit. All of a sudden she started cumming on my piping hot cock. Her juices were all over my cock and balls, and as the intensity grew from the long hard thrusts I was allowed to do, I started filling moms pussy with shot after shot after shot of thick hot cum. I filled her cunt with a overflowing amount of jizz as she sat there dipping her fingers and taking tastes of the salty boy sauce her son had given her.

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