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The mechanic

I love the lines of a car, the aerodynamics of the sleak lines. The curves of the wells over the axles. I have shop in the corner not noticed and business is steady. I love the fast cars but the ones that get me rocking are the sl**pers that look hot, run smooth, step on the petal and your in for a ride. I may not have the top of the line tools, but I have the experience and just the right tools for the job. I can make a car purr or run hot. I can run my experienced hands into those tight spots and just turn the right screw and the rear and headlights beam. Checking the oil making sure the motor is well lubricated so it runs smoothly on those hot days. I'll take it out for a drive wether I am behind you or in front, I am in control. But I will not forget once those tires break free and the car takes control. My heart races and the adrenline pumps. The music setting the pace by the beat. I tighten my grip on the wheel and rein in the power. I return to the shop and run a soft towel over the body after a wash. Cleaning the polishing and working hard on the body. Letting the motor rest, I dress the car up and walk out the garage, one last look and close the door, longing for another go. ----JTSIII

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