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The Italian Job 17

The Italian Job 17
A few days later Ellie came to see me at my apartment, this was truly a royal visit as she had never been before and I got the feeling that she was checking to see if I had got anyone entrenched that she might see as a threat to her private domain, she wandered around, looking at all of my stuff, “Maria came to see me” she commented whilst browsing my books,
I made no comment, I reckoned if she wanted to tell me she would “wanted to know if she could have her job back” she said, now I was curious but determined to hold out so still no comment “how do you feel about that?” she asked, she was obviously fishing so I decided to try to convince her that there was nothing left in that particular pair of knickers that interested me in the slightest, I picked her up over my shoulder and carried her into the bedroom “what are you doing“ she protested “it is time I christened this apartment” I said as I plonked her down on the bed and she started to undress, revealing her magnificent body to me a bit at a time, I crawled up the bed between her legs kissing her pussy on the way up, she jumped and giggled, I moved all the way up to her face and kissed her forehead then her eyes then her nose, then her lips but moved before she could get me with her tongue, her chin was next as I bit it gently, she twitched “oh my god” she said “he’s found another one” then I attacked her neck licking it around as she started to squirm, and her breathing got faster, then her shoulders, then of course lifted up her arms over her head to expose her arm pits then sank my tongue into them as she humped at me uncontrollably,
I was on my way across her breast to her nipples when she said “fuck me, fuck me now, I want you inside me?” “in time” I whispered into her nipple as I sucked it into my mouth and chewed it, her aureoles and the flesh of her breast were next on the menu as she arched her back to push them at me, she was moaning, I moved down to her stomach and licked my way around it, then down to her hips were I discovered new zones in the hollows of her hips then onto her pubic cushion to the silver grey hairs that I knew so well, she was thrusting her hips up at me gently trying to entice me between her legs “what are you doing to me?” she groaned “making a map” I replied, she laughed, I buried my face in her mound as she gasped, my tongue penetrating it to find the divide then working my way down to her vagina but not entering, I was saving this for the main course,
I moved to her inner thighs where she giggled at the tickling sensations she felt as I moved down her shapely legs to her knees, lifting her knees and licking the backs of them, she groaned again and I suspected that a small shiver had just passed her, I glanced at her vagina and true enough there was a speck of moisture on her pubic hairs surrounding the gates of heaven, on to her calves and her ankles, some ladies have very sensitive ankles and Ellie found out on this day that she had also as I ran my tongue over them and she squirmed and threw her head from side to side, her toes curled as I gave her ankles special attention, then onto the foot where the sensitivity of her toes nearly drove her wild as she pleaded with me to stop and leave them alone and then pouted at me when I did,
I rolled her over, she did not resist, went back up to her shoulders again and worked my way down her back as she gripped the pillow with white knuckles anticipating my contact with her rose, but I had to prise open her buttocks to get to it as she was u*********sly defending one of her most vulnerable spots, I bit into her buttocks as they released and the treasure was mine for the taking as my tongue contacted the brown circle of muscle as I f***ed me stiffened tongue through the defensive ring, her head lifted off the pillow as she arched at the contact, the pleasure I was giving her, my trip was completed as I slid my tongue from her arse down her vulva and penetrated her vagina with my tongue as she moaned and shuddered in a silent orgasm that gripped her vocal chords and would not allow her to give voice to her climax, she flooded my tongue with her juice as I turned her again and moved my hips up then as she wrapped her legs around me I entered her and drove my cock up into her as she came again,
I sucked her tits as I moved gently in and out of her cunt, she was pulling me with her heels on my back wanting me to speed up my assault, I knelt back up and still kept thrusting, then capturing her bent knees I pulled them together in front of me which clamped her vulva together around my cock, I shafted her as I held her knees together with my arms wrapped around them against my chest, she looked at me as she came twice more, coasting through the pleasure, riding the waves as they washed over her in a sea of climax, I let go of her knees as I took her hands pulling her up and leaning back so that she was on top of me looking down at me, her long grey hair framing her face as it trailed on my chest, she leaned down and kissed me, “now I feel as though I am very special, because you just made love to me” she said and smiled at me “ as long as you remember that no matter what anyone says to you, I love you!!” I said to her and I meant it, “like for you the others are just fucking” I whispered.
So how was your trip to Genoa I queried as we came out of the shower and dried off, she stood with a towel round her body and looked at me “Simone has her new baby” she said smiling “I have opened a trust fund for it ” she said “ the baby will be financially secure for the rest of its life” she said looking straight at me, she had very searching eyes and she was waiting for the question that I was determined not to ask, I looked away “don’t you want to know?” she asked “know what?” I said “if it has a big cock?” she said as she burst out laughing and jumped at me.
