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Tersa #2,, The Next Time...


After I had butt fucked Teresa, using her for my pleasure, I didn’t see her at the club for almost two years. At first I thought she was mad at me or even embarrassed. After all, she had begged for it saying she’d do anything and I had taken full advantage of her and the situation. Then after time had gone by I wondered if something had happened to her and if she was ok. After so long I thought I would never see her again. Then one night out of the blue Teresa came back into the club. I really didn’t expect to see her again and on this night had told my wife to meet me down at the club. After work I arrived at the club and was just inside the entrance and stopped to talk to a group of acquaintances, about 3 guys and 3 women. When out of the crowd came Teresa. She sashayed right up to me and said, “I've missed you!" "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.” Then turned with a snap and sashayed back off into the crowd. Everyone around us stopped talking and looked at me. Including the people that weren’t in our group. Then one of the guys said “What have you done?” I just smiled and said, “All I did was dance with her a couple of times and take her to breakfast.” All the comments from the guys were along the lines of BULLSHIT! As they rolled their eyes. All the ladies standing around had twinkles in their eyes and a grin. The ladies now knew that I wasn’t one to talk about who I was sl**ping with. Man did I get hit on after that…

Anyways, I went on in to find my wife and our table, and when I did, Sure enough it figures, Teresa was sitting at the table right next to ours. I could have shit! And the real kicker is Teresa didn’t know what my wife looked like yet… She had no idea who she was sitting next to. As the night went on Teresa kept looking at me with a big smile. After a while I headed for the bathroom. When I came out there stood Teresa. I told her “Look you have to be cool. I’m here with my wife.” She said she would and that she wanted me again. I told her we'd get together, but not right now. She said she would get her phone number to me somehow. I just said ok, we’ll talk later and headed back to the table. The band was on fire that night. I was out on the dance floor cutting the rug and having a great time. Then on a slow song, as I danced with my wife, I felt someone shove something into my back pocket. As I danced around slowly, there was Teresa all smiles and winking at me. The guy she was dancing with hadn’t a clue as to what was happening. Anyway I had her number. A couple of days later I gave her a call. We set up lunch and met. When she arrived she gave me a big kiss & huge hug. Saying she thought she had lost me forever. I asked, "Where have you been?". She told me because of her husband's job they had moved to Washington, it's a long story. But now she's back...

We went to get a room. She was dressed in a pair of white shorts and a light blue blouse that buttoned up the front. She also had a bag with her. I asked, "What’s in there?" She said, “You’ll see.” Once in the room she proceeded to strip me, almost tearing off my cloths. She kept saying how she had missed me and that she thought she had lost me. That other men just couldn’t do her like I had done. Boy, the more she talked the bigger both heads got. After she had stripped me, I stood in front of her kissing and enjoyed taking off her top button by button, exposing those big beautiful tits held in by her bra. I had stripped her down to her bra and panties. She was stacked and I liked seeing her half stripped like that. Her big tits looking like they were going to bust out of that tight bra. But I didn't take it off, I just pulled it down enough to let her big tits hang out over the top. I started kissing her big nipples. She said she loved what I had done to her, that she wanted me to eat her ass like I had the first time we were together. She was saying. “Please eat my ass.” “Please eat me ass like you did that time.” “I loved how it felt your hot tongue licking & kissing my ass like that.” “Please, please eat my ass.” I said, “Ok honey, if that’s what you really want.” and without me saying another word, she pulled off her panties and assumed her position on the bed on her knees bent over. When she said she wanted me to eat her ass, she wasn’t k**ding. After so long, I finally going to enjoy Teresa again, on her knees, ass high in the air, bent over offering me her ass. Her face was turned sideways on a pillow as she reached back and spread her ass wide waiting for me. I got down behind her putting my hands on the cheeks of her ass. Her butthole was washed clean and it was obvious she had planned on me eating her asshole when she got ready to meet me as she had perfumed her ass. As I looked at her bunghole I could tell it wasn’t like the first time, Never been touched. It looked like it had been well fucked and often. But she was clean and I began to kiss and lick her asshole. She started moaning, “Yes, Yes, It’s been so long. Eat it honey, I love how you eat it.” I gave her what she wanted. kissing & licking her asshole for a long time. I began to tongue fuck her butthole. She just moaned saying nobody could compare with me, the way I do her. I liked watching her enjoy herself and I wanted to give her everything she wanted as I had missed her to.

