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Mona’s First Web-sex

This is my first ever chat on the web, Hans was my first, Eddy, my husband shared Hans with me. This is how it went:

Mona: Hello there, it is Mona and Eddy are here, what is your name
Hans: Hi. I’m Hans
Mona: Hello Hans, what is your wife’s name
Hans: Her name is Susanna
Mona: I only see your avatar picture, is it really yours
Hans: Sure this is my dick
Mona: It is very nice, I love clean looking dicks, and how big is it honey
Hans: 20x5 cm
Mona: Lovely, Eddy my husband is 17 x 5 cm, yours is bigger, honey
Hans: What do you prefer?
Mona: The bigger the better I guess
Mona: What do you and Susanna usually do with it?, does she know what you do on the net?
Hans: Yes, she knows about it, I love to fuck and to blow too
Mona: Do you guys sl**p around with other people? Do you like to watch? Does she like girls; we do not, we will start with me and a girl
Hans: Sometimes my Susanna has a girlfriend and they make a show for me
Mona: How nice! Do you blow girls only, not guys?
Hans: I love to lick women, very deep
Mona: That is better, I love that too, Eddy licks me for hours, he does it right after I ride him to orgasm and then he goes to work while I sip my wine
Hans: I like wet pussies wine is perfect
Mona: Do you have a picture of Susanna; Eddy wants to look at her
Hans: Not at this moment, maybe later
Mona: Is she pretty, Eddy asks? Is she also shaved down there.
Mona: How about her breast and butt?
Hans: Your tits are medium and your butt is nice and hot
Mona: Lovely, how many times a week do you do her.
Hans: Only on the weekend, because I work in a another country and stay go home only on the weekend
Mona: We also do it on Saturdays, but now, since I stopped working while Eddy still, we play every day a little with the net and really do it 3 times a week or so.
Hans: Are you now alone?
Mona: My husband is here, but it is ok
Hans: Not a problem?
Mona: Not at all
Mona: Too bad we did not meet in earlier in Luxembourg
Hans: You are naked?
Mona: Not yet honey, do you want me to?
Hans: Yes, and wet
Mona: You sure Susanna is ok with that
Hans, I think she likes women too, are you shaved?
Mona: I am, Eddy and I do it to each other once a month, look at my profile pictures and you will see
Hans: Sorry I want to lick you now
Mona: Wait, did you see my pictures? Are they nice, do you like them? do I look like Susanna?
Hans: Susanna is shaved too, I love it
Mona: You saw my Eddy’s?
Hans: Do you like my dick? I like face-sitting
Mona: Hans, I really love your thing, really, I want to touch it softly and kiss it lightly when it is soft, could I?
Hans: You could
Mona: Oh honey, do you want to do me now?
Hans: Yes, I lick your holes
Mona: Eddy is helping me undress; we will play now with you, the three of us, are you naked?
Hans: I have only a boxer short
Mona: take it off, please. We are naked now
Hans: Now I’m naked and my cock is hard
Mona: Oh let me touch it a bit please
Mona: I want to kiss it too
Hans: Oh yes, play with my balls too
Mona: I will, your dick is so so nice, I love it. I will put it in my mouth; it is too big for me, can not take it all in, just the head
Hans: Try to open your mouth more
Hans: I want your wet pussy on my face
Mona: I am, I am, your balls are soft, that tastes good, full of cum
Hans: Suck my balls too
Mona: I am doing it, I am touching your ass too
Hans: Put two fingers in my ass, please
Mona: You like that, kinky Hans
Hans: Yes,
Mona: I want to you to fuck me now, I want to get on top of you Hans, lay on your back please
Hans: I o what you want; and then?
Mona: Let me get on top, I am getting the head in, it is big, you are hard, your dick started to go in, I am feeling you. Do you feel me?
Hans: You are warm inside; No you are hot
Mona: Vey wet, I feel it, I am riding your big cock, it is all in, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah; love it. I am grinding your dick, ooooh, ahhhhooooo, i love it
Hans: I will come inside you and than I lick you clean
Mona: Wait not yet, I am not ready yet, please wait
Hans: Are you squirting?
Mona: No, not yet
Hans: What is Eddy doing now?
Mona: Eddy is touching my ass, he is also touching your dick, oh my god, he says he is playing with your ass too, I am going crazy
Hans: I am too
Mona: It feels very wet, I do not squirt, oooof harder Hans, ahhh, oooof aaaah, faster honey, I am coming
Hans: Eddy can play with my hole, it is all open for him
Mona: I do not care about him, I aaaaaaam cuming, faster Hans please, fuuuuuck me
Hans: I fuck you harder
Mona: Oh Hans, I am done honey, wait a little, I need to breath, I feel your sperm inside me, it is very warm, please eat me. Do you like to eat my filled pussy honey, you and Eddy together?
Hans: O.K get your pussy over my face, I’ll lick it
Mona: Eddy is still hard! you eat me first, now eddy can play with your ass and fingers it Hans. Is it ok?
Hans: I have Eddy’s dickin my hand
Mona: Lick me Hans, I want you to eat my cum, Hans, I am gong crazy, is eddy fingering your ass? do you like the taste of my pussy? It is still full with your cum and mine
Hans: It tastes good, Eddy is playing, his two fingers are in my ass
Mona: Eddy wants me to suck him while you are eating me, I will do it, He is so hard
Hans: Open your pussy wide with your fingers, I will it lick it deep, please, do it
Mona: I am, here it is wide open and dripping. Eddy is reaching over to hold your soft dick
Hans: Eddy will make me hard again!!
Mona: He is cumming, he pulled out, he shoots all over my breast, this is true Hans, true, and, my god, he came
Hans: my face is wet of your cum
Mona: I am a mess now
Hans: I hope it is a lot of cum
Mona: Oh honey that was really great, we both thank u, we have to go shower, we do it again with you and may be Susanna
Hans: I hope, while you take a shower I will clean Eddy and play with him
Mona: Do u think we can do it with Susanna, the four of us, with wine, would she like that, you can translate if she does not speak English
Hans; She will be happy too, she speaks English
Mona: Texting makes love making slow and better, we can last all night.
Hans: I think so, too
Hans: When I ´m home my Susanna will fuck me
Mona: Do you think she will have us fuck with you?
Hans: Sometimes she uses a strap-on on me. True
Mona: I believe you. Bye now, I am too sticky, needs to shower, we try this next week, Tell us when u ready, please. Our kisses to you, we enjoyed it, we hope you did too

Can not wait to tell you what happened the second time, it was really hot hot

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