Things had been very quiet, with Ellie settling down to a steady relationship, Sonia calling in to see me whenever she was able to get away, she had managed to stave off Christina with threats that she would reveal her feminine side to her new husband and the world if she let slip about having had sex with me at Roseanna’s so Christina for the time being at least was out of the game, but I knew that she was putting Sonia under pressure as the new husband was fucking her missionary every time and she had tasted a bit of deviance with me so she knew there was something different out there, she was afraid to try to get him to try other things in case he twigged that she had been fucked somewhere else when he was convinced that he was the only one that had ever fucked her, Maria had got her old job back but I kept well away from that.
I was bracing myself because I knew that at least one of the ladies was getting a bit restless for something outside, it turned out to be Sonia, she had been talking to Ellie who had told her about the trip to Bolognia when I sold her, they both turned up one night at my place and the dreaded fear came over me that they were hatching something between them, Sonia was a bit put out that I had not taken her along with Ellie and me when we went on the selling trip so she wanted us all to do something together and they had come up with the cinema, Italian cinemas are a bit different from ours as they show mixed films, they do not have separate cinemas for different types of films so if you want to see a porn film you have to watch for it to come up in the list and it is shown in just a normal cinema, they had chosen a film that was not raw porn but very close as I had explained that if they wanted to play then they should choose a sex film as that would attract the right sort of audience for what they had in mind, they were taking me along as simply backup in case of trouble but they wanted to be left to their own devices when inside the auditorium, the plans were made, we did not want to go as far as Bolognia so settled for Mesola as we felt there would be a decent sized audience, I was to drive the ladies there and then they would stay within range and do what they wanted, Ellie took me on one side “you realise again that I am expecting to be fucked again tonight and not just by you, if you find it difficult to come to terms with then say so and we will get Sam to take us but we would rather have you and remember, I do not complain when you spread it around as you tend to do so please don’t begrudge me a bit of fun, she was quite excited at the prospects but I was not at all happy, they came round to my place on the chosen night, as they walked in the door Sonia had a serious look on her face “what is the matter?” I asked “this is the matter” she said as she stood to one side and I saw Christina behind her, my heart dropped, “how on earth?” I started to say “ I could not help it, she has been pestering me for weeks to come with me and when Ellie picked me up to bring me here tonight she knew that something was going on and threw a screaming fit till I agreed, what are we going to do?” she said, as she looked at me, I threw up my hands ”I surrender” I said, Christina smiled, she had understood, it turned out that Christina spoke quite good English but like many people she was shy to use it to me because she thought I would ridicule her attempt, she could not have been further from the truth as my Italian was the laugh of the village, the locals always short of something to talk about often spent hilarious nights reviewing my attempts at the language but I had got used to it and they were not the only nationality that I encountered to do it.
We set off for the cinema, I bought the tickets and my small band of wanton women trooped in, I had told them to dress in fairly old stuff as it might get messed up, Dresses with as many buttons as possible, no underwear but Ellie insisted on a bra and self-supporting stockings so that there would be no fuss with tights, we took seats and it had been decided that Christina would sit with me at the back so that she could observe and learn, Sonia and Ellie were sat a row but one in front of us, about 4 seats in from the end of the row, if either of them got into problems they would shout, another couple sat in front of Christina and I but I could still see the girls because of the staggered arrangement of the seats, the lights dimmed and the film started, I could see the knees of the girls from my position, the angle of the seats was quite steep so I had an elevated view, Christina was fidgeting and kept looking at me and smiling, it was the first time I had been with her since the episode on the way back from Roseanna’s, out of the corner of my eye I saw her loosen a couple of buttons of her dress, she was supposed to observing but I had a feeling she had other things in mind, a guy sat beside Ellie and a black guy sat beside Sonia, another guy sat beside the black guy, the guys were all doing their stuff with casual touching of knees etc., Christina leaned forward and took off her shoes, as she did her breast was pushed up by the pressure on her knee and almost popped out of the top of her loosened buttons, she turned her head and caught me looking at her tits, she sat back and linked her arm through mine, moving her shoulder against mine. “you like?” she said in my ear as she lifted the top of her dress to expose her breast to me, “beautiful” I said, things were moving in front, the guy beside Ellie had his hand up her skirt as she kissed him holding his arm in place,
