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An unusual hardcore glory hole experience finale--

Jenny had her share of wine at dinner in Bridgeport, and we arrived nervously at the video store at 10pm sharp. It was crowded and as soon as everyone saw the two of us, all the guys basically chased us to the back where the booths were. We secured a buddy booth that fortunately had a nice lock on it, but creeps were constantly trying to get the door open. Neither Jenny nor myself had ever experienced anything like this--we were quite scared and thought about calling the whole thing off. Soon after locking the door, a big black cock came right through the glory hole in the booth. This obviously was not what she wanted to see, she wanted to be watched and I had arranged it with the guy I met there the night before. He asked to see jenny's tits but she refused. He was getting very f***eful and demanding to see her while he stroked. We opened the door and fled into another private booth. My acquaintance from the night before saw us this time and luckily he jumped into the booth next to us. People were beating on our door to let them in but there was no way that would happen.

After assuring Jen that it was okay, we placed our bills into the slot and started watching some pretty hardcore porn. With Jenny intrigued by the experience, I peered through the glory hole to my new-found friend and signaled for him to pull his pants off and get ready for the voyeur show of his life! Jenny had no idea I had arranged this with the guy next door in the booth. She and I were getting hot by watching the vid, and we started to kiss and feel one another. She was wearing Express Jeans (size 2), a pink lace/mesh see-thru thong, a tank-top and her B-cup bra. As we worked each other out, the clothes began to come off. I bent down to suck on her rather large and engored clit, and as I did this, she turned around and wanted licked from behind. As she did this, I bent back down and winked at my bud through the GH (Jen's arms were up against the wall as she bent over in front of the hole, so he could see her small tits hanging down and her pussy, but she couldn't see him). I could see him stroking hard. I was afraid at this point he might try to touch her which would likely freak her out and she'd leave. I motioned for him with my hand not to touch her. She turned around and said she wanted to deepthroat me again like she did last night. She got on her knees and gave me the best BJ in my lifetime. With one hand she was rubbing her clit and the other was busy stroking my veiny cock.
At this point I knew it was now or never. I told her there was an older guy in the booth next door who had been watching and was eager to touch her (or me). I thought she'd freak out but she didn't. She actually turned around and told him to stroke her long blonde hair through the hole while she sucked me. The holes were pretty big and he could easily get one if not both hands thru. As he started doing this, I noticed he was grabbing the back of her head and gently moving it back and forth, in and out while she sucked my cock. She stood up, said she wanted fucked doggy-style, and she wanted our neighbor to put his cock thru the GH. We all obliged, and I fucked her with nice long strokes. As I saw his cock come thru the hole, which was much smaller than mine, I heard her say how "cute" it was, and she started talking dirty to him. I watched as she took his cock in her hand and started pumping it. He cried out that he was about to cum but then she stopped and told him to wait, that she wasn't done with him yet. She asked me if it was okay if he fucked her with a rubber on, while she sucked me off. I wasn't okay with this for the first time, so told her no, but she could stroke us both off at the same time if she wanted. This excited her! We told our new friend what the plan was, and without hesitation, Jen bent down on her knees and started stroking us off and sucking me while she pumped him. We both yelled at the same time we were about to cum, at which point her mouth became a vacuum cleaner and she sucked the cum out of me while he blew his load all over her tits. We got up, said we'd have to do it again, maybe somewhere else next time, and then we left. I have his email address and am tempted to see if he wants to meet us at Jen's apartment or at his place or hotel. Jen was a natural at what had taken place, despite the initial nervousness. She handled it like a pro and wants to do it again soon. She feels more comfortable knowing that she is a very young gal and the voyeur was a much older man!

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