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Two Moms, Two Sons Chapter One

Jessica Denver removed her glasses and propped herself onto her elbows. Her gaze moved across the yard and settled on her son, Jason as he lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it onto a table beside the pool. He had grown up. He'd grown up a lot. His body was lean and tight, every muscle in his body defined and youthful. Before diving into their newly installed pool, Jason noticed his mother watching him from across the way. He smiled brightly and waved.

Jessica smiled back.

She loved her son and he'd grown into a remarkable young man. He was bright, he was intelligent and he was sweet in an irresistible, boyish way that made her proud. She'd done her best to raise him right and she couldn't help but feel as if she'd succeeded.

Lying beside Jessica, every inch of her womanly curves packed into a bright yellow bikini that left little to the imagination, was her best friend, Donna. Donna's eyes were glued on Jason's every move as well. She was intently watching him swim from one end of the pool to the other – paying extra close attention to his ass as is crested the surface. She was openly ooogling the boy, and it was making Jason's mother just a bit uncomfortable.

Jessica playfully put her hand over her friend's eyes. "Stop it."

"Stop what?" Donna responded with a giggle before brushing her friend's hand away and returning her attention to Jason's muscular teen back slicing through the water.

"Come on. I'm serious. Stop staring at my son like that."

Despite the pleas of her longtime friend, Donna's eyes never left the pool. She absentmindedly traced one of her nails across her flat stomach and over the swell of her breast. She was tempted to squeeze, but she didn't.

Jessica had seen the expression on her friend's face before – many times in fact. "Okay. Enough. Stop that!"

"No, you stop it." Donna answered with a sigh and a mischievous grin. "Don't you dare sit there and tell me you've never thought about it."

"Thought about what?"

"You know what I'm talking about and I know you that you what I'm talking about. Don't pretend like you don't."

Jessica shook her head and shifted in her chair. Though she could never admit it, she and Donna were working on exactly the same wavelength. Almost overnight her innocent little boy had transformed into an absolute hunk, and based on the number of young girls calling the house at all hours, she and Donna weren't the only ones to notice. Sometimes in the morning, Jason would strut around with his shirt off, and his hair disheveled and dressed only in a pair of sl**p pants. More and more she caught herself staring at him, taking in the whole of his body and shivering ever-so slightly.

His body was perfect – absolutely perfect.

A part of her, a very small part she simply could not allow herself to accept, wondered what it would feel like to have a body like that on top of her – to feel it covering her completely and controlling her in every way. Of course, she felt terrible for thinking such things.

It was her son's body after all – her flesh and bl**d - her beautiful son's, incredible body.

Beside her, Donna moaned softly and slid the earpiece of her glasses between her lips. She momentarily traced her tongue along the plastic before biting down hard. "Do you think you could convince him to slide into a speedo the next time he goes for a swim?"

Jessica immediately shoved her friend in the shoulder. "Okay. That's enough. Seriously. I'm not k**ding this time. That's my son. You really need to stop talking about my son like that."

"I love you like a s****r, Jess. We've known each other for years, and out husbands work at the same office, and our boys grew up together, and yadda yadda yadda, but you really have to relax."

"What? You're practically r****g my son with your eyes and I'm the one that needs to relax?"

"Yes. Yes you do." Donna hung her glasses on the thin piece of fabric holding her tits in place and put her hand on friend's shoulder. "You need to accept the fact that your son has turned into one absolutely gorgeous hunk of man. Hell, you should be proud of it."

Jessica sighed and shook her head. " I am. It's just..."

"Listen" Donna interrupted, flipping her legs over the side of her chair and moving closer to her friend of so many years. "A boy like that, with a body like that? So what if you've noticed? You're only human. You shouldn't be ashamed of it...even if he is your son. It doesn't make you a horrible mom or a terrible person. It just makes you a woman. A horny woman, sure...but a woman just the same."

Jessica lifted her head and looked in the direction of the pool. She watched as Jason hoisted himself onto the concrete, the muscles in his back taught and the soaked fabric of his shorts hugging the curves of his perfectly round ass. Without even knowing she was doing it, she folded her legs together and dropped her hand to her lap. Her finger began to lightly trace the outline of her sex. Her pussy was moaning.

Both the women stared intently at the boy as he strolled across the outer rim of the pool, grabbed a towel and began to dry himself off.

"Boys like that..." Donna whispered and licked her lips, "When you let a boy like that get between your have to just let him do what he was made to do...and hold on for the ride."

When Jason finished drying, he noticed his mother and her friend staring at him from the opposite side of the pool. He waved at the ladies and smiled bright.

Simultaneously, they waved back.

