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I use to work swing shift and would go down to the club to unwind after work. I was usually right in the middle of things having fun. You could say I'd swung from the chandeliers more that once in that place. Though every now and then I would just sit back and watch the people. I really got a kick out of it, and I saw some pretty strange things! People would get wild there and it never got busted. It was a cop hangout, cops don't piss in their own watering hole. One night I was sitting at the bar looking one direction but listening to two older women sitting right next to me. I heard them say, "Here she comes." "She's in here all the time!" "Last week I saw her take four different men out to the parking lot one at a time!" "She spent about thirty minutes with each one, one right after the other!" "Oh, she's terrible!!" "That dirty little girl is a real whore!". As she walked by they turn their noses up at her. I took a good look at her. She was a petite, slender and very attractive Asian woman with long black hair full lips and she had a very nice hour glass body. She was on her way out as it was closing time but the two women's comments stuck in my mind.

The next Friday after work I got to the club around midnight and kept an eye for the lady they had talked about, I wanted to see what was up. It was the normal Friday night there, standing room only. What a meat market, you could meet a lady and be fucking her in less then an hour. If you really looked, it wasn't unusual to see someone fucking or giving head in the parking lot. Just look for a bouncing car top. I found a seat at the end of the bar next to the back door. Shortly after I spotted the Asian woman coming in the front door. She was dressed very hot, high heels and a tight dress. It didn't take her long, She went up to the bar and looked like she was trying to order a drink through the crowd. As she leaned forward she blatantly rubbed her tits on the guy standing next to her. Some quick conversation ensued and big smiles, then she took him by the hand and out the back door they went right by me. About twenty minutes later she was back. She did the same thing to another man. Rubbed her tits on him & out the back they went. Thirty minutes later she walked back in, went into the bathroom, fixed herself up & came out and headed for the bar. She went up like she was going to order a drink, and did it again! This time I casually followed, though they didn't know it. They went to his car and got in. I gave them about five minutes then quietly walked by their car as if I were on my way into the bar. His head was leaning back, eyes closed. She was bent over head in his lap working his cock! Stroking and sucking him for all she was worth! I couldn't believe it. I had gotten to the bar at midnight and she had sucked off three guys by closing time! All day Saturday I couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen. The more I thought about her, the more that nasty slut turned me on. The very next night I went back and took the same seat. I could see the hole bar from there and would know when she arrived. When she showed she went right to work. Within ten minutes she was in a car getting a mouth full of cock. Following I watched as she undid his pants and started sucking his cock. I could see her pretty face and full lips sucking his big dick as her head bobbed up and down. It didn't take long and I heard the guy say, "You nasty girl, You're so good, That's it baby, that's it,,, I'M,,, I'M,,,, CUUUUMMING!" I could see him shaking as he wrapped his hands around the back of her head, holding her there as he shot his wad in her mouth. She didn't even slow down as she sucked him off gulping down his load! When she was done she came up off his cock, licked her lips clean with a slutty look of enjoyment on her face. Then she put lipstick on and went back inside. I didn't bother to go back in. The show was in the parking lot! She returned with another man and went to his car. She sucked him off too. This lovely little whore obviously loved cum, going from man to man sucking off strangers and eating their loads. What a cock sucking slut! Damn I wanted her, I wanted to feel her hot wet lips working my cock until I fed her a big gooey load of jizz. She had come to the bar to drink alright,,, (LOADS OF CUM!!) and she had gotten a good start. I had watched her eat the loads of a bunch of men and she was headed back for more. I couldn't take it anymore! I had to have her. There was still some time left before closing. I followed into the bar right behind her. I wasn't going to let her get away. She went up to where she acted like she was going to order a drink and would pick up the men, and I was in hot pursuit. It was so crowded (Standing room only, shoulder to shoulder) No one could see what I was going to do unless you were standing right next to us and looking at her ass. I stepped up behind her, put my hands on her hips pulled her slightly back towards me, putting the huge bulge of my hard cock into the crack of her ass. She reached back putting her hand right on my cock. She