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Fuck Buddy in acar

When we first started seeing each other her daughter was in her teens which made it hard meeting up. One day I had gone round to my friend’s house for a fuck but her daughter was there and no matter what we did she wouldn’t go out. Therefore, we decided we would go out. At this time we both lived in north east London so we drove into the countryside, but it took us quite a while to find a place where we could park in a secluded place.

It was a warm summer evening so was still bright so it surprised me that she stripped off all her clothes. I started to play with her breasts and her nipples hardened – I love her large nipples (you can see them in the photos I have posted) and when I suck on them it turns her on. Well I was soon fingering her pussy and even though it was hard in a small car I managed to position myself so I could lick her pussy.

It was then my turn to strip off and as soon as my cock was out she was sucking on it. I suggested we get out of the car to fuck but she wouldn’t fearing that someone might pass and see us. It was difficult to do anything in the confines of the car, but I managed to put on a condom and position my cock at the entrance to her pussy. The fuck didn’t last long but we both had great orgasms.

It was now impossible to get changed in the car so I got out first and got my clothes on. Then my friend got out and put hers on. When she got back into the car I pointed out something I had just noticed. There were 2 teenage boys sat on a fence at the edge of the field who had clearly seen my friend naked. As we looked at them they waved at us. It was not clear what else they had seen. My friend became very red with embarrassment and hastily drove off, having to pass the 2 youths who smiled at us.

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