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My First Time with Mom

My story starts when I was 16 years old and was seduced by my mum Sharon
Sharon was 38 at the time a very attractive blond woman with all the curves in the right places her tits where 36DD and attracted the attention of many a mans eyes.
Dad was a work freek and worked all the hours he could doing many spare shifts he was however a good provider for his f****y which consisted of Mum myself and a younger s****r who was 9.
My first time took place one New Years Eve, In our house we always for as long as I could remember had a New Years eve party then people would all leave and wander until the very early hours of the morning Mum and Dad always had a babysitter for us so they could join the party fun.However this new year things where different the Baby sitters had all grown up and wanted there party times this meant either Mum or Dad had to stay in as it was Mum choose to.Around 1am all had left our house except myself mum and younger s****r who was fast asl**p in her bed I had been allowed to stay up as it was New Year Mum was sitting on the settee and myself on the floor in front of the fire the music was playing quite softly now and Mum decided she wanted to dance with me she took my hand and pulled me to my feet and started dancing to the music my hands rested on her waist and Mums went around my shoulders as we danced to the music Mum moved in closer and I could feel her tits pressing into me and making me feel quite excited as I had often admired them but until now failed to actually see them.
This was all about to change as we danced Mums head rested on my shoulder we danced for about 15 minutes then sat down and had a drink at this time I started to feel a little tired and said to Mum I think I shall go to Bed Mum replied dont go I dont want to be alone, She then pulled the zip down on the front of her dress showing me her tits in a Purple Lace Bra and remarked you can touch them if you stay up,Mum stood up and took my hand and pulled me next to her on the settee, she placed my hand on her tits and moved it in a circle indicating to me what she wanted after a few moments of this she said put your hand inside my Bra if you wish this I did and for the first time seen and felt my mums tits something I had dreamed about and god they where just as I had thought they would be soft and smooth we started kissing and my hands moved over mums body carressing other parts on top of her clothes and we both started to heat up Mom had loosend the buttons on my shirt and was carressing my chest while my hand was now running up and down mums body and legs.After a while I asked mom if she would take her dress off and let me see her she stood up and pulled the zip all the way down and let the dress fall she stood there in her bra and matching panties with black stockings and suspenders do yo approve she asked I could only nod my head in anticipation mum took my hand and pulled me to the floor and we lay together in front of the fire holding and carressing and kissing each others bodies mum asked me to loosen her bra which I did and she released her tits giving me my first real sight of her large red nipples which I took in my fingers as I did so Mom moaned Oh Yes we continued Kissing our tongues became entwined and the pace of this hotted up mom took my other hand and placed it on top of her panties between her legs gently urging me to rub up and down his area of her body as I did this Mum started carressing my cock then removed my trousers to gain access she remarked you are quite big for your age the feelings running through me as mum took my cock in hand where feelings I had never felt before and I could feel myself building to come mum if you keep doing that I will come I said mum replied I hope you do but not yet at this time mum lifted her legs and removed her panties giving me a first site of a mature womans fanny covered with a nice bush of hair I looked intently as mum took my hand and placed it on her fanny moving my fingers up and down Oh thats good she said keep going dont stop my fingers could feel mum getting wetter and wetter then she said put your finger inside me which I did as I did this mom started moaning Oh Oh Oh please keep going, Mum asked me if I would like to Fuck Her I said I would but had never Fucked a real woman before she said dry dont worry son will show you by this time my cock was rock hard and in mums hand she opened he legs and asked me to move between which I did mum took my cock and placed it at her fanny lips and said push I did this and felt my cock slide slowly inside her Oh what a feeling it was like putting my cock into a wet furnace I started moving slowly in and out as directed by mum as I did this mom started to moan oh yes yes yes thats it son yes keep going just like that as his went on I could feel my self building up with the heat and mums fanny muscles grabbing my cock mum now urged me to go faster and I speeded up Thats baby she said Fuck Me Fuck me Fuck me hard and fast I kept going and mum was becoming more vocal than ever Oh yes baby keep going fuck my cunt Im gona come so am I mum I said Oh yes baby fill me put your spunk deep in my belly fill my cunt she said Oh Yes Yes Yes thats it baby give it me Oh Oh Oh Oh mum said Yes Yes Yes I feel mums juices running over my cock as she came and came and came Oh baby that was a real fuck. I moved off mum and could see my cock covered in mums juices mixed with my own mum said I think we should go to bed now and kissed me fully on the mouth with a smile.
That was the first of many times.

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