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Busty Bride Ch 3 – The Hen Party Pt 2

I spent the whole of the next day in bed. After the previous night's incidents, I stumbled my way home, d***k, tired and sore and fell asl**p on my bed. I awoke the next morning with a sore head and a sore pussy. In fact, pretty much every muscle and bone in my body ached. Added to that was the guilt, the shame. I'd done some fucked-up things in my life but the night before was something else altogether.

Despite my friends' attempts to tell me it was cool (they'd only seen the onstage blow-job, and not the bathroom fucking), that my secret was safe, that I was only young once and all the rest of it, the shame and embarrassment of it all was too much to bear. So as they all went out sunbathing during the day and partying that night, I remained in my room like a recluse. I also had several showers that day, trying to wash away the guilt. But the thing that got me most was, whenever I felt bad about how horrible the night before was, I then remembered how intense and incredible my orgasm in the toilets was, how electrifying the experience was, both on stage and in the toilets. It would make me wet again and I'd need to have another shower.

The day after, our last full day in Ibiza, I awoke feeling much better. The hangover was gone and the guilt and embarrassment had lifted a little. While my roommates slept off their hangovers I got up and decided to go and do some sunbathing, having a few hours 'me time' on the beach before coming back to hook up with them.

Getting out of bed I felt my pussy was still pretty sore but thankfully not as sore as the night before. I slipped on my white bikini (, wrapped a sarong around myself and quietly headed for the door.

I jumped with fright as I opened the door and saw mum standing right there.

"I figured you'd want time to yourself yesterday" she smiled "And looks like I know my little girl well – fancy some sunbathing company?"

I was so relieved that she wasn't mad at me. She looked so shocked seeing me sucking that guy off on stage. Goodness knows how she'd have reacted had she known about the bathroom incident.

"Sure" I smiled "Some company would be great".

And with that we walked side-by-side to the beach. It was still early so most people we saw on the way were still making their way home from the night before (or off trying to find another party!) After a short walk we reached the beach and laid out our towels on the sand. I removed my sarong and laid back, my flimsy bikini struggling to hold my boobs in place as they wobbled all over my chest. Mum removed her long t-shirt and I was very surprised to see her wearing a small 2-piece bikini, white like mine. I'd only ever seen her in 1-piece swimsuits so this was quite a change. Mum still had a great body for her age. There was no mistaking we were mother and daughter: both of us had big boobs, small waists and nice round arses. Mum, being older, carried a bit more weight but I'll be delighted if I have a body like hers when I'm her age. So there we were, laying side-by-side, blonde mother and daughter in our (almost) matching bikinis.

We laid quietly for a while, eyes closed behind our shades, soaking up the rays when mum finally piped up:

"About the other night honey" she started, propping herself up on her elbows, her boobs jiggling a little "I know you know I was obviously shocked…"

"Yeah" I replied "your face sorta gave it away"

"Well you have to understand sweetie, I've never been anywhere like this before, never seen anything like that before. It would have been a shock had it been strangers… but to see my little girl, onstage, doing… that"

I winced. Not sure what to say I simply said "Sorry mum".

"Listen sweetie, I understand" she smiled "What goes on on the hen party stays on the hen party – isn't that what they say?"

I laughed a little.

"Well don't worry. You're young, beautiful – you got carried away, it can happen. I don't want it to spoil your holiday so let's forget about it, ok? I'm sure your friends will keep their mouths shut, and I know I will. I know how much you love James and how you'd never do anything like that under normal circumstances. Ok? We ok?" she smiled.

"Yes mum" I smiled back. She reached out, held my hand and gave it a little squeeze. I felt so guilty at all the things she knew nothing about yet at the same time felt such a sense of relief. We both laid back down and relaxed in the sun.


The thudding of a ball startled me from my dozing. As I propped myself up, I saw the ball sitting right next to me and a guy jogging over towards us to retrieve it. It's arrival had also woken mum up, both of us now resting on our elbows.

"Sorry about that girls" said the guy as he reached us. "Game getting out of hand there" he said as he bent to pick it up. Even with his shades on, I knew he was looking at my 34Fs and mum's 38Gs which were more-or-less on full display.

"Name's Steve" he smiled. I wondered, had this been an accident, or was it one of the lamest come-ons ever?

"I'm Louise" said mum, unexpectedly "And this is Marie, my daughter." Cue lame chat up line no. 2:

"Mother and daughter?" said Steve "You look more like s****rs!"