The next few weeks were rough for Jennifer. Things had changed since that day by the pool. She was watching at Jason closer than ever. She couldn't keep her eyes off him. When she made love to her husband, the image of her son insisted on finding a way into her head. When she hugged Jason before sending him off to school, she found herself gripping him tighter and holding him longer, mashing her breasts into his chest and burying her head into the cook of his neck. At some point she moved from a motherly peck on the check to a lingering kiss on the lips.

Not too lingering, though. She didn't dare arouse suspicion.

When he was away at school she'd sometimes sit on his bed, close her eyes and inhale his teenage musk. There was something vibrant about it – something almost a****l in nature. Sometimes she would even bounce a bit on his mattress, wondering. Her clothes grew progressively shorter. Low cut shirts, boy shorts and daisy dukes had become the norm. Her flesh was on display, her bubbly ass squeezed into the bottoms and her boobs threatening to tear through the material making up the tops.

She even took, Donna's advice. "Hey, Jase. Are you going out for a swim?"

Jason had just returned home from school. He was tired, he was a bit annoyed and he was anxious to hop in the pool and wind down when his mother stopped him in the kitchen. "Yeah. I was thinking about it. "

"I forgot to tell you...the washing machine really did a number on your trunks, baby. Tore them to shreds. Your father was supposed to call someone out to look at it. I think he's coming tomorrow...maybe? Anyway, Don't worry...Momma came through for you. I went out and got you some new ones." Jessica grabbed a paper bag off the countertop beside her. She reached inside and pulled out the smallest pair of speedos, her son had ever seen.

They were also the smallest she'd ever seen.

She spent all day looking for them.

They were perfect.

Jason starred at the tiny swatch of fabric and cringed. "Mom...I mean...I don't think I can wear those. Are those even for men?"

Jessica chuckled and flung the miniscule cover-up at her son like a rubber band. They smacked him in the face. "They're European, silly. Besides, it's all they had. Summer's winding down you know."

"It's June."

"Exactly. Four months from now and it's over." Jessica placed her hands on her son's shoulders, spun him in the direction of his bedroom and patted him gently on the ass. "You'll be fine. It's not like you have to wear them to the beach or something. No one can see you back there. Go put them on and stop complaining."

She could hardly breathe as she waited for him to dress. A part of her felt bad for tricking her only son into wearing something so incredibly revealing. Another part of her didn't feel bad at all. She wanted to know what he was hiding in those baggy pants he was always wearing. She needed to know what he was hiding in those pants.

When Jason finally returned to the kitchen, Jessica nearly fainted. The speedos were even tighter than she'd thought. They were at least a size too small. They cradled the curves of his ass perfectly. As for the bulge of his cock? It was magnificent.

Every vein was on display, every bent and lump and inch defined. The mushroom bulb of his oversized cockhead was clearly visible.

"Mom...are you sure this was all they had?"

Jennifer barely heard her son. Her eyes were glued on the fantastic slab of meat on display before her. She couldn't look away. Suddenly she felt thirsty. Suddenly she needed a drink. There was a wetness growing between her legs and she could almost feel the lips of her pussy spread invitingly.


"What? Wh...what is it honey?"

"Are you sure this was all they had? Where did you buy these things anyway?"

Jessica f***ed herself to look away. It was becoming too obvious what she was starting at. "Yep. That was it. That was all they had. Sorry. Guess you'll just have to wear those all the time now. All the time every day until I can get you some different ones, I guess. Guess you'll just have to wear those around the house if you want, you know." She was babbling. She was flustered and she wasn't making any sense. She needed to get Jason and his wonderfully packed slab of beef out of the room before she lost it altogether.

Again, Jessica put her hands on her son's shoulders. This time she spun him in the direction of the pool. "Go on now. No more chatter. Go for a swim. Go get wet in the water, and soak yourself up, and get drippy and don't worry about anything at all." When she slapped him on the butt this time, it was a little bit harder than before. His ass was like steel.

She wanted to do it again.

Jessica spent the next hour watching her son from her bedroom window, and through a crack in the blinds. The tiny suit she'd given him was white. When it got wet it was nearly transparent.

Her hand sank immediately into her shorts and her fingers went right for her clit.

The next day she sent Jason off to school as usual. She hugged him tight, kissed him on the lips, and patted him on the ass. "Have a good day, baby." She was patting his ass a lot lately.

When he was gone she ran into her bedroom, picked up the phone and dialed, Donna. She needed to tell someone what she'd done and what she'd seen the day before. The phone rang three times before the voicemail picked up. "You've reached Jim, Donna and Matthew. We're not home right now, but it you'd like to lea-"

She hung up and dialed, Donna's cell. Again there were three rings before the voicemail kicked in. "Hey, this is, Donna. Leave a messa-"

Frustrated, Jessica hung up again.

It was eight o'clock in the morning. Where the hell was she?

