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Looking for Something to do...

This is a true story as told to me by my s****r in-law. She was a cheerleader in her senior year at high school some thirty years ago-oh and yes I am porking her!

My name is Lisa and my friend Melanie, Mel for short, took a trip for the weekend to go to the neighboring city about two hours away. Mel has an older s****r living there and we stayed with her. Mel wanted to this so we could party and cause trouble. I wanted to do this as I really wanted Mel to like me and wanted to fit in with her group.

We got to Mels s****r's house and got settled in and all. Then we went driving around. We ran across this adult bookstore and stopped in. Mel said this will be alot fun, we are going to get laid!! Now I have only been with a couple of guys a couple of times but I was not going to say anything to Mel. We went in and Mel asked where the glory holes are and the guys said that they do not have those any more. Then Mel said we wanted to get some strange. The two guys at the counter looked at each other and then said follow us. They took us to the back room where there was a table just high enough for fucking. Mel stripped off her clothes and told me to do the same. We laid down on the table and several guys came in with no pants on stroking their cocks. I had never seen this before. One guy came over to me and started to lick my pussy, the same was going on for Mel. Another guy stuck his dick in my mouth. I was not sure what to do, I just moved my tounge around. The guy licking my pussy stuck his dick in me and started to fuck me, which I liked. After a minute he removed his dick and another guy took his place for a minute or two and then he removed his dick also. A third guy slid in and banged away for a minute and then removed his dick and jizzed all over my bush!! I had never had anything like that happen before. Alot of hot sticky cum all over my pussy from this man old enough to be my father. I rubbed it all around not knowing what to do. As I did this the guy in my mouth came. I felt his dick swell and then explode!! All I could do was swallow. Another guy got in my pussy and started pounding away as the guy in my mouth finished and removed his pecker. The guy in my pussy soon stopped moving and I felt his dick pulsing and he filled my pussy with his sweet dick nectar. I loved that, I hgad never had a guy cum in me before. The feel of his dick shooting his warm cum all up inside me made me cum also. Another man took his place for a minute then another guy got in there and blew his wad really deep. I had a small pool of jizz forming around my ass. Mel had a really big pool jizz but I soon caught up. Most of these guys were old and some were fat and had gray hair. I must have had ten guys fuck me, I am going guess about six blew their nut me, three came on my bush and two blew it in my mouth. Mel did better, but I think she has done this before. An older lady joined in towards the end. I got to watch a couple of guys jizz in her, her pussy was right in my face.

This little experience is what turned me into a cum junky, I always love to feel a man cum inside me after this. And I still stop by adult book stores when I need a little strange!

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