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Vacation with our exhibitionist wifes

My wife Karen and I won a vacation for 4 to Mexico and were going with our friends Kay and her husband Fats,who is real skinny.Kay has been a friend of ours for a few years,I have known her husband for about 5 years but really get along well with him even though hes 18 years younger.Kay and Karen are very much alike and get along well but do compete with each other.The girls are both exhibitionist,but my wife is more bold then Kay.
Karen and I flew to LA and Kay and Fats drove. We drove to San Diego wherer a hotel bus drove us to the resort in Rosarito.When we get there htey tell us that it is not safe to venture out by ourselfs,tourist are preyed upon by locals.The resort was on the grounds of two other hotels and walled in for the most part.The place was not crowded at allmaybe because it was November.We checked in and were told there were buses that go out to the town and we could shop for clothes and gifts and booze.We go to town and my wife buys a swimsuit for 4 bucks,Kay also buys one and along with other stuff we board the bus with our bags and head back.
We go back to our suite which is a room with 2 bedrooms separated by a bathroom that we share,both bedrooms have doors that enter the same bathroom and there is a big living room.We decide to go down to the beach and have drinks.My wife comes out with her white swimsiut and I can see her nipples through her suit.I also can see that her pussy hair shows and her pussy is cameltoeing too.Karen comes out and her nipples are also showing but she has a skirt on to cover her pussy which I bet is also showing.I know that I have to get them in the water so the swimsuit will become transparent.I get together with Fats and we plan to get the girls in the water and the ultimate plan is to have a wife swap or get the girls to eat each other.We walk down to the pool and inotice there are a few other ladies with the same thin revealing swimsuits on and they had real nice bodies although Kay and Karen are always on diets they did look good too,and they were also being watched.We had dinner and then had drinks.We saw a few girls who had wet swimsuits and were showing alot and a few more without tops at all.The later it got,the more naughty the girls got.I saw people making out in the bushes,fucking on the beach.We walked dowm to the pool area and got in the pool because the hot tub was being used.When we got out of the pool the girls swimsuits were see through and rode up to make almost a thong front and back.They had to pull their suits out of their pussys and rear ends.The girls went to the pool showers.They got towels and wiped their hair and let their suits stay wet.They then took off their swimsuits and toweled off in the dark but still in front of everyone.Kay then put on her skirt and d****d the towel to cover her boobs,My wife just had a towel around her.
We get back in the room and my wife drops her towel and sits on the sofa completely naked.I move next to her and we start kissing and i reach between her legs and rub her clit, as I do this her legs spread wide and her knees move to her chest.I look to see if Kay and Fats are looking but Fats has Kay bent over and is fucking her.Kay pulls free and says she has to take a shower first.She goes to the bathroom and my wife calls Fats over and grabs his dick,and starts giving him head.I stand and get my dick to her mouth also to get her to put both in her mouth at once,but she only put the two heads together and lickrd them,then she went to the bathroom.Fats went to his room to see what his wife was doing.Kay was taking a bath,Karen was in the shower and I opened the bathroom door to see Kay sucking Fats dick.I kept watching and saw my wife get out of the shower and stood and watched Kay suck Fats dick.She started masterbating and Kay tells my wife to keep him hard while she gets a towel.I watched My wife get on her knees anfd suck his dick.I got so horny watching my wife have andther mans dick in her mouth.Kay stood there and also got hot watching and also got on her knees and they both shared his dick.I came in and got behind Kay and slid my dick in her,I loved how she looked at my wife and said your husband is fucking me.My wife said its cool because your husband is going to fuck me.I pulled my dick out and stuck it in my wife fur a few stroked but put it right back in Kay.As i fucked Kay my wife turns and bends over and tells Fats to fuck her.As we are fucking each others wifes I pull out of Kay and stick my dick in Karens mouth so she can get double fucked.She looks at Kay and says I can taste your pussy on my husbands dick.Kay then slides under Karen in the 69 position and starts licking her pussy as Fats is still fucking her and shes still sucking me.I cum first and I pull out and shoot on my wifes face and in her mouth.My wife still getting fucked puts her face in between Kays legs and eats her out.Fats still fucking my wife and his wife 69ing my wife starts cumming and stickes this thumb in my wifes ass.I know my wife loves it.I get in the shower and my wife comes in and says thanks that was great.I tell her that was just day one.

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