I knew she wanted me to fuck her ass hard and this time I had brought some KY. But as I got ready to use it, Teresa said in a lusty voice, "You don’t need that.” “I want to feel it,,, feel it going in." So without lube, I put my cock against her asshole and pushed. As my cock went in her lusty grin turned to that look of concern. I loved seeing that look of pained pleasure on her face as her fists clinching the sheets, eye browse drawn up as each stroke plowed deeper and deeper into her hot dry butthole. After I had gotten my cock in deep, Teresa asked me to talk really nasty to her, telling me nothing I could say was off limits. Then it all came back to me. I remembered how Teresa liked it rough and loved to be verbally degraded as I fucked her ass. She loved to hear lewd comments as she got ass fucked. As I plowed her dry bunghole it had a very tight grip on my cock. I told her, "I love your sticky butthole, I love to use buttwhores like you." Teresa in a whining tone said "Use Meeeeeeee.” Then she said, "Oh yeah, that’s it, deeper.” “Use me deeper.“ I pushed my cock up her ass until I was balls deep. She and I rotated our hips working my cock up her ass as deep as it would go. Teresa just loved her asshole reamed, and the nastier I talked to her the nastier she’d respond, saying in a lusty nasty tone, “THAT’S IT FUCK MEEEEE.“ “FUCK ME GOOOOOOD!” FUCK THAT ASS!” She continued rotating her hips saying, "FUCK ME," "USE MEEEE!" "YOU KNOW I'M YOUR WHORE!" as she clinched the sheets and pushed her ass back to meet my strokes.

It felt so good using her asshole again, slamming my cock up her ass with my balls slapping her clit. Hearing her nasty comments, seeing her anal lust & the feel of her hot dry sticky bowels on my cock was too much. I told her “I going to cum.” I’ll never forget the look on Teresa’s face as she tightened her asshole milking my cock. With that I slammed my cock up her ass just as hard and deep as I could on my last few strokes bringing myself to orgasm. Just as I started to shoot my load, I quit pumping and pulled her hips tight against me holding my cock buried to the hilt up her ass. As I shot my wad, my cock was pulsing very hard shooting spurt after spurt. Teresa cried out, “Oh my God, I can feel it.” as I dumped a huge gooey wad deep into her guts. She was in ecstasy feeling me filling her bowels with hot sticky sperm. I loved seeing a nasty anal whore getting just what she wanted. Not to mention this was the lube her asshole would need as I continued to fuck her ass. I loved reaming this willing slut’s asshole. If she wanted it, I was going to give it to her. I worked my cock hard in and out of her sperm lubed butthole. The nastier I talked the more she enjoyed it. She loved it as I called her an anal whore, a dirty slut, even a filthy dick pig, telling her to take it hard & deep! It didn’t take long before we were both worked up to a hot frenzy. My balls slapping her clit again as I drilled her ass. I grabbed her bra, which she still had on, tits pouring out. I used the back strap to pull her back against me. I’d shove my cock up her ass hard, & she’d fly forward. Then I’d pull on her bra strap to bring her back, shoving it up her ass again and again. Over and over, it’s a wonder the bra didn’t break as the shoulder and back straps stretched under the pressure.

I fucked her like this for a long time, Pulling the bra strap like riding a horse as I continued fucking her asshole hard. I could smell the aroma of her butthole, as I enjoyed hearing her grunts and groans of, “USE ME, USE MY ASS, FUCK IT GOOD!!” “I’VE DREAMT ABOUT YOU USING ME,,, SHOVING IT UP MY ASS.” “FUCK MEEEE, FUCK MEEEEEE” I loved reaming her, and it really turned me on watching the anal glaze spread around her asshole as I plowed it home. Seeing her bent over and smelling her asshole being worked over. I just love that smell while buttfucking a whore and it just made it better seeing, feeling, and smelling asshole. I continued using her bra strap to pull her back onto my cock. I told her I love anal pigs and she was the nastiest whore I've ever fucked and I was going to cum in her again. She moaned, “I LOVE YOUR CUM.” “CUM IN MY ASS HONEY, CUM IN MY ASS” With her tits swinging and her head bobbing to every anal pounding stroke, she again tightened her asshole milking my cock. As I looked down, seeing her bra stretch to every bowel bruising stroke, the anal glaze around her asshole and smelling that wonderful smell of deep anal fucking, all the sights, smells and feelings converged and I just exploded filling her bowels full of my hot sticky goop.

