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Niece Beth and My Wife

Niece Beth and my Wife

(Sequel to “Niece Beth Gets It”)

By billy69boy

Disclaimer: All of my stories, and all the characters, are fictional, and are not meant to resemble any real persons. No u******e people have been harmed or otherwise exploited in the creation of this, or any, of my fantasy stories.

Our beautiful niece Beth stayed with us for two weeks during the summer. She had just recently turned 16, and she was growing up to be a vision of beauty. She was getting taller, curvier, and more delectable right before our very eyes, it seemed. Sometimes, just watching her walk around would take my breath away. She possessed the most beautiful ass I have ever seen, and I’ve checked out a lot of asses in my day, believe me.

It was a Saturday, and the three of us were just finishing a leisurely breakfast together. It was already hot and steamy out, and the air was thick with humidity. I was getting ready to drive over to the Home Center to pick up some fencing materials.
“What do you two ladies have planned for the morning?” I asked.
“After we take care of these dishes, we’ll probably go for a nice dip in the pool,” my wife Barb replied, “what do you think, Beth?”
“Oh, that sounds great, I’m already sweating, and it’s only ten in the morning!” Beth exclaimed.
“Sounds great, then, I’ll see you two in a couple of hours,” I said, as I walked out the door.
I was on the road for 15 minutes, and decided to gas up my truck. As I waited in line at the service station, I realized I had forgotten my wallet. DAMN! Was I pissed off at myself! There was nothing to do but turn around and go back home to get it.
When I arrived, I didn’t bother to pull into the driveway. I figured I’d just run in and run right out again. As I entered the house, I decided to quick run up to the bathroom before I went back out. As I stood over the toilet, I glanced out the back window, which overlooked our in-ground pool. Beth and my wife were already out there in their bikini clad splendor. Beth was floating around on a tube, reading what looked to be a romance novel, judging by the book cover. Barb pulled a bottle of sunscreen from her beach bag, and waded towards her niece. In her mid-thirties, my wife cut a fine figure, and she still looked great in a slinky bikini. I was proud of her for working out regularly, and staying fit and trim.

I flushed the toilet, but decided to stick around for a bit, as lustful thoughts abounded in my head. The girls hadn’t heard me pull up, and they didn’t see me upstairs looking down at them. Barb had her back to the window, as she motioned for Beth to sit up while she applied the sunscreen to her back. Innocent enough, I thought, a little disappointed. I chastised myself for having such a dirty mind. I saw Beth lay back into the inner tube she was floating on, and I was surprised to see my wife continue applying more cream to Beth’s neck and shoulders, then her arms, and down her belly. She squeezed some more cream onto each of Beth’s legs and slowly rubbed it in. Then, something amazing happened: Barb took the book from my sexy niece, and put it by the side of the pool. She waded back to the young girl and unhooked her bikini top from the front. She gently persuaded her to sit up a little, and then she completely removed it! I couldn’t believe my eyes, but it was enough to generate an instant hard-on.

Beth’s tits weren’t all that big, but they were round and firm and perky. My wife squirted more sunscreen on each of them, and began massaging the cream into Beth’s nubile breasts. Beth threw her head back, and allowed herself to indulge in the forbidden pleasure that her aunt had offered. I was all ready to blow my load right then and there, but I got control of myself, and glued my eyes to the window. I didn’t want to miss one second of this show. Watching Barb’s gentle touch with her niece was so erotic and so beautiful. She kept rubbing and massaging Beth’s tits until her nipples stood straight out. Then, Barb did something else that caused my eyes to bulge out, along with my cock: she reached behind her own back, unclasped her bikini top, and threw it to the side of the pool.

She leaned over and kissed Beth full on her lips. To my surprise, Beth didn’t seem the least bit nervous or uncomfortable. In fact, she returned my wife’s advances, making full use of her tongue as well. I was ready to climb out of my skin with lustful excitement. This demonstration was too good to be true, I thought, but apparently, I hadn’t seen anything yet: Beth’s butt was jutting through the hole in the tube, and I couldn’t see it underwater. But when my wife’s hand disappeared underneath that inner tube, and Beth’s legs twitched noticeably in response, I surmised what was taking place. As the two horny girls kept tongue wrestling, Barb pulled her submerged hand out of the water, and briefly reached around each side of Beth’s hips. Sure enough, she had deftly untied the thin strings on either side of Beth’s bikini bottom. She dipped her hand back under the water, and instantly pulled her hand back to the surface, clutching Beth’s tiny piece of material in her hand. She threw it out of the pool, and plunged her hand under the tube once again.