I groaned a bit at the lameness of it but mum lapped it up, giggling like a schoolgirl. The guy took this as an invitation to stay and threw the ball back to his mates and sat next to us, extending his hand to mum for her to shake it, then to me.

"Pleased to meet you Steve" said mum, obviously loving the attention from this guy who was probably mid-20s, way younger than mum.

So he proceeded to sit and chat with us. I admit to having my guard up initially but he was alright looking and very charming – or cocky, I wasn't sure which yet. He soon had us both giggling like a couple of silly little girls and it was difficult not to enjoy the attention. After a while, another guy approached us, clearly a mate of Steve's who perhaps wanted in on the action.

"Girls, I'd like you to meet Mike. Mike, this is Louise and Marie" said Steve, by way of introduction.

Mike leant over each of us – with no shades on we could see he was clearly and obviously looking at our boobs – and shook each of our hands. He was a good bit taller than Steve and, for me, far better looking. He had a fantastic, toned, muscular body too.

So he joined us and the four of us had a good time for the next hour or so. Steve suggested drinks so mum and I sipped cocktails while the boys drank beers. We had a real good laugh, telling each other stories about past experiences and stuff like that but I could soon feel the cocktails, coupled with the sun, taking their effect.

After a while I noticed we had paired off. The general chit-chat of the four of us had split into pairs. Steve was now chatting to mum whilst Mike was concentrating on me. Mike was nice, totally hitting on me, but not pushing his luck – he was rather sweet actually.

But my eyes almost popped out my head when I glanced over at mum; Steve was sitting very closely next to her, chatting very quietly to her, lightly stroking her thigh while her boobs were practically falling out of her bikini top – as evidenced by the edges of her aeriola peeping out. I felt like saying something but didn't; to this day I'm not sure why. This was my mum for goodness sake! She shouldn't be behaving in this way. But I kept quiet.

"So have you got lucky since you've been here?" said Mike, snapping me out of staring at mum and Steve.

"Lucky?" I asked, smiling.

"Yeah. You been a good bride or a bad bride since you got here?" he grinned.

"Well that would be telling" I giggled a little.

"I'll take it that you've been bad then" he replied, looking deep into my eyes.

"How about you?" I said, trying to steer the conversation away from me. "You got lucky yet?"

"Nope" he smiled "Just arrived this morning – but always hopeful".

Just then, mum and Steve stood up.

"Where are you going mum?" I asked as I watched her pack up her beach bag, stuffing her t-shirt into it too.

"Me and Steve are going for a walk" she giggled, now obviously d***k. I glanced over to see Steve whispering to Mike.

"A walk? Where?" I said sternly, for a moment the mother/daughter roles reversing.

"Just to see the sights, silly" she giggled some more "I've hardly seen any of this place since I arrived".

'She's surely not…' I thought to myself. 'Nah, she won't. There's no way…'

"Oh well ok then" I said uncertain. "Get you back at the apartment for dinner, yeah?"

"Yeah, perhaps!" she giggled as she and Steve walked off.

"Where are they going?" I asked Mike. He just shrugged his shoulders.

I couldn't believe it. My mum, my oh-so-proper, straight-laced mum, had just walked off with a guy half her age to do goodness-knows-what. As much as I tried to convince myself it wasn't the case, it was all too apparent: she was off to fuck him.

Mike and I remained where we were for the next half hour or so. Mike, to his credit, was trying his best to keep the conversation going but I was distracted; I couldn't help but think of mum, where she'd gone and why.

"Listen Marie, you don't need to worry about your mum" said Mike, trying to reassure me "Steve's a good guy".

"Yeah, I suppose" I shrugged "Would be good just to know where they are though".

"Ok" he relented "I know where they are. If I take you there, will you lighten up a bit?" He laughed a little. His eyes almost closed entirely when he laughed – it was very cute.

"Yes!" I grinned, relieved "And anyway, I thought you didn't know where they were going?" I chided him, playful slapping his large bicep.

"Come on" he laughed, ignoring me "Let's go".

With that he stood, then watched as I stood, a little unsteadily thanks to the cocktails. I didn't bother putting my sarong on, instead I stuffed it into my beach bag and proceeded to walk with Mike in my little bikini, boobs swaying with every step.

"So where are they?" I asked "How far a walk away?"