Sonia had her tits out as the black guy groped her, as I watched Sonia stood and moved, the guy to the right of the black guy moved over and Sonia sat between them both, they both got hold of a tit each, sucking and groping her as she slid further forward in her seat to expose more of her legs, the woman in front of us had taken off her coat and opened her companions flies and had his cock out, he was hard and she was wanking him, she was leaning to him so I could see that her blouse was open and the gentle curve of her tits into her bra was visible my cock stirred, Christina was watching her mum who was now sucking the cock of the black guy as she wanked the guy to her right, they both had hold of her tits, groping them, Ellie was wanking the guy to her left bending and giving his cock a suck as he finger fucked her, I could not see his fingers in her as it was below her dress but she was humping with her hips so I knew he was into her somewhere,
Christina dropped her left hand onto my lap and felt for my cock while at the same time taking another couple of buttons and turning towards me, she had no bra on and her pert tits with her brown nipples jutted out trying to escape the confines of her dress, the woman in front had also taken a couple more buttons and had turned towards the guy she was wanking, she suddenly looked up and saw me looking at her tits, she looked down at her breasts and pulled her blouse open to show me more of her tits nestling in there packages, the guy was looking at her while she wanked him, Ellie was now kneeling on her seat while her guy was stood behind her with his cock into her, she had her hands on the back of her seat and she was watching me as she was being shafted, she dropped her head as she came, her dress was open at the top and her tits inside her bra were trying to burst out, she saw the guy behind her being wanked by the woman and reached for his cock to wank it, the woman relinquished her grip , stood and took off her blouse, she had large tits that were bouncing as she discarded the garment,
Sonia was standing in her row bent over while the black guy fucked her from behind, she was bent over sucking the cock of the guy to her right, Christina had my cock out and was wanking me, I had my arm around her as I groped her tits that were by now well free of the confines of her dress, the woman saw my cock out and leaned over her seat and licked it as Christina wanked it, I saw Ellie’s tits drop out of her bra as the guy in front of me liberated them and groped them, the cock in her was pounding into her as she was pushed forward with every stroke, she got her mouth onto the guys cock in front of me and proceeded to suck him, Christina relinquished my cock to the woman in front then stood and moved around beside her undoing her bra and pulling it off, the womans enormous tits dropped free as I groped them, the woman turned her hips and opened her legs as Christina put her fingers into her, Sonia had seen off her blow job as another took his place, the black guy shot his load into her and moved away as a guy climbed over the seat in front, stood behind her and got stuck in, the guy in front shot his load into Ellie’s mouth as he groped her swinging tits the guy behind her was still pounding at her, she let go of the cock she had just sucked off and she looked up at me with cum running down her chin, Christina was on her knees in the row below licking the cunt of the woman who was sucking my cock, her companion was trying to recover from being finished off by Ellie, Sonia was now on her 4th cock in her mouth with spunk dripping off her nipples as they swung with the motion of the guy behind her ramming his cock into her, the woman in front stood and turned, with her arse to me so I shoved my cock into her cunt and fucked her, Christina robbed of a cunt to lick climbed past the woman, past Ellie and the bloke and sat beside the bloke trying to bring his cock back to life, Ellie had now turned and was sitting in her seat with her legs over the seat in front as her assailant stood between her legs fucking her, he could now get to her tits and it did not take him long faced with this inspiration to blow his load into her, I saw her throw her head back as she came at the same time, Christina had brought up the guy and was sucking his cock, her tits were swinging and he was groping her,
I was shafting the woman who came and pushed back into me as the tremor went through her, I kept going, Ellie was away from the guy who fucked her and was being lined up by the black guy who had now recovered, she assumed her kneeling position on the next seat as he rammed into her, she looked at me and closed her eyes as she took the big black cock into her cunt, Sonia was now having her arse fucked over the seat as a guy in front groped her tits, Christina had the guy in front on his feet and with one foot on the top of the seat in front was guiding his prick into her cunt as she wrapped her arm around his neck and clung on while she took him, humping her hips at him,
