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This took place 2 years ago now but every time I think about it I still get a chubby thinking about it. So, I hope that you will like it. She (Amy) early 40's was moving her mom closer to her so that they would be able to visit more often. Mom (Fran) 62 with a body of a 50yr old; was not feeling well lately and did not fight the move. Amy came and toured our retirement community and picked out a 2 bedroom apartment for her mom on the independent side of the community. Moving day came and being over nursing it was on me to make sure that they got settled in well, and that I had all of Fran's paperwork for our charts. Later that day I went over to have some more paperwork sign and daughter and mother was in the middle of unpacking all of her stuff. We were in the bedroom as we talked and kinda shared things about each other. As we talk I notice a massage table lean up against the wall in the corner and seeing this I ask Fran if she gave massages, she said no that it was for her and that she had someone come in to give her one now and again and that she would miss having those done. She then ask if that was something we offered and I answered "no we didn't" but while giving a bath that we would give a small one while applying lotion to the person. She smile and ask if I ever give baths or shower and I answered that at times I do. At about that time Amy said "now mother he is a busy man" as she looked my way and smiled at me. But, I could not let some sexy flirting go, so I said "I'm here for you so if you would like one how can I refuse you" so she said well how about later tonight....I said sure I will be here for awhile I'll be by when I'm done.

I went back to my office and didn't think much more about it that rest of the afternoon but came time to get off I started thinking that she would just want a quick rub down and I would be on my way. I pull my car into the parking space near her apartment and slip back into the building thru a side door so that no other staff would see me. I knocked on her door and she answered opening the door wide enough for me to enter as I did I could see why. She was wearing just a thin lace house coat with nothing under it and I could see her breast and figure thru it. My cock jumped and I thought to myself down boy. She walked into the kitchen area and I followed some of the lights were low and she had candles burning around the apartment. She asked if I would care for a glass of wine being that I was off the clock before we got started and I said sure.

She poured me some and head for the bedroom saying that she had gotten a few things ready, her oils and stuff. I drank some of my wine and said well we can start if you like, with that she walked over to the table now open and covered with a sheet and big beach towel. She asked how I wanted her and without thinking I answered "any way I can have you" she just smiled and I answered face down first if you like. She got on the table and layed face down, throwing her hair to one side.

I moved over to one side of the table taking a bottle of oil with me, pouring some into my hands rubbing them together and starting at her shoulder blades.....rubbing where the neck joins the shoulder then moving out to her arms. Back to the middle and then pouring some more oil into my hands and running them down her the top of her ass at which point a soft whimper escape from her lips and I knew I was using enough pressure at the time.....turning around and running my hands up her back and sides to her shoulders again then working on her arms. I worked my way back down her body and to her legs and thighs running my hands on the inside of her thighs as she spread them allowing me a nice view of her pussy, I ran my oily hands up to her butt and massage her butt making sure my hands and fingers brush over her pussy lips as I did she would moan and slowly arch her back and lift her ass up in the air...I got bolder and slid my hand between her thighs and over her pussy rubbing her clit as I did and she just moan and grind back against my fingers. I worked my way back up her butt and hips and then ask her to turn over. She did and smile at me saying that she was enjoying it and for me not to stop. I worked on her chest paying attention to each breast......massaging each one and then both together moving down to her belly and the top of her thighs. At about that time we heard the front door open and then Amy calling for her. Mom........Mom.....she answered in the bedroom and then she was standing at the bedroom door looking at with my hands betweeen her mother's thighs, Fran then told her to go have a glass of wine and we would be done soon. Turning she smiled at me and headed to the kitchen; all the while I did not stop rubbing the insides of Fran's thighs up to her pussy and didnt realize that my fingers were rubbing the lips of her now moist pussy. She moaned and I turn my attention back to her body. Just then Amy walked back into the living room and from where I stood I could see her thru Fran's dresser mirror and as she walked over to the sofa and sat down as she watched me thru the mirror. She was wearing like a A line dress that came to just above her knees. She took a sip of wine and place the glass on the table and looked up at me watching what I was doing to her mother. I turn my attention back to Fran and as I worked my hands over her pussy mound and between her thighs she parted them and I ran my fingers over her pussy lips and then pull one hand and fingers over her clit as I do....she moan out loud and lift her hips off the table grinding her pussy against my fingers....running them back down the middle I slip one finger into her now wet pussy and fingered her while I rub her clit with my other hand. She started to rub her tits and play with her nipples making them hard as she moan out loud not caring that her daughter could hear her. She was so wet as I finger bang her; her pussy making that sweet wet sound