"Just there" Mike nodded at an apartment block right on the beach front.

"Is that your apartment?" I asked, knowing it was and what that meant my mum was doing.

"Yeah. Do you want to come in?"

I hesitated. Did I want to go in? I knew mum was there, so that should be enough, right? Did I really want to go in and see what mum might be up to? I knew I shouldn't, but I just wanted to make sure she was ok.

"Yeah, let's go" I smiled as we walked into the lobby. We got into the lift and Mike pressed for the 8th floor. We were both silent as the lift ascended; I could see him stealing glimpses at my boobs the whole time.

"After you" he said as the door opened. As I walked on I knew he was now checking out my arse. "It's this room here" he said, opening the door with his key. He pushed it open slowly and quietly and stepped inside. I followed, just as quietly.

As soon as I stepped into the apartment I heard it: the moaning, the squeaking bed – people having sex. And enjoying it too by the sounds of it. Surely it wasn't my own mum, cheating on dad with a young guy she'd know for all of two minutes? Mike put his finger to his lips, signalling for me to be quiet, as we then moved to a door on the right hand side of the narrow hallway. He pushed it open slightly and looked in. Grinning, he beckoned me over to look for myself, letting me stand in front of him as he stepped back a little. I gulped as I peered in. Then did my best not to gasp in shock at what I saw.

There was my own mother, completely naked, tits bouncing like crazy as she rode Steve like a woman possessed, her hands holding her long blonde hair up as she ground down on him. It was her doing all the moaning. It was her making the bed squeak so loudly. She was riding Steve's cock like her life depended on it. I couldn't believe it.

I then felt Mike's hands on my hips.

"Hot, isn't it?" he whispered in my ear as we both watched.

"Er, no, it's not" I said, not even slightly turned on at watching my mum having sex.

"Its is for me" he whispered "Steve is one lucky bastard having a babe like your mum on his cock" His hands slipped around to my tummy, lightly stroking around and around. "Only thing hotter, I'd say, is having you on my cock…having this pussy, wrapped around my hard cock" he growled softly as he smoothly slid his hand into my bikini bottoms, stroking my pussy lightly, tracing his finger along my labia.

I shuddered. 'Goodness no, not again' I thought to myself but his touch felt so nice, and mum really did look like she was enjoying herself. Mike continued to stroke my pussy gently before slowly easing a finger into me. I was wet in no time as he fingered me and ground his bulging shorts against my arse.

"Let's move away before they change positions and see us" said Mike, removing his hand from my panties and leading me through to the main living area. As I followed him, I glanced down at my swaying boobs – my nipples were erect through the flimsy material of my bikini top. I knew I shouldn't be doing this but I couldn't stop myself. I was practically salivating as I admired Mike's near-perfect body.

I led me to a sofa and sat down in front of me. He pulled me close to him and slid my bikini bottoms down my legs easily, my pussy now exposed directly in line with his face.

"It looks perfect" he whispered, smiling up at me. I blushed – I actually blushed. I was telling myself to stop it and be cool but I was melting here.

Mike leant forward and run his tongue right along my pussy, his face pressed against me as he gripped my arse cheeks in his large hands, pulling me forward by half a step. He soon slid his tongue deep into my getting-wetter-by-the-second pussy as I parted my legs, with his nose rubbing against my clit. I began to moan in response – it felt incredible, but as much as I enjoy having my pussy eaten, I prefer having fun with cock so after a minute or so of his tongue lapping at my pussy, I broke away from his grasp. He looked up at me like he'd done something wrong; I just smiled down at him, reached behind my back and undid my bikini top, letting it fall to the floor and releasing my tits from their confines.

"Wow" Mike whispered up at me as he stared, grinning. Again saying nothing, I stepped forward and knelt down between his legs, retaining eye contact the whole time. He tried to do the same but his eyes were darting all over my body, most notably to my tits.

I run my hands up his strong powerful thighs to his shorts, indicating to him to lift his arse to allow me to slide his shorts off. It was my turn to whisper "Wow" as his hard, smooth, hairless cock and balls sprung out. Around 8 inches long, cut and throbbing, I wrapped my little hand around it and began to stroke it slowly. He moaned softly as I pumped my fist.

"Does that feel good Mike?" I whispered, knowing full well it did.

"Mmmmm yeah babe it sure does" he moaned.

