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Naturism and growing up

As previously stated naturism and sexual activities go hand in hand. The purist will cry 'Foul!' but I say from my experiences, even the whiter than white families, or put another way, those families that cling to the notion that free nudity is sexless, are full of Bull!
Here is the irony, many men get erections at the sight of a naked girl, but the true naturists dont, they just hide it better, get it? Those with clothes get pumped up, those nude remain flacid.
But what about in private, away from prying eyes, in campsites and hotel rooms.
I would be accurate in stating that many times walking past an open tent men would sit there and jack off as I passed by. I saw men on numerous occassions shoot sperm as I passed, not an optunistic moment for me, but more timed to perfection by the performer for me to witness.
Some holidays this was a daily viewing experience and admittedly, I wandered through the campsite, casually looking left and right and stopping long enough for these lost souls to finish their dirty deed.
I was not alone in these short prominades. I used to pass girls of all ages doing exactly the same as me, some alone and some in small groups, standing outside a tent, watching the owner come to a conclusion then giggling off happy to have seen and inadvertably helped.
I remember at a get-together being invited to sit on the lap of a friend of my mothers, around a table, where everyone sat eating and drinking and being boisterous.
I was sitting with one leg either side of his, pulled up close and had his pubic hair on my bum and his penis lying lengthwise along my vagina.
Looking down I could clearly see his enormous cock sticking out of my crotch and marveled at how nice it felt whenever I moved.
Of course these feeling were awkenings and like anything good, you learned to maximise to enjoy and maintain the new feeling, so I moved on it and in return he got an erection.
Soon enough he was sticking up between my legs and at one point he took hold of my buttocks and pulled them apart allowing his erection to come into full contact with my vagina.
The rest was easy after that slight adjustment, all I had to do was close my legs and part slide and part clench and relax my buttocks, like the proverbial duck, calm on surface but frentic action below the surface.
We were both enjoying it. I knew it was illegle, we knew, but it was happening and we both were benifiting from our interaction and both maintained this pressure on our respective sex organs, until he released his seed.
A long long time has passed since that encounter and if my mother had know what had transpired that afternoon, she would never had married him.
Needless to say, by keeping this experience to myself I told him, in a roundabout way, he was marrying into a nice harem of females, who had his interests at heart.
My two older s****rs were of course, non virgins. They had always been sexually active for as long as I had known them and were also targets on these holidays and from what I gather made a lot of guys happy with their exploits.
I remember the oldest coming back to the tent we slept in with a man to have sex with. I pretended to sl**p, which was a rule she insisted on, so I lie there listening to their love making, in all its smells, noises and dirty mouthings. She was a slutty mouthed girl who liked to have a good hump and the man performing on her got his end away with consumate ease and total comittment.
Of course I would endure his probings as I lay alongside them as they humped each other, and when s*s slept, little s*s was the after diner sweet, primed and ready to go, all that was required was for him to turn around to me, and another f****y cunt was there waiting to be probed.
Such was the true nature of nudity and f****y holidays.
Take a look on the video section in this site and see the fucking on the nude beaches, the teen girls cavorting in the water with the old men, like I did in one of my posts, yes we were fucking in the water in front of everyone and it was a kind of unspoken rule, we all knew we were doing but no one said boo, as you would be next, like a pass around for all to try.
The only thing we never filmed was the floating sperm frequently ejected from the endless supply of cock, eager to pump the young flesh up for it.
I used to wonder if the salinity of the ocean was from the copious amounts of semen we girls secreted from our vaginas and mouths, during those hot naked summers.

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