I could see Beth spread her legs wider, as she reached out to touch her aunt’s ample breasts. I couldn’t really see if she was kneading them, or squeezing them, but I knew Barb loved it, because she threw her own head back in response to her teenaged niece’s breast fondling. All the while, Barb’s underwater hand shook vigorously, and Beth’s leg twitching turned into uncontrollable squirming.

I could see on Beth’s face that her aunt was instructing her to do something. Next thing I know, Beth pulls her gorgeous ass up out of the hole in the tube, and she rests it on the edge, while Barb holds the tube steady. At that point, I guess my wife told her to pull her legs back and hold onto them, because that’s what she did. Without hesitation, my wife buried her face in between Beth’s long, athletic legs, and began sucking the young girl’s sweet pussy for all she was worth. I could hear Beth groan with a****l lust, even through the closed window and the A/C. Soon, Beth’s whole body went into what looked like convulsions, and she thrashed around under Barb’s single minded mouth action. Beth was grabbing and pawing at her own engorged nipples by now, but my wife kept sucking and licking her hairless love box until Beth grabbed handfuls of Barb’s hair, as if begging her to please stop.

Barb looked up at her, and pointed a finger at her, as if to tell her not to move. She waded the few feet over to her beach bag, and came back with a good sized pink dildo. She presented it to Beth’s face, and pushed it into the girl’s mouth. Beth had a shocked look in her eyes, but she complied nonetheless. After Beth got the rubber sex toy wet with her saliva, Barb wasted no time inserting it into her niece’s vagina. I couldn’t see the actual penetration, because my wife blocked my view, but when the pool water began rippling in constant small waves, I knew my niece was getting fucked good and hard by my wife’s play toy. Beth resumed manipulating her own budding tits, as she lay back and enjoyed the ride.

Barb fucked that young girl for several minutes without letting up. I could see that she was saying something to her niece, because Beth kept nodding her head up and down, and smiling a lot. I had to stop even touching myself so I wouldn’t lose my concentration. Soon, Beth’s body was jerking and lurching wildly again, and it was obvious she was enjoying another intense orgasm. After her gyrations subsided, Barb surprised me again by sliding the dildo out of Beth’s cunt, and immediately covering Beth’s freshly fucked vagina with her mouth. She sucked Beth’s cum juice out, licking and swallowing as she went.

Ravaged, but satisfied, Beth lay motionless as her aunt guided the tube to shallow water. Barb leaned down and kissed her breathless niece on her lips long and tenderly. She finally helped Beth off of the tube, and they held hands as they made their way to the lounge chair next to the pool. Barb stopped long enough to gather up her beach bag and put the pink dildo away. She got Beth to lie on her back on the chaise lounge, as she produced a set of soft wrist restraints from her bag. Beth allowed Barb to wrap the Velcro cuffs around her wrists, and she dropped her arms to each side of the chair, as instructed. Barb reached under the chair and clipped the two cuffs together. She stood up and looked down at her lovely, restrained niece. Straddling the chair, she leaned over the girl and tweaked her nipples, then gently twisted each one between her fingers and thumbs. Beth squirmed around a little in discomfort. Barb began fondling her teenaged niece’s pert tits more vigorously, and the girl thrashed about, but had no place to go. Suddenly, and much to my surprise, Barb started slapping Beth’s tits back and forth, back and forth, until they were noticeably pink, then almost red. I could hear Beth groan in protest, as her head jerked from side to side. Then, Barb cupped the teenager’s breasts in her hands, squeezed them gently, and kissed and licked them lovingly. Beth seemed to calm down and relax a bit, but my wife had other plans. She stood straight up, and began to slap the young girl’s tits again, only with more gusto, intent on stinging them intensely. Beth thrashed about, but she was helpless to stop her aunt, who worked herself into a sexual frenzy.