"Good, cos this will feel even better" I smiled as I tucked my hair behind my ear, leant over and guided his cock into my mouth, my eyes never breaking from his. I eased it in slowly, letting my tongue run along its underside, as I moved my head down further and further, deepthroating it immediately.

"Ohhhh fuckkkk yessss" Mike hissed, his hips thrusting forward, helping lodge his cock deep in my throat. As my nose pressed against his smooth, firm stomach I held his cock in my throat, keeping my head still, as I sucked on it, flicking my tongue out under his cock to tease and tickle his balls. He held my head in place and began to slowly thrust back and forth, ever so slightly, in a pulsing motion. I was slurping and drooling on his cock by this time and pulled back a bit. He kindly let me go so I could break off for air. His saliva-coated cock waggled around as I knelt up, wiping my chin.

"Want some more?" I teased.

Mike laughed "Do I ever!"

And with that, I practically attacked his cock with my mouth, sucking it in quickly before devouring it, slurping loudly, head bobbing quickly as I sucked and sucked. It was a magnificent cock, perfect looking and tasted amazing in my mouth.

"Suck my balls" Mike ordered. So I did. Pulling away from his cock with my mouth again, I gripped it firmly and began to jerk it off as I licked, kissed and sucked one of his large smooth balls then the other. It was driving him wild, if his writhing on the sofa was any indication.

"I need to fuck you" he panted "Now. Please"

"Right now?" I teased.

"Yes, right now!" he replied, almost desperately "I want you to ride my like your mum was riding Steve"

I smiled and stood up, climbing onto the sofa, straddling him as I looked down at him.

"I have condoms in the drawer over there" he offered.

"I'm ok if you're ok" I smiled down at him as I rubbed my bare pussy along the length of his bare cock.

"Oh fuckkkkk I'm ok alright" he groaned as he gripped my little waist and I took his cock in my hand to guide it to my pussy. He held me firmly as I eased it into me, moaning loud as I sat down on it, filling me nicely.

"Mmmmmm feels good Mike" I smiled at him. As I sat on his cock I realised that in my enjoyment I'd forgotten about mum. I listened but could't hear any noises coming from the room. They must have passed out, I figured.

So now with Mike's hard bare cock in me, it was time to have some fun. I placed my hands on his smooth powerful chest, pushing my tits together in the process, and began to slowly ride his cock. All the way up and down on it, feeling its full length sliding in and out. After the rough fucking of two nights previous, this felt wonderful.

"Your tits are incredible" Mike moaned as he reached up, gripping one in each hand. "I honestly though tits this size would be droopy when you took your bikini off, but fuck me, they're perfect"

"They're all yours babe" I smiled down at him as I bounced slowly but ground firmly on his cock. I moved my hands away from his chest, leaning back, freeing my tits as I placed my hands on his thighs. I continued to grind and writhe on his cock as he grabbed my tits, gently but firmly squeezing them, leaning forward to suck one hard nipple then the other.

I was moaning louder now, my leaning-back positioning meaning Mike's cock was sliding back and forth along my G-spot over and over. My juices were oozing over his cock, my bare pussy and his bare cock sliding against each other as we fucked. In between my moaning, the loud squelching of his cock drilling up into my soaking wet pussy filled the room.

I then leant forward again, pushing him back, letting my boobs dangle in his face as I run my hands over his body, running my thumbs across each solid and well-defined abdominal muscle whilst I bounced faster on his cock.

But then I heard something. I turned around quickly to see Steve standing behind us, totally naked, his cock bobbing around half erect.

"Fucking yes Mikey boy! Mum and daughter together, bagged on the same day after like 10 minutes of chat!" he laughed triumphantly. I looked down at Mike who was smiling up at me.

"It's ok babe" he whispered.

"I'll tell you what Marie, your mum is one amazing fuck" Steve grinned as he climbed on to the sofa next to us "Are you as good as she is?" he asked, standing on the sofa now, his cock in my eyeline.

So as Mike continued to thrust up into me, Steve reached out and turned my head to face him. Mike's thrusting felt so good, so slow, so deep, that I didn't want it to stop, so I felt I could't say no to Steve. As I looked at his semi-hard cock, I thought to myself 'this is going too far' but, as ever, I said nothing.