I banged into the woman who had another orgasm and went down, panting in her seat, she sat half naked with her skirt round her waist as another guy made his way along the row to fuck her in her semi collapsed state, Christina planted her mouth on the guy and he shot his load into her cunt, she pulled off him and came over the seats to me where she bent and I shoved my cock into her slippery wet cunt as he braced herself on the seat back in front of her and the chair arm, the black guy exploded into Ellie as she took another cock into her mouth, I was watching her because I knew she would get tired and as far as I was concerned when she did that was the end, Sonia had her cunt and her arse filled by now, she was astride one guy while the other was behind her, the guy under had his cock in her cunt while the guy behind had his cock in her arse “what is my mother doing” Christina suddenly shouted “getting fucked” I said, she looked around “what is he doing to her?” she said “the one behind” “he is fucking her arse” I said “I want?” she said “not from me” I said “why?” she questioned “because you are too young and it hurts” I said “then I find another” she said as she pulled off me and headed over the seats towards the melee the woman in front was being fucked by a guy behind her as she reached forward grabbed my cock and stuck her mouth on it, she sucked it, licking and slurping at my stiff nob,
Christina said something to Ellie who was sucking a prick, Ellie stood and was still holding guys cock and spoke to Christina, Christina bent forward and Ellie put the cock against Christina’s rose, I was watching this scene with Interest as Ellie looked at me, I shrugged, Ellie smiled, she was looking tired, the guy shoved at Christina who yelped and pulled away, she came back again and tried again but whimpered as the guy tried more slowly but he was hurting her and she gasped and pulled away, Ellie put her foot up on the seat and took the guy’s cock into her cunt from the front allowing him access to her tits as he groped them and sucked her nipples, Christina sat down pouting, the woman took my cock out of her mouth and made her way down to Christina then pulling open Christina’s dress groped her tits while Christina finger fucked her, the guy shot his load into Ellie as her head went back at the shock of his sperm blasting into her cunt, I moved quickly to gather her pulling her clear, I fixed a few buttons of her dress and got her out of the cinema, the film was about to finish so the others were not far behind as they all sat in the car stuffing tissues into themselves to mop up the cum,
I drove home and we all settled down in my apartment, the girls were still excited and were rattling on in Italian, I think they were comparing cocks and styles of fucking, I got some drinks as they started to parade into the shower, coming out refreshed and half naked from washing it all away, Sonia sat beside me playing with my hair while Ellie was in the shower, she had on one of my towels around her chest, Christina was sitting on another couch looking a bit sulky but fairly happy, she had taken some cock and was better informed than before we went, “tell me?” Sonia said “how can you let Ellie fuck all of those guys when you got so upset with Maria when she did it?” she asked “I know you love Ellie because I can see it in your eyes when you look at her?” she stated “you see too much” I said, we laughed “It was not the fact that Maria fucked other cocks that upset me it was the fact that she told so many lies to try to cover up the fact, she knew I was going to fuck you all at the party and she told me she would take other cocks, I did not object but then she started lying and when I found her out she tried to cover it up with more lies, I understand you are Yvonne’s friend but please do not try to patch this up Sonia because it will not happen” I said to her, she thought for a few moments “please don’t be angry with me for trying but I am Yvonne s friend and she is missing you, not just for the sex but your friendship and comedy” she said “ I have never told Yvonne that I did not want to see her, it was her decision to stay away from me when Maria came back but I do love Ellie and I will let her do whatever she wants because my love for her is so strong I know we can withstand anything like tonight, that was just sex, what I feel for her is not just sex it is much stronger, Sonia was looking past me and I turned to see Ellie standing by the shower door with a towel wrapped around her, looking at me, “you are a very, very fortunate woman” Sonia said to Ellie “I know” said Ellie as she came across the room and climbed onto me straddling my legs as she pushed me back on the couch, threw her arms around my neck and buried her head into my neck, she hugged me as she pushed her body into me, I wrapped my arms around her and stroked her back through the towel, “ we are still friends, yes” Sonia said to me “yes of course” I said “ leave him alone, he is mine” Ellie said laughing and crying at the same time to Sonia , they both laughed together “we all know who he belongs to” Sonia said.
