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Good neighbors-Part Duex

...continued...yes, there's more peeing...

Saturday afternoon my neighbors threw a bbq/party, last days of summer I guess, and had a bunch of their friends over. It sounded like they were all having a great time from all the laughter and shouting going on. They have a small hot tub which they didn't use right away with all the people there. Things soon turned differently by that evening.

By around 10pm most of their friends had left, probably due to the fact they started partying around noon. I don't know about you but I wouldn't last more than 4-5 hours of casual drinking. So, by then the people thinned out and there sounded like only 3-4 couples left. Of course, one thing led into another and the lid to the hot tub came off. I heard one gal protesting she didn't bring her bikini. My heart raced for a few and then came the voice of my pretty redheaded neighbor telling her she had a bunch and would give her one. Sigh...

Well, I gave it a few and finally walked over to my favorite corner and took a peak. I waited a long time before the gals finally came out. Oh, my, they were rather busty! Since my gal is rather skinny and has smaller boobs, the other gals were all about to fall out of their borrowed bikinis tops and talk about having wedgies! Sweet!

The guys, who were already in the tub drinking, started to make sexual comments like typical guys. One gal rolled with it and started to shake her boobs in fun and actually popped out. HA! Too funny. They all hopped into the tub shortly after. I figured nothing was going to happen right away so I went back into my house to grab a few beers and then came back out.

As I was just getting back to my dark spot I heard something splattering against the fence. As my eyes adjusted to the dark again I notice some water coming through the fence boards, heard the familiar hissing sound and I realized what was going on. Someone taking a piss on my fence!

The first thing I thought was one of those d***k guys was there pissing. I slowly went up to the side of the stream of liquid, about 3' away and peered through the fence. I was trying to look through at eye level to see the guys face but no one was there. Then my heart raced and I looked lower. There was my gal, ass against my fence, bent over and peeing.

Although my side was dark, the lights from their house had illuminated the tub area and parts of their backyard. I could clearly see my gal in all her glory. The slots in the fence are slightly angled so I was still in the dark. I was in heaven. She was still peeing and sigh a few times because of the relief she was getting.

I slowly walked towards where she was peeing and stuck my hand in her warm stream. The sound of her golden urine made a slight splattering sound. I guess she heard the difference in pitch and giggled a bit and actually said a loud approving "Ooh!" I guess she knew I was there.

The gals at the tub looked over and said something to her where she responded louder mocking "Aahhhh!" The gals called out to her saying she a sicko and one gal said what she was doing was disgusting! Everyone started to laugh.

I was trying to keep one hand in her flow and had my other hand unsnapping my jeans. Unfortunately, by the time I got halfway unbuttoned she was about finished. Dang it! She started to straighten up and as she slid her bikini bottom back in place and made a few adjustments, she whispered towards me "I'll be back soon." Nice! I whispered back "I'll be here."

She wandered back to the tub and grabbed some more beers before getting in. I was determined to be ready for her return. But first, I had to smell her. I brought my wet hand to my nose. Honestly, nothing unusual, just a slight pungent aroma. Still, the fact that it came from her was just as exciting. I stuck my tongue out for a taste. Tangy sweet. I licked some more and, no harm no foul, I lapped what I could. I decided I wanted more, a lot more.

I quickly took off my pants and under shorts and put them aside. I didn't want to miss anything. Unfortunately, everyone in the tub were having a great time talking and partying I got bored and went back in my house for a cold piece of pizza. Hmm, nothing like cold pizza and urine for a late night snack. LOL!!!!

I had the slider door open and I heard my gal yell out "Don't pee there! That's my spot! Only the girls can pee there." I figured one of the guys was trying to pee where she did and she put an end to that. Bless her heart.

I finished my pizza and went back out to my spot. I didn't have to wait long. My readhead asked one of the other gals to come pee with her. They both came over, arm in arm, and turned around to get into position. My gal pressed her butt up against the fence. The other gal put her entire back on the fence. They both started to pee and talk.

My gal's steady stream was dead on between the fence boards. The other gal's position allowed her to pee away from the fence. Bummer. But I still had my girl. I quickly moved into position behind her and in the path of the stream. I got on my knees and let her pee splash all over my thighs, belly and stiff cock. I started stroking slowly. I leaned forward a bit to let the warm liquid splash my chest. I leaned forward some more and opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. My chin was completely wet as I tasted her again.

I was about to just stick my whole face in the flow but the other gal farted. My gal stopped peeing immediately and they both started to laugh. I had to cover my own mouth to keep from laugh out loud. OK, the mood was broken. My gal was laughing so hard she fell forward, bikini bottoms around her knees, legs up in the air and she started to squirt piss all around. Oh, my, God. It must've been the funniest thing I've ever seen. The other gal also fell forward onto her hands and knees, bottoms also down around her knees, still squirting from behind. They both laughed and peed from those positions until they finished.

