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My wife is going to dress me up as a woman then fu

I just turned my wife onto the idea of dressing me up in sexy women's outfits and putting makeup on me. I have wore her cloths with makeup before but I'm excited about getting her involved. I used a strap-on that she fucked me with that's bright pink and vibrates when i dress up without her knowing when she is at work. I get so turned on when wearing girls cloths and love anal toying a lot. So the other night i told my wife i keep having a reoccurring fantasy of dressing up as a girl and trying on her clothes and makeup. At first she was hesitant and said no but i explained that i would do anything she wanted ever. Then i told her i just wanna try it because its a reoccurring fantasy and if she didn't like it then we didn't have to do it again. She has a lot of sexy outfits that make me look hot when i play with my strap-on. I just can't wait till she can fuck me with the strap-on because it feels so much better when she fucks me with it instead of me toying with it. She wants to buy a tight leather outfit to dominate me because that is her fantasy so i convinced her to fuck me dressed as a girl. I have a video posted of me anal toying and will post more pictures and videos soon. My wife is pregnant too so it her tits are huge and very hot.

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