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Aunty takes good care of me(part 2)

aunty betty gives me her towling robe to point in getting you back into clothes especially with those casts.i put the robe has her perfume and body perfume .dont you just love that smell.she puts on a white t-shirt dress.throws a chain belt round the i in heaven or what?.she looks like a goddess.

she helps me to the kitchen and i sit on a counter chair.i watch as she prepares the salad.steak and salad .you need to keep your strength up for what i have in mind she giggles.not quite the way i had things planned.but we will make do.

i ask what she means and i am pleasantly surprised by her response.she tells me she had been watching me grow into a handsome boy.she tells me she had planned to come into my room that night and slip in beside me.she wanted to teach me all the things that turn her on .to show me new techniques so when i went to college i could satisfy any girl i wanted.and show them the things she was going to show me. in return all she wants is when she asks me back (and she said she would)that i return and satisfy an old aunty.i told her she wasnt old and how much i had desired her.she said that she knew.she was also worried that it was her faiult i fell off the ladder.

she had been beside the window watching me up the ladder and started daydreaming about me.what it would be like to have this virile young stud. none of the neighbours would give it a reason to suspect a nephew and aunty.she said she was rubbing her slacks and feeling really horny and turned on.slipped her hand down her panties and started to rub her pussy and clit.slipping her other hand to feel her breasts and tweek her nipples.i was getting pretty aroused hearing this.that was when you fell off the ladder and i felt i was to blame.i thought you had seen me she said.

i hadnt but i wish i had.she gets two longneck beers from fridge.i know you arent 21 but its not your first beer.same as im not the first girl.she may not be the first girl but she is certainly the first that is going to teach me.

i watch and listen as she talks and swallows her beer.the meal is progressing very cock is rising as i see how she fingers the bottle neck.she knows what she is doing and knows how hard i am.she comes round and kisses me .
she squeezes my penis with her cold tip is oozing at her kiss and touch.she runs her finger round and round the head gaining every drop and licks it.she tells me how sweet tasting my cum was and this juice will do her till anyone my age i want it all now.but for the moment i am content to watch her move round the counter and see all her curves and pronounced nipples proudly jutting forth .

after my steak i wonder how we will manage.i cant thrust with a leg in a cast.i cant use my arm the way i want.but no need to worry aunty has it all worked out.
we go to her bedroom.she peels off her dress.i am still overwhelmed by the beauty of her body.she helps remove the robe.she notices how ready i am.i make a joke "i was born ready for u aunty".well i was about to find out.

she got a chair(the high backed kind)put a pillow on it so my back wouldn get if i cared about that.she made sure i was comfortable.she got down on her knees and started to play with my cock.i was bone hard but she wanted to play and tease me.i gently flicked her nipples.she licked my balls.taking one at a time into her mouth rolling her tongue round them.she jerked my cock as she did it.i was enjoying this she raised herself up and straddled my waist,lowering herself down onto my cock.not all at once just slowly inching down until all my cock was buried into her moist beautiful vagina.her arms round my neck and kissing me.soft and gentle to begin but harder and harder thrusting her tongue further and fiercer into my mouth.she began moving up and down my shaft faster and faster.occasionally stopping at its summit and contracting her vaginal one point i thought i would come out.but aunty was too experienced for that.she whispered she wouldnt loose me.i could feel her pussy juices flowing down my felt great.great that i was fucking my aunty and great that she wanted me.she told me to hold on and tell her to stop if i felt i was ready to cum.i guessed she knew how young guys were.all too ready to shoot.especially when the oposition arent quite ready.she grabbed the base of my cock really hard.she whispered that should delay if for another while.she took my finger and sucked it .i wondered what she was doing but it soon became clear.she took it to the door of her ass.and inserted it tiny bit at a time.she moaned with pleasure.she told me to waggle it inside her ass .i always do what aunty tells me.
so there we are kissing shes going up and down on my cock and im fingering her ass.well i certainly wasnt expecting this when i came.even with a broken arm and leg.this was definately fun.
i feel my juices coming to the boil .so i break from kissing and saliva swapping and tell her.ok she says.she raises herself up a little and takes my cast hand and places my thumb on her clit and says i should rub it.this is all new to me my cock inside her my finger up her ass and clit rubbing.well she did say she would teach cock is ready to go again and this time i want to cum in her pussy.i know i will recover quickly enough for another lesson(hopefully)
i press my finger in her ass further and i m sure i can feel my cock in her as she rises and falls.i kiss aunty and tell her i am near..wiggle that finger she shouts.she kisses me hard again and again .
i feel myself twitch i feel her god aunty and i are cuming at the same time.i kiss her hard this time .i want to be kissing her as i cum.but she breaks off and lets out a scream.i thought id hurt her but she lets out several more screams and collapses down.i can feel her juices and mine mingeling together.i was thinking it was like a stir fry.she recovers her breathing and i twitch my finger as i remove it from her butt.she tells me she will get off as she must be heavy.i said i hadnt noticed.i was too happy.she still had her arms round my i kissed her .i could feel my penis begin to contract and flob from her.she raised herself completely off me now.she stands before me saying lesson 1 is almost complete.i thought it had been but no she says its only complete when youve tidied up.with that she stated to lick our juices and clean my cock up.even sweeter when there is two.she giggled.but before lesson two i think i need to give your balls and pubic hair a cut shave and blowdry.
even i started to giggle.what the hell.i was having fun and the time of my life.

to be continued???


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