turned around with a big smile and sperm on her breath saying, "Can I help you?" I told her, "I've been watching you." She said, "Yes." (Her smile got bigger.) I continued, "I think you're so hot & sexy, I really like what I've seen you doing." She really liked that. Her eyes looked me up & down. Then her eyes stayed fixed on my crotch, as she put her hand on the bulge in my pants again. I told her, "I need you, I need to cum. I haven’t cum in so long." She smiled really big and said, "You poor thing, let's go out to your car!" She took me by the hand and out the back door we went. On the way to my truck she said her name was Rose. She had seen me in the club & wanted me, but was never able to find me after I had been dancing, that I disappeared into the crowd afterwards. Once in my truck she undid my pants and pulled them down to my knees. She wasted no time leaning over she kissed the tip of my cock saying, “It's so beautiful.” Then she sucked it into her mouth. She sucked me good with her head in my lap and those full lips wrapped tightly around my cock. I put my arm around her petite body with my hand on her shoulder. She was mine now. She was going to work my cock until I gave her my cum. I told her, "That's it honey, do me." as I held her tight against me. After about five minutes I told her, “I need to cum in your mouth.” She raised her head and said, "They all cum in my mouth." "I like the taste, and I Love when it spurts in my mouth." And back down she went, sucking me as she cupped my balls in her hand. I reached over with my right hand and lifted up her short skirt. She had no underwear on. I said, "Yes honey, suck my cock." She came up off my cock again and said, "Talk dirty to me, I like it." Back down she went. I started talking really nasty to her, "You're such a dirty little whore, Aren't You?" "Look at you!" "Going from man to man, sucking cock, drinking sperm." "You're such a nasty little whore." She just giggled, and sucked me harder. I put my hand on the smooth cheek of her ass, watching her work my cock. Then I said, "I've wanted your hot mouth, and your dirty little butthole." I gently worked my finger up her butthole while telling her, "I just love whores like you, little sperm eaters." "I like to mak'em suck my cock and eat my cum." This excited her and she quickened her strokes & squeezed my balls gently. I banged her little butthole while she sucked me good. Then I told her, "I want your sweet asshole." "If you're a good little whore and eat my cum." "I'll take you to a room, bend you over and kiss & lick your tart butthole." Her head popped up and she said, "You will?, Do you promise?" I told her, "I like the taste." "And I want yours, you're a perfect little whore." She got all excited as she went back to sucking me. She liked the idea of having her butthole eaten and sucked me for all she was worth, earning her sperm. But now she was pumping her ass on my finger as I worked it in and out of her butthole. She really wanted me to eat her ass. As she sucked me I started thinking about all the men's dcks in her mouth and all the loads this whore had eaten. How she sucked their cocks one after the other for her reward, a mouth full of sperm. And how I was going to feed her mine. I told her, “You're such a sweet little sperm eater.” “That’s it honey, work my cock.” “Jack it and suck it.” “Earn your sperm, Yes, Earn your sperm.” I could feel my climax coming near. I said, “I'm going to fill your mouth with a hot sticky load." "When I cum, don't swallow it right away." "Savor the taste, like a good little whore!" She was so good. Feeling her lips and mouth working my cock and the thought of her eating my cum set my climax in motion. I told her, "Suck my cock you Asian whore, I'm going to give you your reward." She wanted it and sucked me HARD! As I readied to cum, I pulled my finger from her butt and put it under my nose smelling her tart asshole. I love that smell and it set me off. I put my hands on the back of her head and started pumping her mouth. I told her, "Here it comes, don't swallow, take it in your mouth!" "IT'S GONNA CUM!" "EAT ME,,, EAT ME !!!,,, “ALL THOSE MEN,, DON'T STOP!! DON'T STOOOOP!! My body shook as my cock blew spurt after spurt of hot thick cum into her willing, sucking mouth. She took it all sucking my cock hard. When I was done cumming she stayed down there, head in my lap, lips wrapped tightly around my cock. Her mouth was full of cum. I said, "Yes,,, Yes Honey that's it." "Taste it, taste all that sperm." She savored the flavor of my load for about fifteen seconds then I heard her gulp as she swallowed. She swallowed everything I had given her. I had wanted to feed her my sperm and she drank it all. She was a dream come true. After, she came up off my cock, she took the finger I had put up her ass and sucked it too. She went, "MMMMM, that tastes good!" Then she kissed me on the cheek, And asked, "Have I been a good little whore?" I said yes. Then she said, "Will you take me and kiss & lick my ass, Like you said you would, Like you promised?" I told her yes and we headed for a room.….

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