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I was working as a stocker at one of the local grocery stores and I sat down in the break room for lunch. One of the cashiers named Trisha came in and ordered a snack from a vending machine. "Do you mind if I join you?", she asked with a cute smile. Not at all, please do., I responded. She was a very cute 19 year old black girl and we had quickly become friends since I started working there having frequent conversations. Trisha stood at about 5'2" tall and weighed at about 120 pounds. She had a petite thin frame with a hot little bubble butt and round perky B-cup tits. She had long straight hair that came down to the middle of her back, big beautiful dark eyes and full pouty lips with a cute smile that lit up the room. We began to chat about her love life and she told me that her boyfriend had dumped her for a cute little blonde. "Maybe I should try that. I've never been with a white man before.", Trisha said in a curious tone. I told her that she was a beautiful young lady and that it wouldn't take her no time to find a guy. "Have you ever been with a black girl?', she asked me with a cute smile and looking at me with those big beautiful eyes. No, not yet., I answerd her with a surprised grin. "Would you like to?", she asked in a sexy little voice. Yes I would, but am I not too old for you?, I asked her being a man in my early 40's. "I love older men, They have lots of experience and know how to treat a lady.", she replied. I then asked her if she would like to join me at my home after work. "I sure would!", she said with a sweet smile and licking her sexy pouty lips. I got home after work and took a hot shower, put on some comfortable clothes and straightened up my place waiting for her to arive. After a few minutes, I heard a knock at my door. I aswered the door and Trisha stood there in a short, thin, almost see through pink curve hugging dress that was low cut revealing the cleavage of her round perky breasts. I invited her in and she put her arms around my shoulders and gave me a sudden passionate kiss. I led her to my sofa by the hand, sat down and she stood before me removing her sexy little dress letting it fall to the floor and pulled her thong panties down stepping out of them with her heels still on. Seeing her beautiful young ebony body standing there nude was a cock hardening sight. Her sweet black pussy was shaved bald and her beautiful round tits had huge dark puffy nipples that looked like big chocolate drops situated high pointing up. She walked toward me with a sexy wiggle in her hips, a cute smile on her pretty face and straddled my lap removing my shirt. Trisha's tits made my mouth water and I took them in my hands gently squeesing them and hungrily sucking her big puffy nippples. "OOOOOOOOH, WOW! my girls have never had this much attention!", she said with a cute little giggle and moaning softly. I turned her over, spread her sexy legs and started kissing her inner thighs toward her pretty smooth ebony snatch. "I,ve never had a man eat my pussy before, but I've always wondered what it feels like.", Trisha said with a nervous smile and shuddering wih anticipation. I spread her dark lips open with my thumbs revealing the beautiful bright pink interior and gave it a kiss before running my wet tongue up and down and sucking her swollen clit into my mouth gently chewing on it. Trisha had her eyes closed tight and was clawing my sofa cushions, gyrating her hips and sqeeling with pure extasy in short labored breaths as I expertly tounged her hot wet pussy. "OH DAMN! THIS FEELS SOOOOOO FUCKING GOOD!!!", she screamed loudly as I licked her to a shuddering squirting orgasm causing her to flood my mouth with her hot juices. I stood up and wiped my chin and watched her lay there shaking all over with excitement and looking up at me with an expression of shock and disbelief smiling. Trisha sat forward, dropped to her knees before me and started agressivly opening my pants almost tearing the zipper to get a my rock hard cock. She pulled my pants and briefs down and took my swollen rod in her hand stroking it and licking her luscious full lips looking up at me. "MMMMMMMMMM!!, you have a beautiful big fat white cock!", she said in a heated lusty tone. She began kissing along the length of my hard rod, twirled her tongue around the head and opened her sweet mouth wide taking it in, wrapping her full pouty lips tight around it and started sucking it like she was starving. Seeing Trisha's beautiful big dark eyes looking up at me, her pouty lips sliding back and forth accross my engorged erection, her cheeks sunken in and listening to those sweet wet slurping sounds had me rock hard! After a few minutes of watching her hungrily suck my cock, I told her that I wanted her sweet tight pussy. Trisha pulled my hard rod from her wet mouth with a loud sucking slurp, layed back on the sofa and spread her legs rubbing her wet pink cunt smiling. "oooooh, come and get it baby! I can't wait to feel that huge hard thing inside me!", she said with excitement. I rubbed the head of my stiff cock through her pink ebony snatch and slowly pushed the entire length into her watching the look of pure pleasure on her face as I began to bang her with long deep thrusts. "OH BABY!!!, YOUR HARD COCK FEELS SOOO GOOD IN MY PUSSY!!!", Trisha screamed as I fucked her tight ebony cunt bringing her to explosive gushing orgasms. We hottly fucked in several different positions. Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoon and ended up doggy style. "Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass before?", she asked me in a hot lusty breath. I was doing that long before you were born sweety, I answered her in a fatherly type tone. I lubed up my cock with a bottle of lotion from my end table and gently inserted my huge rock hard cock in her sweet tight ebony ass. I banged her tight asshole hard and deep watching her hot bubbled asscheeks jump with every thrust. "OH YES, BABY!!!!, FUCK MY ASS WITH THAT BIG HARD ROD!!", Trisha screamed while moaning loudly, cumming repetedly and rocking back and forth on all fours meeting me in mid thrusts. Seeing her tight dark asshole stretched around my hard white cock puckering in and out with every stroke and listening to her squeel with extasy as she clawed the carpet cumming in explosive squirting orgasms, I was about to blow my hot load all over her. Girl, I'm going to cum all in your sweet ass!!, I told her in an aggressive tone. "MMMMMMMM!!, I want to taste it and feel it all over my face!!", Trisha responded hottly. I pulled my swollen cock from her tight ass, turned her around on her knees, stroked my rod a few times and sent my hot cum squirting all over her pretty smiling ebony face in long huge thick spurts going into her hair and pumping the remainder on her waiting tongue. Trisha wiped my hot jizz from her beautiful face and sucked it from her fingers hungrily swallowing it. "OH DAMN!!, That's one of the best fucks I've ever had in my life! I don't care what my friends say, White guys can realy fuck!!", she said with an excited shallow breath. So can black girls, darlin, so can black girls!, I responded with an exausted tone and satisfied smile.

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