Steve, standing on the sofa, put one leg up onto the back, held my head in his hands and guided my mouth towards his cock. I obediently opened my mouth and let him stuff his cock in. Immediately I tasted pussy – my own mum's pussy. Steve slid his cock into my mouth and began to thrust slowly as I sucked. His cock grew longer and harder quickly, his spongey head heading for my throat. Mike, now obviously turned on by seeing me suck his mate's cock right in front of him, was now thrusting up into me faster and harder, his hands mashing my boobs together as he leant forward and sucked them greedily.

"Oh, ho ho ho Mikey boy, THIS is what Ibiza's all about!" laughed Steve. He really was a cocky bastard. I was now hating myself for allowing this show-off the chance to fuck my mum and now have me suck his cock. But all the while I thought this, I kept sucking, and he kept thrusting, holding my hair in each of his hands as he began to fuck my mouth faster. In response, Mike started fucking me faster.

It seemed to me that 'nice' Mike was disappearing fast. Whether 'nice' Mike was the real Mike who was now just being egged on by his friend or not, the guy I came into this apartment with was no longer recognisable. He was louder in his grunting, harder in his fucking, more aggressive in his touch. Soon, Mike's thrusts against me were making very loud slapping noises, while I gagged and choked and drooled on Steve's f***eful fucking of my mouth.

After around 10 minutes of intense throat fucking, Steve pulled out. I gasped for air as saliva dripped from my chin. Mike kept fucking me, getting faster still while Steve watched, jerking his cock.

"Tell you what babe, your mum fucked me so good it's gonna take something special to make me cum now" he said smiling, but not in a sincere way. He climbed down off the sofa and walked behind me. "Here, Mikey – pull her forward a bit will ya?" he said. I tried to look behind me while Mike pulled me down closer to him, his big cock drilling into me. "Yeah, I think I've got just the solution" he laughed.

And then I felt it. Steve's slippery, fat cocked pressing against my arse. My eyes widened as I realised. I looked at Mike, our faces so close to one another, with pleading eyes:

"Please Mike" I whispered "Please, let's just have fun together, me and you? Please?"

"Shhhh it's ok babe" he whispered back "just relax and enjoy it. It'll be fun"

Just then, I felt Steve slide a finger into my arse. To his credit, he was taking his time and not trying to f***e it in. I moaned more as he did. Mike's cock felt great in me, but we could all tell this was a different moan from what had gone before.

"I think she likes it Mikey" laughed Steve as he leaned over me, pushing a second finger into my arse. I moaned again, louder, more breathily, my back arching a little. It had been eight years since I'd had two guys at once but I'd never had one in my pussy and one in my arse at the same time.

I was moaning more, louder now as Steve started to slide his slippery fingers in and out, finger fucking me and stretching my arse. Then in went a third finger, my eyes fluttering as Mike looked up at me.

"Told you'd enjoy it" he smiled "Just wait till you feel that cock in there"

I didn't have to wait long.

Steve's fingers were then removed and almost immediately replaced by his cock. He slid his fat head in slowly. Despite stretching me already, it was still pretty tight as he eased his way in, his cock thankfully slippery from a mixture of his, my mum's and my own bodily fluids. Mike stopped fucking me, holding me still, making it easier for Steve to get in. From behind me I could hear Steve grunting and panting as his short, sharp but gentle thrusts eased his cock deeper into my arse.

"Holy fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk" I hissed as he pushed in more. Mike was smiling up at me but Steve sounded more serious. He wasn't for relaxing and enjoying himself just yet; not until all of his cock was buried in me.

Mike started to thrust up into me again, very slowly and very gently. As he thrust in, Steve pulled out; as he pulled back, Steve drove in. Very slowly and steadily they thrust back and forth in time, rhythmically fucking my pussy and arse, over and over. Steve was now getting into it, his grunting becoming less restrictive sounding.

I, meanwhile, was now moaning like a slut. The feeling was incredible. These two hard cocks inside me, feeling so close together yet reaching such different places and creating such different sensations were driving me wild. I tired to push back on Steve and tried to ride Mike but I couldn't – they just both pinned me in position and fucked me senseless. The sensation of Mike's hairless cock and balls against my hairless pussy contrasted too with Steve's pubes. The sweat pouring off the three of us was something to behold; I could feel Steve's sweat dripping on to my back as my hair stuck to my forehead and neck, sweat running down between my tits to my tummy button, my hands slipping as I leant on Mike's chest.