Christina had been sat very quiet during this exchange, “did you enjoy the night” her mother said to her “yes it was good” she said “but why I no take the cock in my arse?” she said “because you are so young” Ellie said “your ring is very tight and the pain was too much for you, that together with the fact that we had no extra lubricant for your first time, she explained, I managed to disengage from Ellie’s clinging grasp and headed for the shower, I came out and there was a very noisy silence as they all looked at me “what?” I asked “do you have any gel here?” Ellie asked I looked at her “no!!!” I said trying to sound positive and firm “no! you have no gel or no! you will not do it??” Sonia said “no!! to everything” I said “she is very sure that she wants it” said Ellie “and it is better from you because we have all experienced your technique and gentleness in this” she argued, Christina stood and sidled up to me, Sonia was smiling into her fingers, Christina was feeling at my boxer shorts as she whispered in my ear “you no want to fuck my arse, my young fresh arse, it is yours for the taking, I want you to cream my arse” she whispered, my cock was giving me away again, as it rose almost ceremoniously within my boxer shorts, Christina dropped her towel and came into my side as she felt my cock and pushed her breasts into my arm, she took my hand and put it on her mound sliding her fingers among mine as she gripped my fingers between hers and pushed her fingers and mine between her legs thrusting forward slightly with her hips, she slid her fingers out of mine as I kept my hand on her mound sliding my fingers into her cunt whilst at the same time pushing my thumb into her slit and finding her hood covered clitoris then pushing this aside I pushed her button, she clamped her mouth on mine and shoved her tongue into my mouth as she whimpered and came at my onslaught of her clit, she never saw it coming, she did not have the experience to understand how sensitive her clitoris was and how vulnerable she was once the hood is moved, she folded convulsing as I went down with her keeping my hand in place and continuing my assault on her, she was screaming as the orgasm tore through her chest, she laid on the floor thrusting on my hand as she gagged, her face went red and all the veins in her neck stood out as she gasped for breath, humping her hips uncontrollably as I held on to her,
I knelt beside her and sucked her nipples “no, no, not that again” she shouted as she tried to fend me off, but it was too late, I had her nipple against my teeth and I rasped, as well as the orgasm that was already gripping her the other one came flying up her legs and she started to shake, she was riding an earthquake and it was rattling her bones as she opened her mouth in anguish as she convulsed again and I felt her vagina grip my fingers, I looked at Sonia as I removed my mouth from her distended nipple, she was sitting holding her hand to her mouth as she watched her daughter violated, Ellie was sitting beside her with her elbow on her knee and her chin on her hand fascinated by the reaction, I eased my pressure on her clit and Christina started to subside, rolling onto her back and staring at the ceiling as she tried to get control of her breathing, her knees were up and her feet were apart, juice was pouring out of her cunt onto my tiles,
I think she ejaculated during the onslaught, Christina looked at me “fuck!!” she whispered hoarsely “I should have known better than to let you near my tits, now will you fuck my arse?” this girl had become a woman, I got the gel and helped her to her feet as she kissed me and put her arms around my neck, nuzzling into me, she was getting close to my zone with her kisses so I eased her away and took her into the bedroom, Ellie and Sonia followed, I threw a couple of pillows on the bed and told her to kneel on all fours on the bed with her forehead on the pillows, she obeyed, I knelt behind her and Sonia and Ellie sat on the bed on each side of her, Sonia was stroking her back, Christina parted her knees a bit and her leaking cunt came into view,
I pushed my prick into this and fucked her to orgasm, she gripped the pillow with white knuckles, I licked her rose as she jumped and it puckered defensively, her buttocks tried to close but I held them open as I sank my tongue onto her rose and pushed my tongue into the opening of her anal ring, she was bucking her buttocks at me, eventually she relaxed and her buttocks opened allowing me access to her treasure, I gelled my fingers and my cock and rubbed gel around her ring as she jumped with the cold of the gel, she chuckled and called me a bastard because she thought I had done it on purpose, which I had, I eased my finger into the ring very slowly, she was panting very fast as Ellie reached in and kissed her on the mouth, Sonia was stroking her back and her buttocks as I went about my work, I fucked my finger into her a bit at a time as she got accustomed to the feeling and her ring relaxed a bit, then I introduced the other finger and again she gasped,
Ellie was stroking her hair as she whispered “shhhhh my darling, the pain will soon go” she relaxed again as the pain eased then I rotated my fingers in her rectum to stretch the gripping ring, pulling my fingers out and slipping the dome of my cock in quickly before the hole closed, I had to f***e my cock in a bit as my dome almost plopped inside as her head came up and she groaned, her ring closed gripping the stem of my cock as I started to move in her shoving my cock into her anal passage a bit at a time, she was by now pushing back on me and I knew she was past the pain and enjoying the fuck, I was stroking into her quite strongly as I felt my balls contacting her vagina as they swung, she had taken all of my cock as she groaned at me and speeded up pushing back, “come on” I said “ come on you fucking bitch, come for me” and she did, she trembled as she continued the movement, Ellie fondled her tits as her legs started to go, I held her up with my cock ramming into her, I was so close to coming myself there was no way I was going to let her escape, she was screaming with the constant orgasm’s that surged through her as I came and fired my load up her arse, almost immediately spunk oozed out around my cock and ran down her vulva and dripped off her mixing with the juice that was running out of her cunt, my legs turned to jelly as I groaned with the climax that hit me, I wilted and slipped out of her panting, she had collapsed down onto the bed, laid flat on her stomach with her arms shaking, she gave a few twitches as the aftershocks rippled through her, I had converted another arse and it felt good, maybe I should advertise the fucking service.
We all showered again, me with Ellie who washed me down like a stud bull after mating, she stayed with me for the night and I fucked her in the morning as the sun came up and streamed through the windows of my apartment, Christina became a fairly regular visitor with her mother claiming that she was my housekeeper when questioned.
To be continued…………….

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