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My First Blow Job

Chatted with an older gentlemen an adult website. He was jacking off on cam. He had a nice looking cock and we agreed I would come over and suck him.

His cock was average length but had a nice big head. He had big shaved balls. His balls were much bigger than mine (I am tinyballs on another site). He asked me if I wanted to feel him and I did. He layed back on the bed with his legs over the side. I unbuttoned my pants to play with myself. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. It was nice and he got hard almost immediately. He moaned in enjoyment. I sucked him for a bit and then put a condom on him. He said he could not feel anything. S0 I starting jacking him off and he responded. I finished with jacking him as his head was in my mouth. He pumped my mouth as I sucked him. I was able to take all of his cock in. Only gagged once. He had to have me stop after he came :)

After he was finished he asked if I wanted him to suck me. I said no. That's was our agreement to begin with. I asked if it was OK if I finished myself and about 5 strokes. He thanked me alot and I and "thank you for letting me suck you"

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