Just as abruptly, my wife stopped her slapping, and moved up towards Beth’s head, while still straddling the chair. When she positioned herself over Beth’s face, she slowly untied her own bikini bottom and removed it. I could see Beth’s eyes widen, as Barb squatted down and sat her wet pussy directly onto Beth’s incredulous mouth. I was going insane watching this scene continue to unfold before me. Barb grabbed Beth’s long blonde hair, and began riding the girl’s mouth like she was riding a mechanical bull in a saloon. She mouth-fucked that little girl for so long, I was afraid she would suffocate her! Finally, I could see my wife writhing uncontrollably, until she drenched Beth’s face in her love juice. Oh my, but what a ride, and what an amazing visual experience for me. But, there were still more surprises to come.

After Barb regained control of her heaving body, she got off the chair, turned around and placed one foot on each side of Beth’s slick face. Then she slowly crouched down until her ass was lined up with Beth’s mouth. She said something to Beth, who tried in vain to escape her obvious predicament. This earned her several sharp slaps to her reddened tits, and some quick squeezes, until she complied with her aunt’s orders. Sure enough, she stuck her tongue out, and Barb eased her ass pucker slowly downward, until Beth was licking her aroused asshole. Her hips gyrated over Beth’s tongue, and she fondled her own tits as she enjoyed this wonderful anal tongue lashing with her eyes closed. Soon, she was sliding back and forth on the girl’s mouth, forcing her to alternately tongue her pussy and ass, until her body shuddered once again, and she squirted another load of cum into her niece’s mouth. Finally satiated, she got up from the chair, and released Beth’s wrists, helping the shocked girl to her feet.

After a warm embrace and a few quick kisses, she spun the girl around and directed her to kneel at the end of the lounge chair. She pushed her head down and grabbed her wrists underneath again, and locked them together. I loved seeing my darling niece with her tight, mouth-watering ass jutting up into the air. I would have loved to be standing behind her at that point, but I was a mere observer in this amazing scenario, and being the loving uncle that I was, I vowed to continue observing to the best of my ability. My vigilance was immediately rewarded! My naked wife placed a mat on the deck and knelt down behind my niece’s vulnerable ass. She slowly massaged Beth’s ass, spreading her cheeks wider and wider with each pass of her hands. I could see that she was tensing up her fingers, and squeezing ever harder as she went. She must have been asking or telling something to Beth, because Beth was nodding and smiling. Then, Barb spread her ass wide open, and covered the girl’s asshole entirely with her mouth. She sucked and tongued my niece’s ass with animated enthusiasm, causing the young girl to wiggle and squirm uncontrollably. I was so jealous my head was spinning, but my eyes remained glued to the action below.

Barb worked on the teen girl’s asshole until the poor girl was shrieking in delight. But, before she reached her third orgasm, my wife stopped and stood up. She opened her beach bag, and pulled out a good sized black dildo that had straps attached: My wife had a strap-on? Wow, who knew? She walked around to face Beth, and she showed it to the youngster, dangling the straps in front of her face. I couldn’t see Beth’s face, but I could see her slowly shake her head from side to side, while Barb smiled and nodded her head up and down in response.

Slowly and deliberately, Barb stepped into the harness and pulled it up over her hips, right in front of Beth’s face. She adjusted the straps, and then she walked around behind the girl’s upturned ass. She smacked Beth’s ass back and forth several times with her open hand, then she slid one finger, then two fingers into our niece’s saliva-lubed forbidden hole. She worked them deeper and deeper, until they disappeared from view. Beth made some effort to avoid the intrusion, but she really had no choice in the matter. Barb pulled her two fingers out, pulled the girl’s head up off the chair by her hair, and thrust both fingers down her throat rather sternly. Then she repeated the maneuver: fingers in her ass, then back into her mouth, with a few more ass slaps for good measure. She did this four or five times until she was satisfied that Beth’s asshole was well lubricated with her own saliva. Finally, she f***ed the black strap-on into her niece’s mouth for more lubrication. She was none too gentle, forcing the stiff rubber toy deep into the back of her throat until the girl choked and gagged on it. I braced myself, as I watched my aroused wife walk around behind the most beautiful ass in the world, line the head of the dildo up with her juicy dark opening, and work the head of it in past her sphincter muscle.