I look up and Amy had pulled up her dress around her waist and had one breast out and her other hand in her panties rubbing her pussy watching us. Seeing this my cock throb and not paying attention....I had press it up against Fran's hand and she was slowly stroking me thru my pants. I sliped another finger into her pussy and rubbed her clit with my thumb; at about that time she reach down and grabbed my hand and lift her hips off the table and grind her pussy on my fingers, she gasp some air in short breaths and then relax and I pulled my hand from her pussy all covered with her cum.....licking my fingers I looked up in the mirror at Amy and she was glued looking at us. I reach for the towel and covered Fran and lean over her softly kissing her on the forehead and whishpering that I would be back.

I walked into the living room undoing my pants as I did. Amy saw me and laid back on the sofa arm. I got to the side of the sofa standing there over her I let my pants and short fall around my ankles my hard cock throbbing and standing at attention. She reached up and stroke it as I kneeled at her side and reach for her. Pulling her to the edge of the sofa I started to finger her as I kissed the insides of her thighs working up to her pussy.

I covered her pussy with my mouth and shove my tongue deep into her dripping pussy tasting her juice as suck her clit into my mouth holding it between my lips sucking it in and out as I slip my finger into her pussy and fingered her as I sucked on her clit enjoying her. At one point she reached down and grab the back of my head as she grind her pussy on my mouth and all the while all she kept saying was "Oh God......Oh God" she was so wet and tasted so good I let her clit go and shoved my tongue deep in her, loving her taste. I reached down and spread her legs from under her knees throwing one over the back of the sofa the other off the edge of the seat. About that time she started to claw at my shoulders and back and I moved around and onto the sofa between her legs; kissing my way up her body. Sucking on her nipple then the other as the head of my hard cock pushed against her pussy lips. She reached down between us wrappping her fingers around the shaft of my cock and guided it to her pussy. Rubbing it up and down a couple of times then shoving it into her. I let go of her nipple and kiss her as I took my que and thrust forward sliding my cock into her pussy. She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her head into my she whippered..." Oh God....Oh God". I started pumping my cock in and out of her hot wet pussy faster and faster....our bodies slapping and making that sexy sound a wet pussy makes. I lifted up on my hands and she wrapped her legs around my waist and looked up at me smilling as she humped up to meet my thrust with both of her feet on my ass she would push down with my every thrust, driving my cock deep and hard into her.

I paused and pulled out of her.....sliding off the sofa I reach for her and turned her around and kneeling on the seat facing the wall ass sticking back at me moving in behind her I guided my cock back between her thighs and ass cheeks...reaching down I spread those cheecks and entered her again. She grabbed the back of the sof and shove back on me. I took her by the hips and started slamming that pussy hard and fast again.

She squeal and tense and reach back to me...digging her nails into my hips and ass cheeks and all she said was Ohhhh God I'm gonna cummm..and exploded over my cock her cum dripping out and down my cock and balls. I pulled out and plop down on the sofa she didnt miss a beat but straddle me and reach down and ease my cock back into her pussy and started to ride me again after what seems like a few seconds she lifted up and slid off and grab my cock and started stroking me as she lowered her mouth onto my cock I could feel my self building and I arch my back and laid back and exploded all over her face and hands she kept stroking me till I got soft in her hands...and then she moved onto the sofa next to me.....we both laid there for a few and then kinda remembered that her mom was in the next room. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom in the hall and I picked up my pants and shorts and went back into the bedroom. Fran had gotten off the table and was under the covers in her bed. Her legs were bent up and I could tell she was playing with herself. She saw me come in and sat up swinging her legs over the side of the bed and reach for me....I went and sat next to her. She lean over and kiss me on the cheek saying "Thank you she needed that", then telling me that things were not good at home and it had been awhile; she hugged my neck with her face close to mine kissing the tip of my nose; she said "but next time, I'm next", to which I smiled and just said "oh yes".

And as I left a short while later leaving them both laughing and talking and drinking wine all I could think about was what work was gonna be like tomorrow.

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