The other gal's face was directly over my gals face and in between laughter, she leaned down and gave my gal a big full mouth kiss.

My lil' readhead, Beth, just laid there for a brief moment. When the other girl released her lip lock and pulled away, my gal just smiled and said that was nice and she could do that anytime. The other gal said she couldn't help it. They both got up and went back to the tub.

I stayed in my area a bit longer and one by one the other girls from the tub came over and peed. None would pee in the position of my gal though so it wasn't too awesome.

Eventually some folks decided it was too late in the evening and left the party. Now there were only my neighbor couple and another couple (with the gal that gave my girl a kiss earlier) in and out of the tub. Everyone was pretty much lounging around and they all decide to get rid of their swim gear and go commando. Now we're talking! Unfortunately, that's what they all did for about 30 mins.

Beth finally came over again and stood in front of the fence and whispered if I was still there. I replied "Always here for you." She said good and while standing and facing me she spread her legs a little, pulled her pussy lips apart and peed again. The front part of her was in the shadows a bit but what I did see was stunning. I asked her to move closer so I can taste her again. She cooed "Oh, you're nasty!" and continued with "Do you like it when I piss on you?" Well, DUH! I didn't exactly say that part. We had a brief flirtation small talk while she peed.

The guys were pretty d***k and had gone inside to look at the 52" LCD TV my neighbors had just gotten. Typical guys. Ya got two beautiful and naked girls outside and all they wanted to do was watch TV.

Tanya, the gal that kissed Beth, eventually came back over to where we were. Tanya came up behind Beth and gave her a big hug. Beth enthusiastically said hi and Tanya began to cup and squeeze Beth's little boobies. HELLO!!

Tanya asked who Beth was talking to and Beth replied "My neighbor. The guy I was telling you about from the mall. You know, the one who likes seeing girls pee." I had a sudden cold feeling shoot up my back and thought for sure I was so busted.

Tanya said "Hi Dave. Nice to finally meet you." I said hi back and asked if she was enjoying herself. She said she was and asked if I wanted to come over and see the big screen TV the guys were watching. I said thanks but no, I would rather stay here and talk to two of the most sexy gals I've ever seen. Oh, I was laying on the charm big time. Both gals answered at the same time "Good answer!"

I figured what the heck and pushed my luck a bit more. "Yeah, I mean, who'd wouldn't want to watch you two play with each other?" Beth said "Well, if we play with each other are you going to play with yourself?" I said "As we speak."

Well, they started to hug and kiss a little bit and then kinda caress each others boobs, back and then butt. I slowly stroked myself. Tanya would occasionally stop what she was doing and asked if I liked what I saw. Beth responded immediately "Of course he does. Quit stopping." Beth was really into this. That only made my dick harder.

Tanya and Beth went at this gentle caressing and kissing for quite a bit longer. Finally, Beth started kissing Tanya's big boobs and then sucking on them. Tanya sighed and then moaned. She said she loved having her nipples sucked. Still licking and sucking her nipples, Beth put her hands around Tanya's butt cheeks and started to squeeze them. Tanya moaned again and said to me "She's playing with my ass, Dave." I said "That's my girl. I'd love to play with your ass too." With that Beth stopped and positioned her ass right up against the fence and then continued to work on Tanya. Her pussy and butthole were just with reach. I didn't hesitate. I reached out for my first touch of glorious flesh...

I lightly caressed her outer pussy lips. She was definitely wet from her womanly juices oozing out. I made little circles just around her pussy hole and with all the natural lube coming out I moved around her butthole. She puckered a little and then pushed up against the fence even harder.

Beth stopped her licking and looked up at Tanya and said "Tell him to stop playing back there and stick something in me." Tanya looked down at her and told her to do the same thing. As Beth started to rub Tanya's pussy, I was more than willing to oblige.

I started to push my index finger inside wet pussy and I could almost feel her pussy suck my in. She was so hot. I took my other hand and felt around her clit and rubbed it for a few. It got really wet from her juices. I then brought my hand to my mouth and licked. Oh, my. How sweet she was.

I now had one finger deep inside her, my thumb rubbing her tight little brown hole and the rest of my fingers playing with her clit. My free hand was stroking my hard dick. Beth, still sucking on Tanya's nipples, fingering her pussy and playing with her ass, was moving her own ass around and making heavy humming sounds.

"Hmmmm...uh (gasp) hmmmm (slurp, exhale) hmmmm...mmm...."

Tanya was playing with Beth's boobs and saying "Oh baby, that feels so good. Oh, oh... Oh baby you make me so wet."

