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Shy Wife gets Nasty in a Adult Theater (my version

Moving from Vimmerby to Gothenburg opened up a whole new world and wild adventures for my husband and i.
Coming from a real small town i was very shy and timid when it came to sex.
It took some talking just to get me to watch porn with him, so he knew getting me to go to a adult theater was going to be tough.
Don`t get me wrong our sex life was great and he was nasty as hell but only in our bedroom.
Hell i was open minded and ready and willing to try new things.
So i he did not give up talking and asking me about going. then one night when we were out having couple of beers.
OK LETS GO! i said. where? i asked.
To that nasty movie theater you want to go to! we decided to have a couple more beers before we went and i order some shots to get her feeling little braver.
OK lets go the he said.
This is going to be fun he told me, little did i know just how much fun.
As we walked in we noticed there were only guys in there a few in the back sitting to gather and the rest were sitting alone.
I can tell you that i was real nervous cause i would not let go of hy husbands arm. we sat down and started watching the movie.
Both started to getting horny, he reached over and started playing with my tits. when he started undoing my blouse i stopped him.
You know every guy in here would love to see your tits he told me.
WOW i`ll bet you are right i am the only girl in here, but are you OK with it? i asked.
Hell yes it would be hot as hell knowing these guys were getting off watching my nasty wife!
He smiled at me and finished unbuttoning my blouse and exposed my tits for all to see. i reached over and undid his pants and pulled his cock out and started stoking it.
Look at that guy i said. My husband had his cock out playing with it. As i watched another guy playing with his hard cock.
We noticed another guy sit down just a couple of seats from us and he pulled his cock out and stroking on it.
You got to feel this i said and pushed my husbands down between my legs, my pussy was soaking wet. you are liking this uh?
Yes and so are you i said. as i started sucking on my husbands cock.
My husband waved to the other guy over next to us.
Can i touch the guy asked.
Sure if it is OK with my wife.
Please do i am so horny i said. Me too honey my husband answered.
The guy did not waste no time he reached over and started finger fucking my cunt. As my husband played with my tits.
Go ahead my husband told me. Can i i asked. Hell yes do it, my husband said . My husband watched me as i reach over and take a hold of the other guys cock.
This was the first time i touched another mans cock since we got married.
I saw that my husband was loving it and so was the other guy.
There where three guys around us with there cocks out and watching us.
Go ahead you can touch her if you want, my husband told the rest of the guys.
It was not long before there was hands all over me and i was going wild!
That put my husband over the edge and he started shooting cum every where.
Then it was the other guy, and what a load it was!
My husband had his arm around me when she felt something wet, we looked back to see the two guys behind us were cumming too.
Fuck me you got to lick me right now i told my husband
I stood up and he took my skirt off and sat down on his face being so horny.
It did not take long and i was screaming of his tongue licking me.
As i was bouncing my pussy on my husbands tongue another guy came over and shot his cum all over my tits.
The guy that was sitting next to us stood up and offered me his cock.
I looked back at my husband.
Go ahead he told me.
Are you sure? i asked.
Yes suck his cock he told me.
I could not believe how much i liked my husband watching me as i suck on another mans cock!
All of a sudden the other guy grabbed the back of my head and started filling her mouth full of his hot cum!
I did not even try to pull away, i kept my lips wrapped around his cock till he had finished shooting his load!
With his cum still in my mouth i leaned back and swallowed the load.
Suddenly the adult theater lit up.
The janitor said "Time to go! "
Me and my husband put our clothes on and we where taken out the backdoor by the janitor.
with the words "Please do come back anytime"

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