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My True Gay Experiences - Part Three

So now it has been a few years since I have been with another man. Mostly due to living overseas and either not having much opportunity or the language barrier. Coming back to the states I had to go to a course for over four months where I will be without my f****y, what an amazing four months, I would experience many "firsts".

I had a long drive to my course and stopped half way there in a mid-size town. Checked in to a hotel then went to get something to eat and shop for condoms and lube. Buying the stuff I guess I was hoping to wear the condoms myself but wanted to get fucked too. I was practicing using my wife's dildo and had some pretty good orgasms from it. Back at the hotel I got on the internet and checked out posts and a gay chatroom. Found a guy who worked near my hotel willing to come over.

Arriving quickly, a good looking latino showed up at my door (my first latino :) ). My memory is fuzzy on this guy but I do remember us fully naked and him on top in the 69 position. His cock was the exact same as mine but less hairy, of course a little darker and very delicious. Sucking his cock and looking at his asshole, so cute and clean and started licking it, (my first giving a rim job) he enjoyed it. I dug my tongue as far as I could and continued going back and forth sucking his cock and licking his hole. He then asked if he could fuck me and of course I said sure, however, I should of told he would be the first real cock in my ass.

He put on a condom and lubed his cock and my ass and I got in a doggy style position, he entered slowly which I enjoyed but then started fucking me harder and faster. I laid down on my stomach but he pulled me back up and proceeded to fuck me harder. I couldn't take it anymore and had to quit :( I should've told him to take it slow my fault. I don't remember what we did afterwards, I assume someone came.

So I arrive to my hotel in the town where I am taking a course and get started browsing. Small town, but lots of bi/gay men around. Most of the experiences where uneventful, bunch of guys who lied about their age, weight, etc. Lots of guys that as soon as they cum they were out the door. I finally met someone in a chat room who talked about how he liked getting fucked by older guys, he said he was 23, and I was 32 at the time so I invited him over.

He showed up exactly as described, young, thin, latino/white mix, pretty good looking, too good looking for me anyways. We talked a bit and he led me to the bed and he put his lips on my cock and sucked it good while I was standing on the foot of the bed and he was on all fours. I gently put my fingers through his hair while he licked, kissed and sucked all over my cock while fondling my balls. He looked up at me and said "do you want to fuck me?" I said yes. I got a condom and he took it from me and put on the condom on my dick with his mouth, unfortunately my cock was going south quick and we couldn't get it hard so he asked if I had any porn. I told him I did but it was straight porn he said "Why didn't you say so?" with a smile.

We sat on the couch and I put in the videotape and started watching a amateur video, really amateur, one lady is getting fucked and her cats are running around in the background. Anyways, my dick, condom off, is getting hard again and he laid on his back, legs up and said "fuck me". I dove in before it went soft and the bare cock felt so good in his ass (another first). I fucked him at a medium pace while he jerked his hard cock. The couch was right beside my third floor window with the blinds partly open, not caring if anyone walked by watching me fuck. There was no problem with my erection this time, his asshole was beautiful, hungrily taking my cock, I loved looking down at, that cock glistening with lube using the full length of it in and out of his gorgeous ass. I was going to cum sooner than expected, considering it took me about 45 minutes to cum while jerking off. "Cum on my stomach" he said. A few more strokes I did just that, pulled out just in time and shot several heavy squirts of semen across his lean flat stomach, seconds later he came too, mixing his cum with mine. We took a rest and he eventually cleaned up and left, leaving his phone number. I called him a few days later but he couldn't get free from his boyfriend and we never saw each other again. My first ass was so good, tight and pretty, I get hard just thinking about it now.

Before I finished the course I had another regular that would come by, a little latino man, probably about 20. But he was a top though but he liked to kiss and suck. His cock was small and I would let him fuck me with a condom on, I was always on my back and he would lie down on my like I was a girl, it felt nice. I had a orgasm from he jerking me off while fucking me, it was amazing. Many firsts on this trip, but some I yet to fulfill, like getting an orgasm from oral alone, a cock cumming in my mouth and ass and cumming in a dude's ass, fucking a tranny, glory holes. Maybe next story.

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