I managed to get my thumb into her tight butt. She was now really squeezing my finger with her pussy. But now I so wanted to stick my hard dick into Beth. I removed my finger from her pussy but kept my thumb in her butt.

I started to inch my dick up to her pussy but was having some trouble with the fence. I removed my thumb to help me get in a better angle. Just then Tanya, in a deep lusty voice, said she wanted to lick Beth's pussy "NOW!" Just like she was following orders, Beth pulled away from the fence, turned around and bent over for Tanya's flickering tongue. Tanya knelt down, grabbed Beth's ass cheeks and went to work. Beth started to moan.

Beth was now facing me with her head against the fence. Actually, she was now mouth level to my hard throbbing dick. Fuck it. I told Beth "Hey Beth, I got something for you. Open your mouth baby." Her head moved toward the opening and I could hear her mouth smack open. I moved as far forward as I could and put my dick through the opening. Beth moved her mouth towards my dick. I could start to feel her hot breath on the head. Then, suddenly, wet warmth engulfed my shaft.

How can I ever describe the feeling I was having with my hard cock in a woman's wet, soft and hot mouth? For those of you out there who have ever gotten that "best blow job" experience ever would just begin to know the feeling I was experiencing right now.

Between Beth's humming/moaning/sucking it was all I could do to not release a huge load of cum in her mouth any second. It didn't help with being able to look down Beth's back side and see the top of Tanya's head, her face just pressed in deep into Beth's pussy and ass.

Tanya started to smack Beth's ass cheek with one hand and finger her with the other. Occasionally, Tanya would drop her spanking hand down to her own pussy and rub herself. Niiiicccceee!

Finally, Beth's moaning got louder and quicker and her breathing turned into quick and shallow. She was building up to an explosion. Beth, with saliva streaming out and down her mouth and chin, tried to keep a tight lip lock on my throbbing cock but was having a difficult time. I wanted to cum with her.

Tanya heard all this noise, continued and quickened her techniques on Beth's pussy. Beth, still with my cock in her wet slimy mouth, deeply moaned and suddenly started to shutter. She looked up at me through the fence, her eyes glassy and fluttering, began to cum. As soon as I saw the whites of her twitching eyes I exploded into her mouth!

I was still shooting in Beth's mouth as she tried to keep my load in her mouth and swallow at the same time. Her eyes kept rolling back, her mouth and chin was mess as my cum rolled out. The whole scene was so hot, I barely went limp. She kept my dick in her mouth as she gasped and moaned with her own post orgasm.

Tanya began slowly licking up the juicy residue from Beth's quivering pussy and again began to spank her butt cheeks. Tanya smacked her firmly one last time and said it was her turn to cum. With that Tanya laid on her back and spread her legs. Beth finally released my dripping cock from her mouth and turned around to face Tanya. Beth got down on her hands and knees and crawled up between Tanya's spread legs. Beth then planted a big, wet, full tongue kiss on Tanya. Tanya wrapped her legs around Beth as they both slobbered over each others face, exchanging my cum and Beth's pussy juices back and forth. Beth began to rub Tanya's pussy.

Tanya started moan and kept saying "Oh baby... oh baby." I had a perfect view of Beth's ass and Tanya spread out. Beth started working her way down to Tanya's boobs again. Tanya literally pushed Beth's head down to her own pussy! I chuckled a little. Tanya said to me "Oh Dave, you taste so good. I like the taste of your cum."

By now Beth's mouth and tongue was working on Tanya's pussy for all it was worth. Beth's head was down and her ass was sticking high in the air and I could just see how much her pussy was still glistening wet from all her juices. Beth reached up between her own legs and started to finger her own pussy. I was instantly hard as a rock again. I wanted to mount her like the slut dog she was. Damn fence!

It didn't take long before Tanya started to buck and shake as she built up to a huge orgasm. She sounded like a motor boat as it picked up speed. She finally let out a loud "mmmMMMM... UUHHHHHH!" Her hips had lifted Beth's head up high and held it there for a few long seconds until she came hard. After that she just convulsed with Beth riding her and hanging on for dear life!

As Tanya laid there in her after glow, Beth returned the favor by slowly cleaning up Tanya's pussy. When she was pretty sure she cleaned up all she could, Beth looked back towards me and asked if I enjoyed the show. My voice trembled a yes. She got up and walked back to the fence and gave me a wet, Tanya/Beth/Dave pussy/cum juiced French kiss!

She had all kinds of creamy delights all over her face and left quite a bit on mine. She began to lick the juices off my face as well. Tanya came over and asked for a wet kiss from me and I obliged. Beth said they needed to go inside and see if their hubbies where still awake. I thanked them both for a great time and told them if they ever wanted to go at it again I'd be more than happy to help out. As Beth was walking back to the house, she turned and smiled and said "Soon. I'll let you know."

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