With a breathy sigh, Jessica dropped to her back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. The image of Jason and his oversized sex wrapped in the too-tight speedo she'd gotten for him was burned into her brain. Her son had an incredible dick. It was aas simple as that. It was bigger than her husband's – a lot bigger. It was thicker too.

Her pussy was itching and it was the sort of itch a simple scratch couldn't cure. She closed her eyes and imagined Jason lying on top of her. She pictured him wrapping his hands around her ankles and lifting her legs onto his shoulders. She imagined that beautiful cock slowly working its way into her – how long it would take – how much it would stretch her. It was wrong thinking such things. It was incredibly wrong. It was so very, very wrong.

Where the hell was Donna when she needed her?

Jessica grabbed the phone and dialed again. "You've reached Jim, Donna and Matthew. We're not home right now, but it you'd li-"

She hung up and tried the cell. "Hey, this is, Donna. Lea-"

She hung up and tried the house. "You've reached Jim, Donna and Mat-"

She hung up and tried the cell. "Wh...what is it, Jess? Wha...what do you...want?"

The moment she heard her friend's voice Jessica sat up in bed. "Donna! Oh my god, where have you been all morning? Every time I call I keep getting the damn voi..." Jessica stopped mid-sentence. There was an odd repetitive smacking in the background. She wasn't sure, but she could have sworn she heard a muffled moan. "Donna?"

"I'm sorry...I...I', I'm sorry, Jess. I can...can't talk right now."

"Donna, what's going on?"

"I...I can' back in an...ohmygodyes! Call back in an hour!"

The line went dead.

It was obvious what was going on.

For the next hour, Jessica puttered around the house like a sad puppy. She sat on Jason's bed. She bounced a bit. She buried her face in his sheets and stared at the pair of white speedos hanging over the back of his desk chair. When she remembered, Donna's voice over the phone, she couldn't help but get jealous. Not only was her friend obviously cheating on her husband, but she seemed like she was enjoying it.

It wasn't fair.

When the hour was up, she dialed her friend's number again. Donna picked up on the first ring. "Hi, Jess." She sounded out of breath, exhausted and elated at the same time. "Sorry about earlier. It just...wasn't exactly the most opportune to chat."

Jessica chuckled. "Yeah, no k**ding. We're you in the middle of doing what I think you were doing?"

Donna sounded so happy. "I don't know...what do you think I was doing?" Jessica could almost hear her friend smile over the phone.

"Are you cheating on, Jim?"

There was a pause, as if Donna wasn't entirely sure how to answer. "No. I don't know. Maybe? I guess so."

"Ohmygod, Donna! Who is it? Who's the guy?"

Again, Donna paused. Jessica could vaguely make out the voice of a man in the background, but it was much too soft to discern what he was saying. Donna pulled the phone away from her ear and answered him, "In a second, stud. Don't you worry that cute little ass of yours...I'm not done with you yet."

Jessica sank into the couch and sighed. It really, really wasn't fair.

"Jess, are you still there?"

"I'm here. Sounds like your day is just getting started. Bitch."

Both women giggled. "Trust me, you have no idea. He's like a machine, this one. We've been at it all morning and...ohmygod has it been good. I swear, I've never been fucked like this in my life."

Jessica felt her pussy twinge in a way the thirty-nine year old mother hadn't felt it twinge in years. It was electric. Her hand fell into her lap and her fingers wormed their way again into her shorts. She suddenly wished her husband were home – no, it wasn't her husband she was wishing for – it was her son. She wished Jason was home, strutting around in his tight speedos with his magnificent cock on display.

Though she wanted to tell Donna everything that had happened, she also felt like she didn't want to keep her friend from the fucking of a lifetime. No one likes a cockblocker afterall. "Go have fun, Donna. We can talk later."

"It's okay, I have a few minutes. What did you call for?"

"It's nothing. It's not important. Certainly not as important as that man you've got locked in your bedroom. Go have fun. Enjoy yourself. Get fucked and leave me jealous and alone. You can tell me all about it tomorrow and I can live vicariously through you. Can we talk tomorrow? Maybe over lunch? Please tell me we can talk tomorrow."

Donna giggled happily. "You've got it. Lunch tomorrow sounds great...if I can still walk straight."

As the mom's chuckled again, Jessica heard the faint voice of the man in the room with her friend. She was only able to make out the words fuck and ass before a very specific word wafted its way into her ear: mom.

Jessica nearly dropped the phone. Her eyes widened, her jaw dropped and for nearly a minute she didn't breathe. Donna was giggling on the other end. However, her giggles were slowly transforming into moans. Jessica slid two fingers against her clit and held them there.

"Donna?" She whispered into the phone. "Donna, are you fucking your son?"

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