Teresa had a total look of ecstasy all over her face as I dumped my load deep into her again… Teresa just said, “YYYEEESSSSS,,, YYYEEESSSS,, CUUUUUMMMMM…“ “GIVE ME CUUUUUUUMMMMM…” As I came the second time, I drained my balls dumping every drop I had left into her ass. After I had cum we didn’t move for a minute or two. Both of us just feeling each other. My cock buried deep in her sperm filled butthole. I held her hips tightly against me, the jizz sealing the suction between my cock and her butthole. We were both enjoying the feeling of cum holding us together immediately after climax. That glued together feeling. You know the feeling, the suction after climax before pulling out. We just stayed there enjoying how it felt being held together by cum. Then after a few minutes, Teresa said she needed it in her pussy as well as her ass. She reached into that bag & pulled out a huge dildo. She asked me to work the dildo up her ass then fuck her pussy good. She said she wanted to feel both holes stuffed full when she came. I have to admit, I was intrigued and did as she asked. This dildo was 13 inches long and as big around as a baseball bat. As I put it in, I watched her asshole stretch to accept the monster. I now knew why her bunghole looked well used. Even with my sperm lubing her well fucked ass, that huge dildo was a very tight fit. She again had that wonderful look of concern on her face as I worked it in.

Her breathing became very heavy as the look turned to total ecstasy. I just held it there as she rotated her hips with it all the way in,, All 13 inches buried in her bowels. All she could do was mumble, “OH YES,,, OH YES.” I started to slowly work that monster in and out. I loved it, it was so nasty smelling her asshole just inches away from my face, and watching her asshole stretch tightly around that dildo. She was in her own little world of ecstasy with her asshole stuffed to the hilt! I watched her asshole slide over the ripples and each ripple changed the expressions on her face. She was enjoying herself so much and I was enjoying doing it to her. I began to quickened the strokes. Each time it would go in, her head would rise up. And as I pulled it out, her head would nod as her mouth hung half open. Then through her heavy breathing she said to me, "Keep it in my ass and fuck my pussy." "Tell me that I'm a whore, that you’re using my butthole, tell me you're r****g my butthole!" "That you’re using me for pleasure." After a slight pause she said, "Please do that for me, Please.” She didn’t have to ask twice. Just the thought of it turned me on. I worked that dildo up her ass as far as it would go. I then shoved my cock in her pussy fucking her good. She loved having both holes filled. I started telling her things like, “Take these cocks you filthy whore!" “Feel it as you get your pussy & ass fucked!" “Feel your holes stretch!” "I **** whore's buttholes for pleasure!" And "You nasty bitch, Take it in Your Filthy Ass!!" "Take it you Filthy Dick Pig!!” As I said these things to her I pulled her hips towards me shoving my cock as deep as it would go over and over. Both her holes filled to the hilt as I said,, "Take It, Take It All You Filthy Whore!!" "Take It Deep." "Feel your filthy butthole & cunt get stretched & used!!” "I love r****g whore butthole." "Look at you!" "Bent over getting butt ****d!" She loved that. I could hear her mumble, "Yes, Yes, **** me, **** my Butthole." I could see she was loving it as she fantasized about butthole ****d. Soon Teresa was going to cum as she lived out her fantasy of being verbally degraded and butthole ****d. I stopped pumping her cunt but left my cock in for sensation, and started working her butthole with that monster dildo. He butthole was stretched tightly around the bat sized thing and I could hear her mumble through her heavy breathing, "My butthole, my butthole, you're r****g my butthole" "My pussy too.” “Use me.” “OOoohhhh, OOoohhh, my butthoooOOOle” I Loved watching her in her own little world, fantasizing about having her butthole ****d. That was it, You should have seen the look on Teresa’s face, She was on her way to a very hard, fantasy come true climax. She moaned loudly, I'M A WHOOOOOORE!!” “UUUUSSSE MEEEEE!!!” UUUUSSSSE MEEEEEEEE!!!! “RAAAAAAPE MEEEEEEEE!!!” I pushed the dildo up her ass harder and she cried out, “YES, THAT’S IT, THAT’S IT,, MY BUTTHOLE, MY BUTTHOLE, "I’M,,,, I'M,,,, I’M CUUUUUUUMMING!!!!!” When Teresa started to cum, she came like a freight train, just exploding in orgasm. Her body just shook & shuddered as she came hard! I could feel her pussy get very wet as wave after wave of orgasm was running through her bowels and pussy. Afterwards, she just went limp & fell on the bed. She loved the double penetration & it felt so good getting her off like that. That was the best part of the whole thing, Making her cum like that! Afterwards we held each other kissing and talking for a while. After that, We got together as often as we could and asked each other to do all kinds of things for & to one another. The chemistry was there. We just loved what we could do for each other......... To comment on this story write to

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