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My bald pussy

I rush round my flat, it’s about 10pm and I’m in my least sexy pj’s that I own. My night had been spent lounging round flat, watching some tv and reading. I hear the door bell go...I’m not expecting anyone so I sneak a look out the window and see my boys car parked opposite my flat. He never said he was coming round – I always like to be clean and smooth for him visiting.

I open the door in shock, my dark red hair is wavy (rather than its usual poker straight look) and I only have a little make-up on. I invite him into my flat and ask why he’s here...I wasn’t expecting you. He says that he was at home and found one of the videos we had made – he was watching my nipples harden as he licked & sucked them on the video. He said he’d felt his cock twitch as this point. The video had then cut to him licking my pussy; I could see him getting hard as he explained that he loved watching his tongue run over my shaven pussy down to my pussy lips, plunging into my wet pussy.

I stop him there...I knew I hadn’t shaved since I’d seen him a week ago. I had been away with work and just hadn’t had the chance to maintain my usual high standards. I knew how much he loved my bald pussy and felt terrible that I couldn’t give him that – not immediately anyway...not able to sort out his hard cock straight away.

He pulled me closer to him, biting at my neck and whispered to look in his bag. Trying to concentrate as he nibbled on my neck, I looked over his shoulder and into the bag. There was a razor and oil...alongside a shiny new vibrating butt plug. I told him I was confused and didn’t know what it meant. He smiled and reminded me of a time where I admitted that almost every time I shaved my pussy I got very turned on and normally masturbated to climax with the shower head water jets on my clit and a finger or two in my pussy.

He leads me to the bathroom, kissing my neck and telling me he knew I had a long and hard week. That I was just to lie back and enjoy as he shaved my sweet little pussy. As I bend over to climb into the bath he pulls my ass back slightly saying he wants to admire for a moment. I bend fully over and his hands go to my ass cheeks, pulling them apart and saying how he loves my ass and asshole. He rustles in the bag...I wonder what he’s getting, hoping it’s the butt plug. I hear him opening the oil and then he pushes the butt plug right in my ass. I scream with pleasure, pain and a bit of shock...woo it feels good.

He instructs me to climb into the bath and put my legs up on either side of it. I do as I’m told and spread my legs open – embarrassed at the hairs on my pussy. He takes the razor and oil, moving towards the bath. He puts them on the side and admires my pussy and the butt plug in my ass. His fingers wander to my pussy and he slides two fingers straight in – I moan and cum almost instantly...the excitement of knowing he’s going to shave me and see how excited I get with it and having the nice new butt plug in my ass was just too much for me.

He smiles, moves his head down to my juices covering my pussy and licks me clean; pushing the butt plug in as far as he can get it. He lifts the oil and razor and pours some oil onto my pussy. He takes the razor and shaves my triangle til its smooth. I stifle a giggle, enjoying having all this attention. He takes more oil and pours it onto his fingers then rubs it into my pussy area, concentrating on my pussy lips and down to my ass. I can feel my pussy tingling with excitement. He starts to shave me, I feel so turned on and ready to cum again at any moment.

Slowly he shaves me, making sure he removes every bit of hair from my pussy. He can tell I’m excited I’m moaning and I know I’m so wet. My nipples are very erect and ready for his tongue and lips on them. He lifts the shower head and starts to wash my bald pussy. I feel the jets of water over my exposed clit and his fingers following them then the water again as his fingers slip back into my wet, oily, watery pussy rubbing me til I cum and actually squirt over his fingers. He moves back to the bag and removes a camera that I hadn’t noticed. He starts to snap my bald pussy saying the boys on xHamster are going to love it!

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