I could hear Beth yelp in protest, but she got quiet in a hurry when her aunt reached underneath, and grabbed her tits and squeezed them roughly, followed but a few more heavy slaps on her ass. Having tamed her young charge, she concentrated on her main mission. Barb grabbed hold of her niece’s hips, and began to thrust her strap-on deeper and deeper into Beth’s tender asshole. Once again, my wife was blocking my view, and I couldn’t see how much of the black cock she was burying with each stroke. But I did see her own ass moving back and forth, in and out, faster and faster, as the young teen got a first class ass reaming from her sex-crazed aunt. She pounded that little girl’s ass for the next several minutes. Her strokes got longer and stronger, as she stood behind her young niece and fucked her ass so hard, she was moving the lounge chair across the patio inch by delicious inch. Just as I was convinced my wife couldn’t come up with anything else, she slid the strap-on out of Beth’s gaping ass opening and walked around to the front of the chaise lounge. She straddled the chair and took a few steps towards Beth. She reached down and lifted Beth’s head off the chair by her hair. She pointed the slick black dildo at her face and f***ed the teen to stick out her tongue and lick her own anal juices from the cock.

Satisfied that the strap-on was squeaky clean, Barb took her place behind her niece’s quivering ass once again. Only this time she rammed it into Beth’s unsuspecting pussy. The girl didn’t feel any pain, because her pussy was well lubed with her own slippery cream. Barb held onto her young charge tightly, and banged away on her cunt. After twenty or thirty deep strokes, Barb pulled the black dildo out of Beth’s overworked pussy, and immediately re-entered the girl’s still gaping asshole. Beth was moaning and squirming as she took that thick cock deep into her tight anal opening again and again. I couldn’t believe Barb continued to m***** her niece’s sweet ass, but she just kept going. Quite a bit of time had elapsed…perhaps twenty minutes time, as Barb kept switching back and forth between her niece’s soaking wet pussy, and trembling anal canal. Finally, she reached down and pushed three fingers into Beth’s slippery cunt, and rubbed her swollen clit with her thumb, as she continued pumping her ass with the strap-on. I watched Beth’s ass begin to tremble and quake, and sure enough, she exploded once again in orgasmic ecstasy, as she writhed and spasmed out of control.

Barb slid her fat dildo out of Beth’s exhausted ass, and knelt down behind her. She tenderly licked Beth’s ass clean, and slurped up the sweet little girl cum from her sopping wet, bald pussy. Beth held still until her aunt was done, then she collapsed on the chaise lounge, totally spent. Barb reached under the chair and unlatched Beth’s wrists, and removed the restraints. She leaned over her beloved niece’s body, and gently and lovingly massaged her shoulders, back, and legs. She planted tender kisses all over the back of Beth’s flawless body, and playfully ran her fingers through the girl’s long hair, straightening out some of the tangles.
As for myself, I exploded about the same time as Beth did. I came so hard, I got dizzy and weak-kneed, and I thought I was going to faint. But after sitting down and watching my wife caressing our hot young niece, I came to my senses, and realized I better get the hell out of there before I got caught. I felt like I just watched the greatest show on earth. I didn’t want to leave, but I didn’t want to ruin it all by getting discovered. That could get messy. So, I snuck down the stairs, grabbed my wallet, and slipped out the front door. Luckily, I had parked my truck out on the street, far enough away from the backyard pool that they wouldn’t be able to hear me start it up. As I eased the truck down the road, visions of hot teen girl sex danced in my head. Of course, I had some questions: was this the first time together for my wife and niece, or did they fuck each other all the time? I doubt it was a spontaneous event, because my wife certainly planned ahead, considering the things she pulled out of her beach bag. Did Beth know what was going to happen, or was she just as surprised as I was?

It also answered a different question that had been lingering in the back of my mind: Is this why Beth hasn’t been interested in “playing” with me lately? Maybe she has discovered that she likes girl-girl sex better than girl-boy sex. Perhaps that would explain why she’s been acting so indifferent towards me lately. As I drove along, I decided I would investigate further. Now, I needed to devise a plan…

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