To this day, I have no idea how my mum didn't hear us, or me specifically for that matter. Both cocks were so deep up in me I couldn't help myself. Moaning, gasping, hissing, shouting, wailing – I could feel my throat becoming hoarse as I orgasmed once, twice then a third time in quick succession. My little arms were unable to prop me up after a while.

"Get off Steve" grunted Mike.

"What?" Steve replied, confused.

"I'm gonna cum Steve and I wanna nut on her tits – get your cock out her arse will ya?" Mike confirmed. It was hardly the most romantic thing I'd ever heard but I was relieved my arms would be rested.

Reluctantly, Steve slid his cock from my arse. I could feel cool air against my hot, exposed arse as he withdrew. Mike gently pushed me up off him, his throbbing pulsing cock making a noisy slurping sound as it slid out.

"Lay on the floor" he told me. I did as he said, laying back on the cool tiles. I looked up at him as he stood over me, alongside Steve. His body looked God-like from my low vantage point. He smiled down at me as he placed each of his large feet either side of me and lowered himself to gently kneel over me, resting his balls and arse on my tummy.

"I've been wanting to do this since the moment I saw you" he smiled as he laid his cock between my tits and firmly gripped them, pushing them together, wrapping them around his cock as he began to thrust between them, fucking them. His cock, slippery with precum and pussy juice, slid between my tits easily. It was rock hard, throbbing – it was clear to see he was close to cumming. He began thrusting faster and faster, his fat head so close to my mouth as he thrust forward that I snaked my tongue out and licked the tip each time. He gripped my tits firmly as he fucked them, rubbing my erect nipples with his thumbs making me moan.

As I looked up at him I spotted Steve out the corner of my eye, looking on, jerking his cock, enjoying the show.

"I'm gonna cum" grunted Mike, just at the very second he did cum. He grunted and roared loudly as he erupted over my face and in my open, willing mouth. "Fuckkkkkk, fuckkkk yeahhhhhhhh" he moaned as he then pulled his cock free from my tits to jerk a few more spurts over them, cumming on one breast, then the other. He smiled down at me and for a second we had that connection again. He really did seem like a nice guy – and he was fucking hot and a great lay. But with that, he stood up and got off me.

"My turn now!" grinned Steve as he knelt down next to me. I had hoped he'd have cum watching me and Mike. No such luck.

"Well since I've fucked your mum's pussy today, it would be rude of me not to fuck yours" he laughed as he moved between my legs, parting them easily and moving into position. "Jesus man, mum and daughter on the same day" he chuckled "and I've had your mouth, arse and now your pussy – what a day!" He then gripped his cock and eased it into me.

He was smaller than Mike, shorter and not as thick, and after the fucking Mike (and Steve to be fair) had given me, he was unlikely to make me cum. So I laid back, flexed my pussy muscles and milked his cock as best I could as he hammered into me. My tits bounced quickly as he drilled me, grunting and moaning. It did feel good, just not as good as what had gone before.

"I'm gonna fill you up baby" he panted "Gonna fill that bride pussy"

'Bride'. Wow – it's amazing how quickly and easily I can forget at times. 'Poor James' I thought to myself for a second. Again.

"Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" Steve roared as he unloaded into my pussy. I arched my back as I felt him shooting up into me. The splatter of hot cum almost always made me cum and once again, that's all it needed. My pussy clamping around his cock as I moaned "Ohhhh godddddd Stevvvveee" breathily and hoarsely.

And as is often the case in these instances, there was almost an immediate air of awkwardness. Steve pulled out, a long string of cum dripping from his cock to my pussy as he stood, and went to the bathroom. I stood up and got my clothes together, slipping on my bikini bottoms and stuffing my tits into my bikini top. I looked around and couldn't see anyone so went towards the bedroom where mum was. I jumped a little as Mike emerged from the room and stood in the doorway, his cock hard and swaying and wet. It had only been a few minutes since he'd shot his load over me – surely he wasn't in fucking my mum?

"Er Marie?" he said somewhat embarrassed "Your mum will catch up with you later, if that's ok?"

I tried to look past him but it was dark. I could see the shape of my mum but she was motionless.

"You don't want her knowing you got double-teamed do you? How would she feel about that?" he whispered. "And she doesn't want you knowing about her right? She doesn't know you're here".

I stood looking at him motionless, stunned. But he had a point.

And with that, I left the apartment, cum all over my tits and oozing from my pussy.

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